Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 738

Looking around, Lin looked at the high seats with a rare serious expression, and said, “That’s right, this new teleportation magic is likely to be the resumption of the World Tree’s battle. But this magic is not monopolized by anyone, and everyone can use it. When an out-of-group harmonious insect appears, what choice will other people make? To achieve the Luoshu Grand Formation, you are here and everyone is not present. The four of them are indispensable. But if someone really raided someone and made the indispensable number missing, then it doesn’t matter whether the number is missing two or three.──”

Exhausting the threatening tone, Lin continued to analyze the possible development.

“──From the standpoint of the attacker, if there is no one to stop what he does, then one day he will also encounter the bottleneck faced by the two ancients Your Majesty. At that time, He can find someone to help with, the upper limit of the breakthrough maze. ──”

Immediately afterwards, someone raised another fact that the trees might be aware of, but are unwilling to admit.

“──Is it a good thing that there are fewer and fewer World Trees on the fascinating ground? Have you ever thought that this may be the container of the fascinating ground to little by little? Storage capacity. That is to say, this behavior is likely to be a regression of the whole, including the World Tree, including all the creatures living on the maze. Of course, this is only my inference. However, is this inference true, everyone? Your Majesty, whose lifespan is longer than me, should be able to perceive clues from past experience.”

Sometimes they are fans of the authorities, sometimes they are just ostrich mentality, thinking that if you don’t admit it, that thing doesn’t exist. But the human magician’s words are to expose a fact that no one wants to believe. The World Trees are speechless, because of this fact, it is like denying the grand gathering of trees fighting for a thousand years ago. It was they themselves who covered the ceiling on their heads, not others.

From Lin’s point of view, it is not difficult to understand this matter. Plants play the role of producers in the ecosystem. The fewer plants there are, the more serious environmental problems are. When there are no plants, the environment is desertified and there is no vitality. Earth’s plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. The mysterious World Tree, is impossible to be the main producer of the eight powers?

Looking at the silent trees, Lin broke the deadlock and said: “You only consider yourself with limited growth, or consider the future of unlimited growth as a whole. The right to choose this matter is yours. Hand. No one can help you decide.”

“Maybe, if you don’t say these things, we don’t have to think about them at all. We can maintain our current appearance forever.” McKinen complained Tao.

Lin sneered and said, “What does Your Majesty believe is forever? Trifling the magic tower can prevent all World Trees from growing in the old way. If you don’t think of progress, you will do nothing. , When one day, magicians have the ability and need, who can stop them from turning World Tree into a piece of magic props? Don’t think that there won’t be that day, and when that day does happen, everything will be lost. It can be restored. And this ending is yours Your Majesty’s choice, isn’t it.”

The silence at this time did not last long. World Tree has reached the upper limit. The conspirators of today’s meeting can be said to be related to his immediate interests, so he rarely displayed a tough attitude and said: “Then the World Tree coalition is established, is there anyone who opposes it? “

Fathenas, who is also an ancient person, made a knife at the right time and said: “The opponents jumped out as soon as possible. A while ago I left a seed, I can fill the vacancy at any time and perfect Luo Book.”

However, what will happen to the replaced World Tree? Although Fasnas didn’t explain it clearly, the thick threatening meaning in his words made people shudder and the atmosphere was stiff.

Once again, it was cold, and it was not caused by himself. Lin Zheng wondered whether he should break the killing atmosphere created by the two ancients. Perhaps this is because they united to give a group of younger generations to show off their prestige. If they break the momentum created by them, will they be resented; or they choked too hard to answer, just waiting Are there someone giving them down the steps?

Someone couldn’t help but sigh in the heart. The attitude and expression of plants are elusive. It is too difficult to be a competent person.

At this time, Wadvor, who is also World Tree, relied on his acquaintance with someone, and interrupted and said: “Since everyone has agreed, this matter is so set, and the specific actions will be discussed later. .Then Excellency Tripwood, can you please tell me what your third step is to “build the world”. The first two steps are more like preparing yourself for promotion, but it is not a clear promotion method after all. I think everyone is more concerned about this.”

Wadwo’s words set the tone for all World Tree opinions, regardless of whether they object or agree in their hearts. But in fact, no World Tree is strongly opposed to the previous decision. In weighing the pros and cons, the method proposed by this human magician is indeed the best method known at this stage, and they have no reason to oppose it. They just don’t like the attitude of the two ancients.

Since someone came forward to make a round, the trees would not insist on returning to the original deadlock. They also looked at someone with interest, expecting what he would say.

