Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 742

As a grandfather who loves his granddaughter, Mr. Kavi only came to the home of a certain tutor for three days. After confirming that the magician apprentice and instructing the driving technique went well, he was busy with his own affairs.

Although most of the affairs are handed over to his successor to handle, as long as he is still the Grand Duke for one day, he can’t get around with some things to deal with. It’s okay to be a mediocre noble, but this is not his character.

As for the Marquis of Balan, although she did not form her own guard, the battle strength of a squad of the Black Veil Army is sufficient to ensure her safety under normal conditions. In addition, they are all women, and they have a care for each other. That’s why Duke Kavi dared to put his beloved granddaughter’s affairs in the hands of this group of people.

Anyway, she just took the marquise from the mansion in Estali, Holy City to the magician’s house in the morning, and practiced to return to the mansion before the evening. It is also a little selfishness of Kavey that he will go back and forth without hesitating, hoping that the child can have more contact with the outside world instead of being locked in his own room.

Although the Marquis of Balan came to learn the skills of driving a car, they still use carriage and horses to travel. The Dame of the Black Veil Army ride on horses that are even more beautiful than the previous Duke’s Guard. The demonic beasts of this batch of war horses are so strong that they almost make them condense magic cores and become real demonic beasts.

Although it has not really reached this height, it already has an oppression for ordinary creatures. But it’s just for’general creatures’. Needless to say, the four cats are true magic creatures. In the demonic beast sequence, the magic cat also belongs to the upper-middle sequence, surpassing the overwhelming majority creatures.

The demonic beast of the real top-level sequence, there is also one here-Black Dragon Augustus. So the horses that are most likely to be restless are actually the most secure. Every horse is obedient, for fear of becoming a prey for the Black Dragon.

On the contrary, the group of women stayed on their own for a few days, which made Lin mistakenly think that they would be able to spend this time safely. When he was blocked at the entrance to the dining room at noon one day, he knew how much he was thinking about it. Even if a wolf temporarily constricts its claws, it cannot be tamed into a dog.

I was blocked by the door of the dining room by unfathomable mystery, and yelling and scolding came from inside. It is hard to imagine that all kinds of rude words come from the mouth of a female nobleman. The people who were scolded were his two apprentices. Hallumi and Kaya bowed their heads without saying a word, beside them, there was a plate of overturned shredded pork with green pepper. My favorite, the powerful enemy of the two big fat boys and the three kittens.

It’s just… which one is acting now, Lin can’t see clearly.

“Untouchable, figure out your identity. You, who don’t even have a glorious identity as the people of the empire, are not allowed to talk to the Lady Lord at all, or even look up at her. Don’t think that. You are qualified to do what the hillbilly magician assigns you to do. Get out! I’ve waited long enough to endure your rude behavior.”

“Cook, you should be fine when you allow you to cook food. Do it, instead of taking some strange-smelling horse feed to a nobleman to eat. Get off, then take this thing, and you will be killed on the spot.”

“Untouchables…” “Cooks…” “Humble people…” Countless verbal abuses.

In addition to the two people blocked by the dining room entrance, there are seven or eight black guards surrounded by two apprentices scolding, and the remaining two or three are aggressively blocking the Marquis of Balan In front of. A group of women, as if they were the masters of this house, yelled ruthlessly.

As for the master of this group of female guards, the Marquis of Balan was sitting at the table, looking steadily forward, without saying a word.

In these days of observation, Lin probably has a good grasp of this character’s character. As long as she doesn’t touch her bottom line, the Marquis of Balan is like a marionette, at the mercy of others.

Tell her to get up and get up, let her sit down and sit down, without resisting at all. She doesn’t like to talk. Others can only observe her mood and willingness from her small actions, but she usually won’t get any results.

A few days ago, when Kavi was by his side, everyone would be fine with him. The marquise was also step-by-step and methodical, learning driving skills with Kaya.

But as soon as Duke Carvey was away, those who led the action of the marquise became the women beside her. Given their number and strength, Kaya is certainly outnumbered. Even Hallumi’s status has changed from a magic apprentice to a cook in charge of cooking in the kitchen.

Should you be angry? Why does someone only find it ridiculous and ridiculous.

“magician, do you want me to clean up the environment for you, like noisy garbage. Well, which category should this thing fall into? According to your concept of resource recycling, combustible? Non-combustible? Recyclable Use it? Or can I just burn it or bury it?”

The voice behind me is Demon King Zi Azhar who ran out early in the morning during these days and came back for dinner. Germany. Walking with him is the white sword saint William Greco. They didn’t know where they were going or what they were doing.

The Grand Duke of Cavi, who didn’t want to meet with the prince, was lucky. The schedule of the two was staggered and there was no chance of meeting. But today they unexpectedly ran back at noon. Compared to the farce in the dining room, Lin was more surprised by this person’s actions.

