Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 735

“I said, you have lived so long one by one, no one has discovered this?” Lin asked.

Some trees say yes, some shook their heads…if their incarnation has a head.

“Then you haven’t thought about fixing it?” Lin asked again.

“It’s faster to use it!” I don’t know which World Tree it is, and expresses the aspirations of all the trees.


Someone can only be speechless against such a wise saying. But Lin asked again: “But you have been stuck in the magic tower for so long, hasn’t anyone tried to go back this way?”

“I didn’t remember it.”

I don’t know who’s answer again, and it makes someone want to talk about it. Hundreds of thousands of years have passed, no one thinks of this, and the dinosaurs are not so slow.

With a long sigh, I gave up reluctantly. If you care about such things with plants, you always feel that you will shorten your lifespan. Lin said: “Anyway, you can use to improve your core mathematical methods. I told you a long time ago that you can do your own research. I want to come to the successful case of the cooperation with Fasinas. You also understand very well. , I don’t need to say anything more.”

“Your Excellency Tripwood.” As the most familiar with a certain magician, Wadwo, under the sign of the other world tree, spoke on behalf of the trees and said: “You should I don’t know what happened that day, right.”

“Well, I heard that when Fasnas and I were doing renovation work before, they were very uneasy outside. I guess, It should be caused by too many unnecessary changes and too frequent.”

Someone remembered that after learning about the disaster at the table not long ago, comparing the time points of occurrence, he found that he had Very likely to be the culprit. Reviewing what I have done with Fasnas, the point of failure is too many redundant calculations and repeated changes.

Many adjustments will also affect the parts that have been done before. In order to demand a new balance, we had to overturn the previous answer and recalculate the relative position of the core magic array. After getting a new answer, Fasnas will adjust his core magic array accordingly. Sometimes the part that has just been moved may be moved back to its original position after two or three rounds of calculation.

After countless times, I approached the almost perfect answer. But even after countless recalculations, the core magic array of Phathinas has also undergone countless changes. These changes seem to be reflected on the maze of the continent, causing disasters.

For this situation, of course Lin is also looking for a solution within these few days. So I said:

“If you don’t mind revealing your core, then I’m willing to assist the participants to do simulation calculations before making actual core adjustments. Make sure that the final result is what we expect, before doing it. Adjust the core of the participants. I hope that by reducing the number and time of your core changes, to reduce the impact on the magic land. And this matter, the more participants, the better. Because each of you has amazing computing power , The more computing power, the faster we can get the results.”

“This is what you call “cultivation”. Then the target of “governance” is the primary level meditation array. That’s a problem, right?” Uktrahir said.


“Then how do you plan to solve the problem of the Imbalanced Meditation Array, all World Tree’s power imbalances?”

For this An old man’s question, Lin replied: “The simple way is to discard it and replace it with a new magic array.”

So answering this, although it did not frighten the World Trees, it was almost the same. Wadvor widened the pair of deer eyes, used his old nickname, and said in confusion: “Old guy, what you are talking about is not the graffiti on the floor or the layout on your magic tower. How can I change it? , Just change it. How do you throw away the old one and replace it with a new one?”

Lin explained: “This matter is not as difficult as your Majesty imagined, but it is not simple. Now, let’s talk about how to destroy the old meditation array.”

Zoom in part of the displayed map, which is in the middle of the meditation array, a main power transmission channel. In the actual geography of Midi, it is a long river, which is composed of several rivers and then divided into several branches. Two World Trees are located near the main river channel upstream and downstream, forming a natural magic array node and channel.

But what the forest shows is the low water section before the upstream confluence. The river will grow again after the next river meets.

In fact, this part is the result of Lin’s investigation in the past three days. If it were three days ago, the water flow would not be what it is now. Because of the non-natural disaster three days ago, an additional lake diversion was added to the upper reaches of the river, causing the water flow in this section to almost dry up.

At this time, all World Trees have come to understand. As long as this section of the dry river is blocked, this fascinating meditation circle will be divided into two unrelated left and right halves, losing the possibility of operation. It is the easiest method of destruction, and it will not have much impact on the actual upstream and downstream areas of the river.

Of course, there will be some changes in the amount of water. But such a change appeared as early as the lakes that diverged upstream.

To block a dry river, the amount of engineering is not too difficult for a magician or a World Tree tribe. So the trees skipped this point and asked about another more important thing. “Since the old magic array can be destroyed, how do you create a new one? And, what kind of magic array do you plan to build?” With the nineteen high seats of the Primordial Turtledove League, Lahti from the Spirit King country, and the ancient of the underground world——Fathnas. In addition to these 21 high seats, there are four World Trees that have not yet joined the Turtle Dove League. The surface spirit Spirit King possesses three trees and one underground, totaling twenty-five trees.

