Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 741

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The Marquis of Balan did not resist like a marionette. She left under the leadership of Kaya and went to the courtyard to learn to drive. A group of female guards seemed to want to block, but due to the sight of Lord Kawei, they did not dare to do anything beyond the rules except for some small actions. In the end, a group of people shuaa chased it out, following behind the Marquise of Balan.

When the Grand Duke Kavi retracted his sharp gaze and turned his head, it was a certain magician's suspicious look. The senior was sullied and said: "Gai, you seem to have a lot of questions to ask."

"Oh, adults can see it? I thought I couldn't make any expressions on this face. It's here." Lin still touched the cheek that was almost like a skeleton, and there was nothing fleshy.

"Although you don't have an expression, you can still tell from the look in your eyes. So just ask if you want to." Kavigong said with some smashing consciousness.

"With the power and wealth of an adult, you must teach your family what knowledge, even if there is no one inside to guide, you can hire a tutor or the like. Or let a trusted retainer learn first, and then Come back and repeat. Even for women's family members, there are many ways to work. It is not necessary to send people to the door. Ask others to teach." Lin said bluntly.

"Indeed, it is true under normal circumstances. But my granddaughter is a little different." Senior said helplessly.

"What is different? If there is something I need to pay attention to, please tell me directly." Lin said.

Kavigong thought for a while, and that was indeed the case. It's better than making a taboo without knowing it. "In fact, this child was not like this when she was a child. Although she was not like those naughty children, she was also lively, talkative, and pestering people. But since her parents passed away in an accident, she has become She doesn't like to talk, and she rarely leaves her room. Unless necessary, even servants can't enter her room.──"

What a familiar and enviable life! Is there a house nobleman in Mysterious Land? Someone thought so.

"─Of course, those ladies who specialize in matchmaking for the nobles are also out of their way. I worry about that. Even if she gives her the most beautiful territory, she doesn’t have it. The idea of ​​going to have a look. Since the forum you created, I can finally communicate with this child. But most of the time, she is still reluctant to talk to outsiders. I didn’t talk to her until I got a car. In the text on the forum, I saw a clue that she wanted to look outside. But the premise is that it can be a closed space where no one can see her."

"What about her? "Although Lin didn't finish the sentence, the implication was that he squatted in such a house, why did he run out again?

Kavigong understood the meaning behind it and explained: "at first, her idea of ​​driving is not so strong yet. But since the 1st car is almost completed, I handed over the design and various parameters She saw that there were also pictures of the exterior and interior. She showed her willingness to drive the car by herself. So I want to take this opportunity to tell her that if she wants to learn how to drive, she has to come. Here, let her leave that room. The result is also very satisfying, but after a few years, I finally saw her in person again. I only heard voices before."

"In other words, I count as bait here." Lin said.

"Yes, it smells good. Otherwise, how could that little fish be caught." Kavigong said with satisfaction.

Shrugged indifferent expression. There is no need to be angry with such innocuous little use. However, Lin was still confused by a situation and asked: "What's the matter with those women?"

"Are you referring to the women from the Black Sabatons?"

Lin also knows a little about the term'black yarn army'. So he was taken aback and asked, "Is that not your emperor's person? Do you dare to use it?"

"strictly speaking, the black yarn army composed of noble women is not the emperor's person. The emperor only selected M (1000) people from among them to protect the female family members of his harem. The remaining people were full-time guards in need, and noble women who made requests to them or were made by their family members. Of course it was expensive. When it happens, they will assemble again, form an independent army, and join the battlefield. But after my young son died unexpectedly and the child's temperament changed drastically, I made a request for a squad to protect the child. On the one hand, too. I hope she can have friends of the same sex and get out of the gloom. But it seems that it didn't work."

Senior's words revealed a lot of information. Including he may suspect that his son died because of not simple, otherwise why would he protect that granddaughter. However, Lin won't ask about this kind of family affairs in depth, but there are still other things to talk about. He said: "I thought that group of women were made up of women in your vassal family. It turned out not to be."

Kavigong said with a smile: "If you were my vassal Minister, I told you that my family members need protection, so I have to send the martial arts women in your family. Are you willing? If the emperor dares to say such things to me, I will bring soldiers and horses to greet him, you Is there any normal part of the brain? The Black Sweat Army is similar to a noble male noncommissioned school, except that all members are women. As long as it is not in wartime, XI (11) Legion was not established, and even the military department of the empire could not manage that place. . In this peaceful era, instead of considering the military strength of these women, they are more impressive in their political strength. After all, they are the families of high-ranking officials."