The topic returned to him, Lin cleared his throat, and said: “The last step is to build the world. What I plan to do is to establish the ninth power.”

The shock brought by a single sentence is far more than the previous sum. World Trees are really dumbfounded this time, and don’t know how to react.

For the attitude of being frightened by himself at every turn of these plants, Lin is already quite surprised. So he didn’t wait for anyone to answer, and went on to say: “According to my visit and research, the eight powers were not eight powers at first, but only eight unique energies of different natures. Any one of them can be used. Used to construct a spell model, form magic, and produce supernatural effects. I don’t know when it started. Eight concepts including knowledge, power, authority, belief, wealth, dexterity, perception, and mysterious were given to these eight energies. After that, the eight masters of power ignited the divine fire and entered the sequence of powerful divine forces. But they are not producers, more like dominators, or managers. As witnesses of history, I think you are all about these things. , It’s all clearer than I am.”

Many of you here have personally experienced the history Lin said, so they know more about the situation than Lin said. But the point is that this human being is right. The so-called’power’ is the term that belongs to this era.

In the distant ages when they awakened their consciousness, power was not called’power’, it was just a kind of free energy that could be absorbed and used, and was ubiquitous. But from the past there were eight species, and there are still eight species to this day. There has never been more or less.

Waldvor’s white deer incarnation made an exaggerated swallowing action and asked: “How to do it?” Until now, World Trees have stopped asking’impossible’. From what this magician said, they were only curious about how to achieve the goal he set in his vision.

“I have observed up close the Three Your Majesty, Wadvor, Lahti, and Fathnas, and the reality of the world they are connected to. While absorbing nutrients from the other world, you will feed back A certain specific power is lost. The power fed back by the reality of each world is pure and does not contain other powers. And the same World Tree will not have the real world that feeds back the same power. When it comes to Fasna Only at Your Majesty level can you feed back eight powers with one after another World Tree. So I boldly guess that if you want to open a channel to connect to the ninth world, you must be able to feed back a new power… No, new energy will work.”

“This is why in the past, after I once captured the origin of the other world tree, I couldn’t advance. It just made the connection to one of my worlds stronger and stronger. It’s only stable. Because what I get is the part I already have? Even all the worlds connected to the World Tree are different worlds. In this case, how to distinguish a new world? What is it? Which power camp do you belong to?” Yushu asked.

Lin bluntly said: “I don’t know about this yet. More research should be done.”

“Then your Excellency Tripwood, according to your idea, what should I do? Add this new energy?” Uktrahir asked.

“Start from two directions. One of course is to find the answer from World Tree. Constructing the magic array pattern that connects a new world is actually the natural bark pattern on you. That is It is said that Your Majesty constructs the core magic array that connects the first world. It is the result of following instinct. Then can we study the’why’, find a pattern from it, and then open up a new path beyond the existing pattern “

“What about the other direction?” Fasnas asked the most urgent.

After adjusting his thoughts, Lin replied: “When the eight pure energies are given concepts, it becomes the eight powers of the maze. And these eight powers have a universal The characteristic of the world is that those who pursue it will recognize it, but those who do not pursue it will also recognize it, regardless of whether he verbally admits it or not. For example, knowledge may not be pursued by a fighter who pursues power, but he will also in his heart. Acknowledge the importance of’knowledge’ to the fascinating place, and even have the idea of ​​pursuing knowledge. What we are looking for is a universal value beyond these eight powers, strengthen its beliefs, and strengthen the existing Spiritual God, or ignite a new sacred fire, and use the will of sentient beings to attract a new path to be established. With this two-pronged approach, try to establish a new power.”

“This… can it really be done? “You Shu asked suspiciously.

Faced with such doubts, Lin Weiyi shrugged, waved his hand and said: “You, Your Majesty, want to pursue breakthrough. It is not easy. I hope it will let me just click A wishing gem that can destroy half of the universe’s creatures can easily solve this matter. But unfortunately, there is no such thing. Of course I also know the method I think, somewhat whimsical. But the scientific attitude is to make bold assumptions and be careful. Please verify. If you are not willing to try, it is impossible to take the next step.”

“Do you have an idea for a new universal value?” It is still Yukte. Rachel asked.

Opening his mouth, Lin finally said with a reservation: “This is a long-term project. Maybe we can borrow the power of the Turtledove Alliance and start from many aspects. But in this respect, I don’t have much Clue.”

In fact, someone is struggling, is it going to release the scourge of modern finance? This is definitely the fastest…poison.

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