The whole map of the maze is divided into five regions: Eastern, Southern, Western, Northern, and Central. In each zone, there is one World Tree in the north, nine trees in the south, three trees in the east, seven trees in the west, and five in the center, which are also 25 World Trees.

Lin said at this time: “In ordinary people’s perception, magic arrays must connect all runes. Must have communication channels, that is, lines. The arrangement of magic arrays is also the same. But World Tree is the same as World. The connection between trees is not only from the mysterious communication, there are other ways to be right, World Tree’s unique way.”

“You mean, the dimensional gap?”


“Yes.──” Lin snapped his finger and changed the original map to a schematic diagram of two huge trees. In addition to the arrows representing the flow of energy on the ground, moving from one tree to another, there is a strange chaotic scene above the canopy, and there are also dotted arrows with various colors that move from tree to tree.

“──The biggest advantage of this magic array is that there is no need to pursue the overall lock-up, but the focus is on grouping. Except for the World Tree at the endpoint, which only contacts Kazuki, the rest of the World Trees all contact the north, south or east and west. Each side has a tree, connecting up and down to form a group. But the central part is the most special, but with Uktra Hill Your Majesty as the center, East, South, West, North each connects a tree to form a cross-shaped group. On the north side, Your Majesty takes the lead alone. ──”

To go to the World Tree Fasnas territory, you enter from an underground world entrance to the south of the southern border of the Gowana Empire. This is what Miles has already revealed. How to travel in the underground world is unknown to Lin.

But after going to the territory of Fasnas from himself, the location of the lost land was detected in the north of the mainland. In the far north of the northern border of the Gwana Empire, the underground world of the northern Suritang Empire.

“──To communicate the World Tree of each group, the dimensional channel is achieved by using the most familiar method for you.”

The magic array shown by Lin, It is the most primordial form of flash art, and it is also the basic channel magic array composition of World Tree to communicate with the other world. The magic of the magical field is also developed based on this. For World Tree, which can connect different dimensions and ultra-long distances, only connecting the magic array of two places on the ground is like a superficial knowledge of a child’s level, and there is no difficulty at all.

Because it is too simple, a tree asks: “We only need to connect to each other like the other world? If it is so simple, why don’t all the trees connect to each other? Strung together.”

Lin profound mystery shook his head, said with a smile: “This is certainly not enough, Your Majesty. In addition to the World Tree divided into five groups, we also need to establish four other groups. The eight base points in the northeast, the six base points in the Northwest, the four base points in the southeast, and the two base points in the Southwest. In my three-day survey, these are the most suitable base points. “

Lin will mark the selected place on the whole map of Midi. And these marked places make many World Tree looking thoughtful. Except for Fasnas, the other trees asked: “Your Excellency Magician chose this place?”

“Because this is the ruins of the World Tree that was conquered.” I wonder if it was because of death. There are enough World Trees, and it’s really that good. Lin really found a sufficient number of World Tree remains in these four directions. Of course, I first asked Fasnas about the location of the World Tree that was destroyed in his memory, and then confirmed that the remains of the tree still existed before marking it down.

But such a move has aroused the alarm of World Trees. Every World Tree that is defeated becomes the basis of the winner’s promotion. At the same time, the Elf Race group that it originally belonged to will also be absorbed by the victor, and then the victor will grow. But now that they are mentioned again, do you want to vomit back the benefits of all the trees? So a tree asked: “You plan to resurrect them?”

“Resurrection? No, no World Tree will be resurrected. In other words, they must be dead. If they are alive. Signs, you have to kill them again!” Lin Guojue said.

To the human magician’s answer, although the trees were relaxed, they were a little bit more puzzled. The base point established by the remains of the World Tree must be used. Except for the two base points in the southwest corner, the other three directions. The connection between the base point and the base point is a closed loop, and the three directions of east, west and south are lines composed of the living World Tree. The form is completely different.

The only experienced and knowledgeable World Trees have never seen such a magic array. Use World Tree as a node to connect to each other into nine small groups. It is neither asymmetric nor a complete closed loop. So Youshu asked curiously: “Your Excellency, what is the function of this magic array?”

Lin Xiaoxiao said: “No function.”

World Trees were shocked.

“But all-inclusive.”

The trees are unfathomable mystery.

“The name of this formation is called’Luoshu’.”

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