Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 734

Although someone promised to the High Seats of the Turtle Dove League, three days of preparation time is enough. In fact, judging from the progress of these three days, giving him another thirty days is nothing.

For these three days, Lin has been too busy. Even if Miles Fah returned to their small group and moved into this house, he didn’t have time to pay attention to it. The few treasures brought back also had the same attitude. After finding a place at home, they were left alone for the time being.

In the end, he failed to prepare a complete plan within these three days. Lin had to compile a set of brief introductions and feasibility plans of the current situation, which appeared at the high-rise meeting.

Now, Lin Zheng talks to the World Trees: “The so-called Feng Shui theory is because both wind and water are fluids, and their flow can be regarded as a kind of fortune. Good things take away bad things, or vice versa. This principle can also be applied to magic, which can be regarded as a kind of naturally formed magic array pattern, which allows magic power to flow in and generate supernatural power. .──”

Point to a whole picture of the mysterious land behind. The location of the World Tree and the fascinating geography of mountains and rivers are noted above.

“──Rivers are water and have a fixed flow direction. Although the wind has no direction, it is blocked by mountains and the direction of the wind is also It is not unpredictable. With these two, each World Tree communicates and connects. And World Tree is like a magic rune, turning the entire mystery into a giant Great Demon array on a continent.”

Under Lin’s label, above the entire map of Midi, there is another layer of magical array composed solely of points and lines. And this magic array is absolutely no stranger to the magician who is lost, even the apprentice of magic. Because this is the first magic array that all magic professions must learn ─ ─ primary level meditation array, which is used to improve the efficiency of one’s meditation.

When he discovered this fact, Lin was shocked. The idea of ​​Immediately is that there are’people’ who deliberately arrange the World Tree and the mysterious terrain into a magical array.

But then I snort disdainfully on this idea. Because the magic of the maze is not entirely’created’ by intelligent creatures, some are imitating things that exist in nature.

Just like the Five Forms Fist in Chinese martial arts, the five types of boxing, dragon, tiger, leopard, snake, and crane, imitate these five creatures ──except for the shape of a dragon, because there is no dragon in the world,── The born type of boxing. If someone said that there was Five Forms Fist before the Creator created those five creatures, wouldn’t it be the cart before the horse?

But after World Tree and Midi jointly arranged a primary level meditation array, this method only existed, and then it was researched by magician; or there is really some great existence, borrowing magicians The created method arranges Midi and World Tree in this way. The question of whether the chicken came first or the egg came first is also a big question in mystery.

The most important thing is that in this world with Spiritual God, demons, and indescribable things. Lin couldn’t say with certainty that’some great existence’ is nonsense.

Of course, there is another possibility that the primary level meditation array implies a universal truth. Whether it’s the performance of Mystery and World Tree, or the research of magician, the two are just the result of different approaches.

Only this important discovery, the World Trees who listened to the lecture behaved rather indifferently. Lin Nian turned around and understood why. “Yes, you have been standing on the fascinated ground for so many years, how could you have not noticed this. It’s just……”

When the conversation turned, Lin brought some grievances, but couldn’t say anything hard. With a wry smile, “Since I know this, no one cares yet. Should I say that this is a normal thing. After all, everyone first considers themselves, not the overall interests.”

In the primary Lin added a series of numbers on all the nodes of the level meditation formation diagram, that is, the position of the World Tree. It ranges from 1 to 8, with the highest 8 being only two. But one of them was specially marked with an abridged number, and a 7 was written next to it. “I can’t estimate the detailed level of your Majesty’s strength, so I won’t write it down. The number recorded here is the number of you connected to the other world. If you take this number as the power parameter of each node of the magic array, the result will be a mess. It can be said that this magic array did not collapse, it is simply a miracle.”

The magic array, like the spell model, emphasizes a certain structural balance and has its own rules, not something. Random tricks can be successful. For the specific situation, think about the chemical formula of Earth, and you can understand it somewhat. Therefore, there are strict requirements for the power of each node, not anything that can be casual.

But are World Trees willing to cooperate with other trees of the same family? Even if they are really willing to cooperate, what is the past life and death? Then the result of every World Tree do as one pleases is the status quo that is about to collapse someone.

Imagine that someone writes as beautiful as a print, and uses a pen with the same ink color as the ink, and then randomly fills in a Sudoku. All the numbers in the blanks don’t care about the rules of Sudoku, but they fill in so that people can’t see which side is the original question and which side is the answer filled by the person.

