Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 740

In the meeting room, apart from Kavi, the only person who sits in the carriage with him can sit next to him. The ducal guard did not come in, mostly guarding outside the door and courtyard, almost surrounding the house. If you don’t know it, I’m afraid you will think that this is preparing to attack the inside.

The only ones who stayed behind Dame Cavi were the young waiter who had been following him and the Dame, another female guard.

I don’t know if someone is nervous, or feels right. Lin felt countless gazes from behind the veil, looking at himself with a certain indifference. Lin finally chose to ignore this unfathomable mystery hostility.

After all, these women are just other people’s subordinates. If at first, there is no such obvious hostility, maybe someone would consider getting close to each other. But since their attitude seems to be determined, instead of taking the time to change their impressions, it is better to keep a distance. Not everyone is worthy of their own efforts to get in touch.

In contrast, the enthusiasm of Kavigong makes someone even more overwhelmed.

Because it was early in the morning, the two girls did not take out the wine to entertain them, but cooked a pot of fairy flower tea to entertain the guests. most important Considering that there is an aristocratic woman among the guests present, and in the circle of female aristocrats, Elf flower tea is a more popular drink than coffee. After all, it’s not who, who can accept the taste of the amber drink.

After a short burst of hustle and bustle, the Grand Duke of Cavi officially introduced the female announcement beside him. He said: “This is my granddaughter, the Marquis of Balan. Car No. 1 was made for her. I think you already know this. It’s not that I think the name of car No. 1 is really bad. I can only say that you don’t have any innate talent named.”

The two girls on the side nodded inexplicably agreed.

Lin Gan laughed twice and said: “That’s just the manufacturing number, which is convenient for the person in the center to call. If you think it is necessary to name it, you can name it yourself.──”

Although the name’Porsche’ can be used, car 1 is indeed a Porsche 911 model anyway. But Lin thought for a while, but let it go. Instead, he turned his head to greet a new friend,

“──Lordess, when we first met, your beautiful name is like a lark crying in the drizzle, sweet and beautiful. As far as I know,’Ba The name “Lan” has another meaning in the ancient language of the empire, which means “rain water”.”

Before I hate myself, I didn’t learn more skills of picking up girls from the Internet. Someone can only praise them dryly, and then show off their trivial knowledge. But the person who was praised did not respond. Instead, the female bodyguards standing in the back row whispered and snickered, and even words like’hillie’ came up.

As if to alleviate the embarrassment caused by the nonsense of his subordinates, the Grand Duke explained calmly: “Balaan is the name of the territory, and that is the youngest son who inherited himself. Become her husband’s confession. It is a fertile land with beautiful lakes and elves living in the forest. At the highest point of the white castle on the hills, you can see the lake and forest in the territory with a bird’s eye view. Fertile The land not only produces food, but also has a large enough pasture to raise countless sheep. And all of this belongs to her dowry. As for the name of a woman, apart from her family, there is only her husband. You can know. So, are you interested in knowing?”

I’ll go! When I get older, I like to be a matchmaker. This is not just a common problem in the world over Earth, but the foreign world is the same! Someone still laughed and said: “A gentle and kind-hearted woman like her deserves to be pampered by a man who has a better family background and knows her better. If I do, I dare not climb high.”

The group The female bodyguards snickered again, but the Marquisess of Balan, who was the subject, still did not respond. Not only did he not speak, but he did not even move.

A fool? Or just say you don’t like talking? Considering that she has a normal breathing heartbeat, It shouldn’t be the undead pretending to be a human being, pretending to be the granddaughter of the Grand Duke. The reason why I didn’t talk was because I didn’t bother talking to magicians like me, and I was really not good at words. Lin thought about it in his head.

I remembered that before entering the house, someone who noticed the Duke’s Guard was getting off the pink car 1 from a special truck along the ramp. After all, it’s a self-designed item and a customized product, so is there anything you are dissatisfied with that car? Lin asked with concern:

“My lord, transporting car 1 here, is there anything you are dissatisfied with in the design? I should have asked Aihanu to give you a clear explanation “No, there is nothing dissatisfied. According to the test results of my Knights and magicians, the safety of car 1 is very trustworthy. But now there is a small problem, I think I have to find your people to help solve it.”

“My person?” Isn’t it me? Lin couldn’t quite guess what this Senior said.

“Look, there is always someone who can teach my granddaughter how to drive this car, what are the functions of the car, and how to deal with the problem under what circumstances.” Cavy said with a sullen face.

