Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 737

There are three trees on the surface and one under the ground. If these four trees are still under the control of Spirit King nations, they should be similar to the previous World Tree Lahti Situation. So if you want to include these four World Trees in the Midi Luoshu array, you will inevitably deal with the elves who built the kingdom. So of course Lin was prepared. Faced with the old man’s question, he replied:

“I have three strategies, high, middle and low, for you to discuss with Your Majesty. The next strategy is to send an envoy to that Several kings of the Spirit King kingdoms morally persuaded them to release the World Tree in the kingdom and, like Lahti, join the Turtledove League and become a member of Luoshu. However, considering that of the four kingdoms, one of them is in the world tree. Underground, composed of dark elves, I don’t really believe that this method can be successful. Besides, as I said before, I don’t like asking others to sacrifice. So this method looks the best, but it’s a bad idea.”

Sending lobbyists to make others surrender benefits is indeed something that World Trees and wood elves are not good at. Therefore, the trees agreed and did not consider the next move.

“Zhong Strategy came surreptitiously. Send people to sneak into the scope of these four World Trees, set up the magic array we need, and force the connection between World Trees. This job I can do it without difficulty. The disadvantage is that this matter will be exposed sooner or later. After all, once the connection is established, the movement of power will be changed. Unless all the World Tree guards in the kingdom are insensitive, it is possible that this matter will not be discovered. Right. And once they discover that they have broken the connection, it means that everything related to them has to be done again, and it is troublesome to say it is troublesome.”

“What is the best policy?” There is World Tree asked.

“The best policy is to send an envoy,” “Send it again?” “——Then threaten and induce them to give up their enslavement of World Tree. They disagree, and we will send troops to convince each other.”

Although the best strategy is the shortest, it seems to be in line with the consistent style of World Tree. But in terms of feasibility, there are also many difficulties. One of the two most powerful ancients, Uktra Hill said reluctantly: “The military strength of a Spirit King nation is not so easy to defeat. Besides, marching is also a problem. This era is not a matter of any kind. It’s time for wood spirits to come and go.”

For the regrets of World Trees, Lin asked: “Please ask you Your Majesty a few questions. What you said about the comparison of the military strength of the Spirit King country is Compared with your own wood elves tribe, or compared with your integrated strength?”

If you ask this question, the feelings of the trees are not the same.

Lin continued: “The relationship between you in the past is competition. When you conquer the same World Tree, the final reward can only be won by one. Then in the process, even if you don’t be a hindrance to each other, you all It’s hard to do your best. But today’s thing to do is not to compete, but to liberate. To liberate an enslaved World Tree, the premise is to stop the Spirit King’s excessive intervention, so you need to show your military strength, and it’s still The stronger the better. We don’t think about dividing up or ruling the Spirit King after the war, but liberating the World Tree, would you, Your Majesty, be willing to form a coalition?”

“In the name of the Turtle Dove Alliance?” Asked tentatively.

Lin shook his head and said: “Although the Turtle Dove League is organized around wood elves, the role of until now is just a mutual aid organization that walks outside, and therefore many races other than wood elves have joined. If a coalition is formed in the name of the Turtle-Dove League, no matter what the reason is to whitewash, what we do is aggression, which may make the Turtle-Dove League lose its original neutrality and cause a large number of races other than the wood elves to withdraw from the alliance. This is The gain is not worth the loss.”

Some of the World Tree, which runs the Turtle-Dove League, agreed with Lin’s statement. Although it is said that all the beings present are high seats of the alliance, they are also divided into those who care about it and those who do not care about it.

Those who put more effort into the alliance, they certainly know the minds of most non-wood elves. These people do not trust or are tired of the power of the country and the nobility, and they need a backer and shelter, so they chose the relatively loose turtledove alliance based on mutual assistance and cooperation. If today the alliance is also organized strongly to invade others, it is normal for these people to have the idea of ​​leaving.

With four fingers outstretched, Lin moved towards the trees and said: “Four times, with proper preparation and planning, it only takes four such coalition attacks. Instead of letting too many outsiders know the inside story , Or use lies to let others contribute to this matter, I prefer you Your Majesty to use your own prestige to use the battle strength of the wood elves tribe of the direct line. As for the alliance, it belongs to the alliance.”

“Then how do you solve the problem of assembly and marching? Pray for the magic towers, without any cost, let us pass.”

I heard that World Tree asked like this The question, Lin knew, they basically agreed with the coalition’s idea, otherwise they would not ask further questions. So he smiled and showed again that he was scheduled to communicate with all World Tree magic arrays in the Midi Luoshu array. At this glance, World Trees understood someone’s calculations.