Then this Sudoku was thrown into his hand and asked to change it to a correct answer that complies with the Sudoku rules. The idea of ​​most people is to tear up this Sudoku and find a new problem to do it.

But the continent-scale magic array in front of me, how could it be possible to tear it up and get a new one.

“So, the Lord Magician meant to let us cooperate with this unfathomable mystery magic array, like Fasnas, to destroy our foundation? Well, even if we are on the node , The ones who are too strong cooperate, what should the ones who are too weak do? They want to increase to the strength that meets the needs of the magic array, but it is not something that can be done in three or two days. Everyone here To be able to have today, no one can achieve such a result after thousands of years of hard work.”

Of course, the tree who speaks is McKinen, who loves the most. And there is a great possibility, which is also the idea of ​​all World Tree. If they were willing to cooperate with the great Great Demon array of this continent, if they had cooperated early, how could there be today.

However, there are also a part of World Trees, which are based on nodes that need them to be stronger than they are now, so their opposition to them is not so strong. On the contrary, a pair of thieves looked desperately at the incarnation of the other world tree, hoping to get some benefits from other people of the same race.

But Lin did not intend to refute McKinen’s words, but said: “Sacrifice is a virtue. But asking others to sacrifice for any reason is no different from killing. This behavior is also what I think. This is the most disgusting thing in the world. I don’t want anyone to treat me like this, so I will not use such a request to ask others to sacrifice. Even more how, as McKinen Your Majesty said, it’s easy to give up ability , But wanting to be promoted is not that simple. Taking a step back, even if all World Trees are adjusted, it also means that the ability of each World Tree in the future will be improved by the balance of this magic array. This is not fair to anyone, and it is also impossible.”

The reason why Feng Shui is not regarded as a science by many people is because Feng Shui can change, and this change is not all under control. In terms of geography of mountains and rivers, earthquakes, landslides, wildfires, and floods have caused rivers to be diverted. After such drastic changes, will Feng Shui be better or worse?

In other words, even if someone overcomes all difficulties and adjusts the world tree and the mysterious land to the most perfect state, it is only the most perfect’now’. After thousands of years, can this perfection continue? Will the original perfection become a shackle, or even reverse it into a harmful pattern? The sentence’prosperity and decline never last’ has a deep meaning behind it.

“Then your Excellency Tripwood, what method do you plan to use?” Uktra Hill spoke again, trying to bring back the people who had gone off the track.

“Three steps, self-cultivation, governance, and establishment of the world.” Although I really want to learn from what Kong old man said, the “eight eyes” recorded by Zeng old man, from the knowledge of things to the peace of the world, But I can’t make up that many steps. So I still obediently follow my own ideas and come up with three feasible steps. If you make too many imaginary things, you will be easily despised by this group of plants.

It’s just that the person who said this stayed in the high-seat meeting space of the Turtle-Dove League. Of course, Lin did not have the opportunity to observe the changes in the mysterious land. With the words’cultivating one’s body, governing the earth, and establishing the world’, the whole maze was shaken three times.

This is different from the disaster caused by Fasnas before. It is more like the excitement of a certain existence, which affects the entire world. But most people didn’t know, so they were in shock and ran out of their homes, far away from unstable buildings or features, worried.

At this time, someone was still talking in the space in that dimensional gap: “Slimming is the worst part of all World Tree. From the seed that Wadvor gave me , The core of Fasnas revealed, and the promotion history of World Tree, there is no other means besides devouring the same race. These all prove one thing, your progress is based on the way of plundering the fruits of His people. Really. Self-research on the means of contacting the new world is only the stage of seed germination. Therefore, your achievements at each stage are not the results of your own research. This affects the perfection of your core establishment. To put it bluntly, now Your state is that you have grabbed the treasure of His people. Before you figure out the details, you use various methods to make this treasure work. But only 10% to 20% of the effect is played, and it can be said that there is no efficiency at all. The most efficient use is the world that Your Majesty originally connected to.”

First criticize a bit, and directly leave the World Tree speechless. This is because there is a law. An example of Sinas comes before. He who appears here, although he has abandoned a world, he still has an oppression that is not inferior to Uktra Hill. Compared to the World Tree, which also connects the seven worlds, Fasnas still seems to be one level higher than them.

Another example is that there is only one Wadwo who has been promoted on his own. Although at the beginning of the promotion, he was much weaker than other World Trees that connected the two worlds. But in just a few years, it has become the most outstanding existence in the World Tree connecting the two worlds.

These all prove one thing, even if there is no more connection to a new world, World Trees still have room for improvement.

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