Seeing that the magician did not respond, Azad said displeased: “I said I would help you, but what do you mean by your damn expression? Come on, go outside the house. We haven’t practiced for a long time. I’ve practiced. Let’s see how I’ve made progress in the past.”

“No, my lord, what I want to say is how bad it is to fight and kill. We are civilized and reasonable. I believe in the principle of being able to negotiate and not using military force. Military force is the last resort.”

Of course, the conversation between the two attracted everyone’s attention, especially one of them was the notorious Demon. King son. Dame, the guards of the Black Veil Army, all put their hands on the hilt of their swords and stood on guard. The two girls took advantage of this gap and ran out of the dining room to their teacher.

As soon as Azad saw this, he yelled excitedly like a child: “Look, look! These bitches are ready to do it. It’s not me who yelled and killed, I just As a gentleman, I just respond to their needs.”

The leader of the guard Dame loosened the hilt, stood up, and said, “Your Majesty, things here have nothing to do with you. You know, you My mother is also under our protection.”

“Ha! You group of men who just want to hook up with powerful men, even the bitches who are happy to sell their butts are gone, plus my family If old fogey died, the woman would still be alive very moisturized. Use her to threaten me, do you not understand that woman, or do you not understand me. Hey.”

A blink of an eye, Azad Rush back quickly. There were several white light blocks again, and there were no casualties. But Demon King’s son was flustered and exasperated. He lifted up the hair on the sideburns with one hand and said, “A hair, I have a hair cut off! This damn protection means, the reaction speed is getting faster and faster. . You didn’t turn it off, I want to kill.”

Lin Bi said with curled lips: “Who asked me last time, don’t turn off the protection judgment against you. But you Confidently said that I wanted to find the loophole and burned it under my nose. Why did I forget it today?”

“That’s what happened a few days ago. I am in a different mood today. .Hurry up and lift the restrictions and let me kill these women. I move quickly, and it’s all right in one fell swoop. Also, help me summon Insadu over.”

“You are yours Is that box-cut a dog? I call it, and it will come over. Please walk over obediently, pick it up by yourself, and come over again. But even if you bring it over, it’s useless because I won’t lift the protection restrictions. What happened to the group of people in my house, others are not on my head. If I did not do it, it would have been wronged. So please calm down and take a deep breath. There is always an easier way to solve the problem. Yes.”

Lin turned his head and asked the apprentice next to him: “Kaya, will Lord Balan step on the gas pedal?”

Lin turned his head to ask the apprentice next to him:”

The black hair brown-skinned girl was a little angry because of what happened just now, but she still moved towards her teacher nodded with a serious expression.

Lin asked again: “Will you step on the brakes?”

“Yes, teacher.”

Lin asked again: “Will you turn the steering wheel? Are you ready?”

“I will transfer, teacher.”

Someone continued to ask: “Will you be able to play?”

Although I am puzzled, But the girl was still nodded, and said: “I’ll be in gear, teacher.”

“Very good.” Lin, who had finished the question, greeted the group of arrogant guards Dame with a smile, and said, “Go on. A car that can step on the accelerator and brakes, turn the steering wheel, and hit gears, then there is no problem. In the future, the Lady Lord will be able to accumulate her own driving experience in constant driving. As for the problem of crashes Don’t worry about it. If it’s a general 732A car, I don’t dare to talk about it, but the safety of car 1 is the best. If you really hit something, you only need to worry about crashing other people’s things. Don’t worry about yourself. Will it be hurt?”

Although someone knows that the incident today has nothing to do with the marquise, it is definitely the women of the black veil army. It is difficult to deal with them separately. If they are to be dealt with together, it is also impossible to impose any form of punishment. After all, he has to take care of the face of the Grand Duke of Cavi. The victim is his granddaughter, and he also brought these women.

Anyway, this place is just an excuse for the noble Eldest Miss who is “squatting at home” to get out of the room. After sending them away, the Senior will naturally have follow-up arrangements, so he doesn’t need to worry about himself.

So Lin Gao said: “Since I have completed the driving training, I hereby announce that Lord Baran is ready to graduate. I don’t need to come here again in the future.”

No one was satisfied with the good news that Lin announced. The marquise is still Motionless As Mountains, and the women of the Black Veil Army are jumping! On the contrary, it was the Demon King who was at first murderous-looking. At this time, he looked like an outsider, excitedly watching the changes in the field.

At this moment, an unknown woman shouted: “Take him!” Dame, the guard closest to the magician, shot.

Lin didn’t help, watching the lady who was covered in black gauze robe attacked him. The next moment, in the criss-crossed white light, is cut into small pieces. coldly said: “Since I have a way to stop His Highness Azad from doing anything extraordinary, why do you naively think that I can’t stop your behavior?”

The audience was shocked!

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