In Lin’s observations, the amazing computing power of this group of plants gave them the ability to learn from one another and learn by analogy. However, it is difficult to have any groundbreaking or flexible ideas, and it is easy to get into the horns before no one prompts them. Such seemingly contradictory characteristics are characteristics shared by an entire ethnic group.

The magic array he showed is the basic structure of flash art. The basic means of World Tree to communicate with other dimensions and other worlds is also the original form of all magical transmissions in Midi.

Traditional teleportation magic is a safe and convenient magic created by the golden elves in the old elven dynasty era. It can transport creatures and non-creatures, no matter how far away, no matter how many there are, as long as it can be wrapped in the range of the teleporting demon array, it can be sent to another teleporting demon array in a distant place.

The general principle of the setting is that each transmission magic array can be used as a transmitting end and a receiving end, but it can only perform one function at the same time. The transmission magic array activated immediately will communicate with the magic array on the receiving end, and the transmission will only start after the integrity and existence of another location is determined. If the receiving end does not exist, or the’complete’ message cannot be returned, the process will be interrupted.

At the same time, the transmission of the magic array will also establish a protective channel, so that the transmitted item or person will shuttle through it without any pollution. The larger the deployment range of the teleport magic array, the higher the cost of deployment and the more expensive the startup cost. This is also the reason why the teleportation array cannot become a fascinating “public transportation”.

As for the Legion-level transmission magic array, there is no necessary condition for the receiving end, and the range is quite huge. It can transmit up to a 10,000-person Legion at a time. This is because before the magic is activated, it will transfer the power to the predetermined transmission location, temporarily construct the magic array of the receiving end, and then follow the normal transmission magic array process to send the entire Legion to the destination.

Because there is a temporary structure of the receiver’s actions before the transmission, and the transmission range is huge, the price of starting the Legion-level transmission magic array is the unimaginable price of ordinary people, even the level that ordinary small countries cannot afford. . Even in a large country like the Gwana Empire, the Legion-level teleportation magic is only used in emergency or special situations, not as a conventional means.

If the range of the Legion-level teleportation magic is reduced to a personal scale, it is the “any door” of the three-ring apprentice-level magic.

The principle of Dimensional Anchor is only to prevent the response process of transmitting magic 1st Stage. Because there is no normal response from the receiving end, for safety reasons, subsequent transmission actions will not be started. Some magic that interferes with transmission is to directly twist the receiving end to an unknown place. Of course, it will not get the correct response from the receiving end, so the transmission magic is interrupted again.

The so-called prohibition of sending in or sending out is also to intercept the response message, so that the sending magic cannot complete the entire process of sending. Such as the World Tree scope of Formation, Innate will block this Space Teleportation message. The most important is to conceal one’s position between the dimensional gaps, avoid the connected other world, find the channel that follows the World Tree, and invade the lost ground.

This is because the power of space and time is too powerful, and magic cannot be completely controlled. It can only save the country by curve, and interfere with the operation of magic in other ways, so that people have the illusion that Space Teleportation is blocked.

Lin’s flash technique is to abandon the process of response, and neither actively provides a protective layer for the transported object nor confirms the safety of the receiving site. As long as the distance, angle, and various parameters are determined, the transmission object will be’thrown away’ through the dimensional gap, regardless of whether it finally reaches the destination. This is also the reason why someone’s flashing technique cannot be stopped by the existing interference transmission methods of Fascinated Land.

It feels a lot like…

When Lin created the magic’Flashing’, he hadn’t noticed this. Later, I discovered that this is the fucking network protocol difference between TCP and UDP!

So the reliability of flash technique depends on the ability of mathematics. Except for Lin himself and Fen, who are not Lich, the group of people who can fully master the flash technique on the fascinating land are the World Trees with computing power comparable to supercomputers.

Using this flash technique, which is different from the traditional teleporting magic array, it can indeed break through the existing World Tree Formation and send troops directly to the destination. But there is also the flexible World Tree, harboring malicious intentions looked towards the proposed person. McKinen, as the representative of the full-time antagonist, of course he said: “If this new teleportation magic array does have the same effect as the magician said, we don’t have simpler means to go further.”

Lin, who heard the threatening words, sneered and said: “Your Majesty refers to directly assaulting those World Trees who are weaker than you, turning them into Your Majesty’s promotion base and achieving yourself. Then please Your Majesty guess Guess, after you do this, who will be kicked out next?”

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