For such a request, Lin feels unfathomable mystery even more. Looking out the window, there are rows of vehicles of various sizes. With this kind of driver base, there must be that kind of slapstick, who can play various tricks in driving. Let these people teach them, instead of preaching those fancy skills, there is absolutely no problem in teaching basic driving skills.

Even if the No. 1 car is specially made, there are only more function switches. There is no need for the user to know magic, and then use magic to drive it. To be a little bit ugly, find a monkey, and after training, you can still drive.

Lin asked suspiciously: “My lord means, do you want to teach some special driving skills? The best one here is the white sword saint William Greco, and the other It is your Royal Highness, Azad Kazarnia.”

When the name of the Demon King was mentioned, even the Grand Duke shivered. Bodyguards even press weapons, adjust their positions, and watch all around vigilantly.

Duke Cavi looked around, and said with lingering fear: “His Royal Highness is not there. I can’t ask that Highness to do things for me. Your Excellency, my granddaughter is still not there. Married, it’s not appropriate to let other men teach her things and get in touch with her. I heard old Aihanu say that both of your female apprentices can drive. So I wanted to ask one of them to teach me “The granddaughter of car.”

Lin suddenly realized, “This kind of thing, no problem. Basic driving skills, my apprentices can know. The unique design of car 1 is left, just look at the manual. They also have a wealth of experience in handling emergencies. As long as Lady Baran doesn’t dislike them, they can teach a lot.”

After that, Lin turned his head and took a look, Hallumi was eager to The look of have a try. However, after some consideration, someone decided to say: “Kaya, you will teach the lady to drive. The function of car No. 1 should be recorded in the documentation. Please check it out.”

Standing behind, a black hair and brown-skinned girl in a white cat suit stepped forward and gave a magician’s simple gift. She agreed and said: “Okay, teacher. Is there anything you should pay attention to in car number 1?”

For girls, they are used to asking precautions before doing things. Lin also directly replied: “You have driven the trial car built by Jermaine. The personality of car No. 1 is a little gentler than that car. The throttle control is a little more delicate. It can move very smoothly. There is the feeling that the whole car is shaking to the point of falling apart. Also, the red button is okay. Don’t press it randomly. The relevant instructions are included in the file.”

“Yes, teacher.” He said, Kaya was just behind, opened the water mirror screen, and began to read information about car 1. It’s just that this kind of action seems to be regarded as completely unprepared, or because of other factors. Anyway, when Kaya answered, the group of female bodyguards caused a slight commotion again.

Ignore the slight movements of the female guards, but they seem to be deliberately noticeable. Lin turned his head and asked the Grand Duke: “Then, should I teach from now? Or when? Learning to drive is not something you can learn in a day or two. How long do you expect to stay?”

Although the Grand Duke of Cavi ignored the small movements of the female guards, his expression was somewhat unnatural. After Lin noticed it, he remembered that for the multi-ethnic Gwana Empire, the union of races was maintained only by the emperor’s marriages everywhere. This is also the reason why the Gwana Empire is a minority in the lost country and implements polygamy.

Maybe most people are willing to maintain peace on the surface instead of taking the extreme line of purebred human lineage, but it does not mean that they have the same idea in their bones. They just didn’t clamor all day to cleanse the non-human races on the fascinating ground. When they meet races other than humans, they may respect it, but it is estimated that they will stay away from each other in their hearts.

And don’t think that the same human beings will not be despised by such people. As long as the skin color and hair color are different from them, they will not be regarded as’human’. According to those extremists, even people with abnormal skin and hair color, who knows what lower race descent is involved. And the status of the’mixed race’ is no higher than the lower races in the eyes of others like goblins and half-orcs.

Unfortunately, it belongs to a few lowland ancestry in the south. Kaya’s black hair and brown skin, and a certain cross-border yellow skin and black hair are all despised. This is also the first impression Lin gives people everywhere, which is not a good reason.

However, Kavi’s cultivation, or acting skills, is still higher than that of the youngsters. He quickly put on a smile and said, “Since you want to teach, let’s start teaching now. It just happens that everyone is there. If my granddaughter is still uncomfortable, I can find other methods to solve it immediately. As for how long? , I want to estimate it for a month. I will stay for a few days to see the situation.”

“Okay, so be it.” Lin moved towards Kaya nodded motioned. The girl with black hair and brown skin walked forward slowly, gave a salute to the Marquise of Balan who had not spoken, and said: “Lord Balan, please follow me to the car in the courtyard.”

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