Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 736

“Why use a magic array with no effect?” This is the first question of World Tree.

Lin replied: “There is no effect, which represents infinite probability. If a magic effect is fixed, it means that the characteristics of the mysterious land are fixed. Then the problem is coming. From the perspective of demand,’Fuzzy What does the land itself really need? It seems that any direction can be used, and any method is good. When there are too many choices, it is no different from no choice. So I think that there is no effect, which is the best effect. “

“Then what do you mean by all-inclusive?” This is the second question of World Trees.

“One is the position of the sun, nine is the number of the sun, so one and nine are also paired; the second is the position of Shaoyin, and eight is the number of Shaoyin, so two and eight are also paired; In the position of Shaoyang, seven is the number of Shaoyang, so three and seven are also in pairs; four is the position of Taiyin, and six is ​​the number of Taiyin, so four and six are also in pairs. The principle of yin and yang, the number of odd and even, and the place of position, if it is in accordance with the festival, although the words are not clearly stated, they are pushed, like referring to all palms. Centered on’我(五)’, both vertical and horizontal and diagonal are stable Balance, this is a four-dimensional theory. There are many truths behind this. I really need to elaborate, and I can’t finish it in three days and three nights. Your Majesty has amazing computing power, why not freely calculate the truth behind this, and you should not be worthy of’all -inclusive’These four words.”

Someone said so, but World Tree did not devote himself to the calculation, because they have another question: “We must do this, and modify this mystery to naturally form What’s the reason for the magic array?”

After thinking about it, Lin said, “For example, the self-cultivation mentioned earlier does not actually involve the issue of promotion. That method is more like polishing yourself, letting You can absorb and store more power. If power is water, Your Majesty is a cup, Uktrashir and Fathnas, Your Majesty will face the situation that the cup is full. If you want to install More water, you have to find a way to make the cup bigger. And for Midi, the same situation exists. Eight powers, each World Tree connects eight worlds, this is the upper limit of Midi. You guys want to raise this upper limit so that you are no longer restricted. It is useless to work hard by yourself. You must also find a way to make the container of the mystery bigger.”

“That’s it. What you said is the magic array of’Luoshu’, can you do this?”

Faced with doubts, Lin replied: “If Luoshu can do this, I can’t give a certain guarantee. But I can be sure that this top-heavy primary level meditation array absolutely cannot do this, so it must be changed. Moreover, there are two advantages to using Luoshu as the maze array. One is that the size of each node is not Limitation, this formation only cares about quantity. At that time, Your Majesty’s strength will not affect the function of Vena, and it has no function anyway. This also avoids creating a perfect situation at the moment, but the future is unknown. Circumstances.”

As for the first reason, the trees rarely agreed with all of them. If you want to consider the situation of being completely lost, the condition is that you must limit your growth. Even if you agree to cooperate, everyone is unwilling and unwilling. Being able to have no limits is the best situation.

“And the second benefit is that it mainly communicates and connects all nodes, that is, the way to connect all World Trees. It is not based on the terrain and features that may change over time, but you The void channel actively connected by Your Majesty. As long as these forty-five nodes are protected, including those prepared on the dead tree, there is no problem with the formation of this formation. Relatively speaking, if any node is destroyed , Or any of you Your Majesty who is unwilling to be bound by this anymore, disconnected, and the Vena does not exist. It is not only a weakness, but also a guarantee that Your Majesty holds in your hands. Apart from this, the future No matter how World Tree develops, it will not affect the formation of Luoshu.”

“Will we not transform the actual terrain of Midi?” You Shu asked.

Lin replied: “The change still needs to be changed, but there is no urgency. You can come quietly without much fanfare, and everyone knows. The advantage of this is that it can reduce possible resistance. After all, The place to be connected in the plan, but it will span human territory, not all of the natural environment, just need to fight with the demonic beast. If you have to fight with people, then there is no end to this matter. Besides, even if we don’t Change, affected by the communication and contact between World Tree, will it not further affect the fascinating ground, so that the terrain and features will naturally move towards such a direction change.”

“Maybe, we can consider letting Human Kingdom join us to carry out the transformation plan of the mysterious land. They have manpower and more resources, why not use it.” World Tree suggested.