"It sounds like this. , It seems that you have two systems in operation." Lin commented.

"Two sets of systems?" Mr. Kawei couldn't understand the magician language in front of him. But after careful consideration, he has several points of taste and said: "It is true. Whether it is political or military, the women of the Black Army can play a role differently from men. But in the empire, It is men who dominate everything."

For this Senior's conclusion, Lin didn't criticize too much. It's just that after blowing the pillow wind can affect the men who mainly control the political power, can they still maintain their purity?

Never mind. a matter of no concern to oneself, hang up high. Lin only hopes that the political structure of these two teams will not have any influence on him. But looking at the high-pitched appearance of these women, Lin was a little unsure of this extravagant hope in his heart.

However, Duke Kawei, Senior, doesn't seem to want to talk more about the black yarn army. It may be fear, or there may be other important things that I want to bring up. He put on a friendly smile and said, "I won't mention those women. I said Xiao Guy, since you have mastered a new ability, haven't you thought about making good use of it."

The topic suddenly turned, Lin couldn't figure it out for a while, frowning and asked: "New ability?"

"The silk robe that can be enchanted, you don't know the news. It’s amazing. And the clothes worn by the other three people are still such exquisite costumes. I don’t know how many people came to contact you in order to get in touch with you through me. Aihanu also reported that he had already asked You made an invitation to cooperate, but you did not agree. So I am here."

Looking at the confident appearance of Senior in front of him, Lin also had no choice but to smile and asked: "My lord, with your In my eyes, what do you think is the strength of this robe as a magical equipment?"

Cavey said in a fair manner: "deep and unmeasurable. I am not a weak person in the warrior sequence. I have experience dealing with magicians. It’s also quite a lot. But it’s the first piece of magic equipment that can absorb all my perceptions and prevent me from getting any feedback. This is incredible because it means that when we conflict, I will be there. Attacking you in an ignorant situation. This is a deadly thing in an evenly matched battle. Not to mention those incompetent aristocrats who just want to save their lives and want to wear beautiful clothes, even those who are actually combatants. Warriors or magicians are all very interested in this enchantable silk."

"Then Lord Duke, do you think it is easy to make this suit?"

The public expression was stagnant, and asked: "Um~, is it difficult? You have made four sets of similar magic equipment in a row."

"Even if you don’t think about the difficulty of making it, you’re my lord. Do you think it’s easy to get the materials needed to make a suit of clothes?"

"Hmm~, isn’t it the small insects you raised?"

Lin still didn’t answer positively. Instead, he continued to ask: "Let’s put aside the two things of production and materials, my lord, how much do you think such a set of magic equipment is worth?"

"Um~, everything has a price. This is Anyone can agree. Little guy, how much do you think is appropriate?" Kavigong asked rhetorically.

Lin revealed: "My lord, Frankly, Fern did trade a set of magical equipment made of silk."

When there was a door, Kavi's eyes lit up. , Asked: "Oh, how much did that buyer spend, Xbar(10000) Kiel?"

"No, it’s a deal. It’s hard for me to refuse Agreed." Someone continued to break the news.

A senior said proudly: "haha, it’s just a promise. There is nothing in this world that I can’t do, just say it. Don’t say one, I also do ten. I can agree to you."

"The other party agrees that Fen borrows the energy pool of the magic tower to hold a ceremony."

The answer to the mystery revealed by someone made the originally confident Senior smile. Stiff, with a twitching corner of his mouth, he asked: "Can you know who you are trading with?"

"The tower master of Tower VI, Fasheng Mahtab."

As soon as he heard the name, Kavey public pouted, his face wrinkled like a chrysanthemum. This guy is really a distant relative of Ricardo Carvey. When I first met her, I played like a younger brother. Even if I live to this age, I am still a younger brother in front of her. Really cannot afford to offend.

Without considering the situation with that person, the Grand Duke of Cavy also wants to know if he has any alternative means to fulfill the other party's conditions. Then he asked: "Can you ask me what ceremony is going to be held?"

"A Lich needs to use the energy pool of the magic tower, and the total impossible summon is a small skeleton. Anyway, I can be sure. This is not measurable with money. Of course, if the adults are willing to help me build a magic tower, let alone make one set for you, I will promise you ten sets."

Among the nobles If you don’t help the magician build a tower, you won’t help. Because as long as the magic tower is built, it is like sealing a hereditary noble out. Not only does his own territory become less, it is still the kind that is difficult to regain with various tactics. Therefore, in the face of a certain magician's condition, the Grand Duke of Cavi could only smile dryly.

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