Lin directly shook his head and vetoed it. Said: “The so-called powerful person must be greedy, because what he considers is not the interests of one person, but the common interests of all people attached to him; the loss he is concerned about is not his own loss, and It is a loss that may happen to any of his supporters. Under such a premise, how much can Your Majesty pay in exchange for the help of the Human Kingdom or the nobles? And this help can allow you to gain greater strength, And the opportunity to bring it up a level; then in your eyes, how valuable is this help in the eyes of those kings or nobles?”

As soon as the conversation changed, Lin shook his head and said, “And to be fair , I don’t want the knowledge of “Loshu” to be known by others. Even this matter, don’t have too many people involved, and the fewer people who know, the better.”

I bring the scientific knowledge I know to the fascinating place because I can predict the possible development of that knowledge. Since it can be expected, it can be controlled. But what about Earth’s mysterious learning knowledge? Is it really the same as when you were in your hometown, except for making people talk and pretend to be mysterious?

If it’s really useless, how can someone who woven a Black Tortoise pattern on his robe be played until wish one were dead?

If Earth’s mysterious learning knowledge fails to exert any effect, it is like a war chariot without gasoline, which is no different from scrap iron. After filling the war chariot with oil and shells, it can be called “scrap iron”. So the formation diagram of Luoshu is laid out on the maze, what will happen, someone really dare not pack a ticket.

In this kind of uncertain situation, the safest way is not to use it or mention it, just like Lin did before. But if you have to use the time, try to conceal and delay the time that others know. This can only be regarded as doing one’s job, obedient to the fate.

However, World Trees neither know nor care about someone’s concerns. McKinen even said sarcastically: “Your Excellency is reminding us not to trust humans.”

“Of course, why do we believe in humans? Cunning, selfish, treachery, all kinds of All the bad qualities that can be expected can be seen in this race. Not to mention the lives of the respected noble lords and civilian soldiers in their eyes are the same as those of the ants. Naturally, they can’t expect them to have any honesty at all.”

“Well, sir?” McKinen asked pointedly.

“Of course I am also untrustworthy. Why should I trust me? I am not World Tree. I am just a human being. The good or bad of this group has nothing to do with me. Under such a premise, Your Majesty asked me to attend the high-seat meeting. It was originally a very strange thing. Even without the slightest hesitation in front of me, revealing some secrets that should be strictly guarded. I really want to ask you, is this right? ──”

Someone’s confession made World Tree dumbfounded.

“──The difference between me and those noble lords is probably that I have no capital to repay the price of betrayal. So as long as the two parties agree, I am more trustworthy than the devil. “

The prompts are so clear, Uktra Hill asked directly: “What do you want?”

Finally raised the issue of remuneration, or else there will always be people I feel that I am doing merit. Lin didn’t have any embarrassment, but rather said:

“Knowledge, in the process of helping you all, the knowledge I gained is my best reward. If you want to say the exact goal, there are indeed two One is the space folding technique, which is what I have seen at Your Majesty in Fasnas, which can make a space bigger or smaller, but it is not the method of Illusion Technique. The other is A beacon of a certain world. I believe these two pieces of knowledge can be gained in the process of helping you. But if you, Your Majesty, are willing to tell each other, it is really very good.”

” A beacon of the world?” A beacon of a new world is the key to advancement for World Tree. Of course, impossible is released casually. Even Uktra Hill, who is an ancient person, does not have such authority to require the other world tree to do so. If he wants it, he has to grab it.

I know that this requirement is like going to a person’s money bag for World Tree. Those who dare to say this will burn incense if they are not beaten to death. So Lin explained: “Don’t worry, I’m not a World Tree, and I can’t occupy this thing. I think you probably guessed where I came from. I’m just looking for a way to go back to the world I came from.”

In response to such a request, after a moment of silence, Uktra Hill said: “Your Excellency Tripwood, if you are looking for a beacon of a specific world, I can open up what I have contacted for You observe and study. But I have to say that an outsider like you does not necessarily follow the trail of any World Tree to the magic world. In other words, your problem may not be found in us. To the answer. Is this okay?”

Lin followed a magician etiquette and said: “Uktra Hill Your Majesty is willing to cooperate. It is the greatest help to me. I have no The reason is to anger you because of any result. Even more how can’t find the answer in you is not an answer.”

“Indeed. Then I want to lay out this great Great Demon in a mysterious place. Your Excellency of Array, there is still one problem that has not been solved. Have you ever thought about this?” the wise old man asked.

“Your Majesty refers to the World Tree that has been mastered by the Spirit King country and has not yet been liberated.”

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