Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 743

Probably the Dame of this group of black veils, no one thought it would become like this. Another Dame who stood by the door of the dining room, seeing her comrade die tragically, panicked, she was about to draw out the weapon from her waist subconsciously.

Lin Yi came forward, stretched out his hand to suppress the long sword and unsheathed, and said: “Don’t show any hostility. Please calm down and talk about it. There is nothing that can’t be solved.”

But Lin stopped one, but he couldn’t stop the second or the third; in other words, he didn’t stop everyone from thinking at all. When Dame drew the sword again and pointed the tip of the sword at him, the densely packed white light flashed by again! The two who drew their swords, including their weapons, were all cut into pieces. The long sword is only used as scrap iron; people don’t even have the opportunity to use the resurrection technique.

Not many people can see how this happened. Some people even deliberately focused their attention on a certain magician, but they did not see any signs of activating magic. In the blink of an eye, it just happened.

Lin said slowly at this time: “I said, don’t do it. But you don’t believe in evil, you have to try and see what you are. Is it difficult to listen to others? The protection limits I set , But it won’t protect you while allowing you to act wilfully. Violators will only end up like this. Of course, if you have the strength of His Highness Azad, you can survive and jump and complain about being caught I cut off a piece of hair.”

Someone’s cool words are far worse than the fact that two people died. It is even more frightening. This also stops other people’s urge to draw their swords. Although their faces were covered with a veil, Lin could still feel the astonishment and speechlessness behind the veil.

But surprisingly, the Marquise of Balan still did not respond. Nothing turned, got up, or exclaimed.

The leader of the guard squad, under the attention of his companions, stood up, and asked a certain magician: “Do you know who you killed?”

Lin tilted his head, pondered for a while, and said: “Well, a villain who doesn’t know the manners?”

Dame was one of the lags, and said sharply: “They are the nobles of the Gwana Empire! You are not a magician. It can be offensive.”

“Oh, what is their title?” Lin dragged the end of his words, waiting for the answer. But he couldn’t wait for an answer.

Strict definition of the term’nobleman’, only those who have a title or title can be regarded as a nobleman. This refers to a person. It is widely recognized that family members of aristocrats are also people belonging to the aristocratic class. This refers to a family.

Of course, as long as it is at that level, no ordinary person can be offended. Because after hurting someone, the family members hold high the banner of bloody revenge, no one will defend the people who are regarded as blood avengers. This is a deterrent for the noble class to protect their family, and it is also the reason most people think that the noble family is a whole.

But in any case, the dead, the people present, except for the quietly sitting Marquis of Balan, did not have an official title.

As an aristocratic woman, unless her parents have not given birth to a male heir, a woman is expected to inherit the main title. Apart from this, it has to be very favored, or the family status is quite high, then women can get the sub-knighthood of their parents.

Because these knighthoods assigned to women from the family will eventually become her dowry and become the possession of another family. In order to avoid such things from happening frequently and to diminish the power of the family, it is very prudent for women to enshrine them. Even the husband and son-in-law will deliberately choose the second and third sons of the nobles who have no titles, similar to the form of recruitment, as the link between the two families.

But after all, without an official title, it means that she is not in the guarantee of the empire’s legal principles. If a knighted vassal is killed, the upper lord is obliged to come forward and seek justice.

Because not doing that is equivalent to violating the lord’s contract to protect the subject and the leader, which will affect the morale of other vassals. There is not only blind loyalty between the monarch and the minister in the lost land, but the relative responsibility with rights and obligations.

But if there is no formal aristocratic status, only family members are eligible to come forward for revenge, and others cannot interfere. Just like a vassal of a vassal, not a vassal of the emperor. The members of the vassal family, not the emperor’s family, are not qualified to use the power of the country to fight against enemies.

If other people intervene, they will be considered too much care, or there is something unknown, shit, bloody drama in it. This is not only detrimental to the reputation of the family, even in the eyes of others, there is not enough righteousness.

As a member of the Black Squad, they can come forward and take revenge for the’comrade-in-arms’. But it also depends on whether you can win…

Dames of the Black Veil Army of the Gwana Empire are definitely not fancy. Defeating thieves, demonic beasts, and personally staining them with blood is the proof that they have completed the Knight training. But the people in front of him, one is the natural disaster of the empire, and the other is the magician who has the ability to stop the demon king’s assault. These are not humans that can contend with.

Only then did they realize that they seriously underestimated the strength of this magician. But this man doesn’t even have the title of great magician.

However, in the imposing manner, you can’t just retreat, so the leader of this squad, brace oneself, came out and said: “magician, you have to understand that we are impossible because our duty is to protect Lord Balan. Fight hard with you. Today, you must explain all this to the Grand Duke.”

Lin sneered and said, “Have you ever seen any nobleman who made his own dead guards injustice? I only saw it. When the guard died, the nobleman cursed the man for his lack of strength, and regretted how he had put his life in the hands of the opponent. So you think that in this matter, the Grand Duke will blame you for the lack of guards, or blame me? I believe that when the Grand Duke understands the entire process of development, he will be even more dissatisfied with your expert behavior that brought Lord Baran into a dangerous situation.”

I know what the magician said before me. The truth is right, but Dame is still not to be outdone and said: “The dead comrades, their family will definitely find you for revenge. The magician does not hold the power of life and death outside the magic tower.”

“These are my problems, not yours. Besides, even in the magic tower, even if the magician who holds the power of life and death offends the nobles, will the nobles retreat because of the difficulties? Yes, they will not use all means to kill the enemy. So, the so-called’power of life and death’ is just a fig leaf. Tell the world that you can’t deal with a magician hiding in a magic tower, so you kill the enemy. The power to rationalize the fact that he is incompetent. Strength is the core of all these considerations.”

“You should understand that you will not be at peace in the future.” With a veil, no expressions can be seen. Dame said in the voice of gnashing teeth.

For this level of threat, Lin just wanted to laugh. Have you ever enjoyed a moment of peace after you traveled to the lost land? Earth society may be the same people who cannibalize people; but the situation that ordinary people will encounter is not so easy to run for a small life at first.

In the fascination, you will kill your life at every turn, between man and man, between man and nature. This kind of precarious life, and how he lives with trepidation, is unimaginable for people living in peaceful times.

The current self is just exhausted from escaping, and it can be considered as capable of self-protection, instead of relying on the super protective shield of the’magic tower’, this has the attitude of today. In fact, I just want to guard this one-acre one-third of the land to shelter myself from the wind and rain. This has been the case before, and this idea has never changed.

So for Dame’s threat, Lin said with a smile: “Just can’t be considered tranquility, and it’s certainly not what it is today. Okay, everyone, the heroic and fearless Knight Young Lady, come together. If you don’t agree, you will disperse. Everyone has a good manner so that you can get together and disperse. Take the Marquis-sir whom you should protect, and leave my home. As for the remains of those unfortunate people, I will send them to your place later. , So that they can go back to their hometowns for burial.”

For the indifferent attitude shown by a certain magician, the women of the Black Veil Army began to spoil them like a thread of reason. Anyway, this magician only said that he was not allowed to use force, but he never said that he was not allowed to curse. Everyone took the posture of a bitch scolding the street, you said, I said, swearing wantonly without any bottom line.

But at noon, someone who is hungry also has several points of anger. After a shout, he said: “Find out whose sky is above your head and whose ground is your foot! Let you leave my house, just leave my house, where there is so much nonsense. If you don’t want to go, please die. Right. If you want to continue to curse, even if you just make a sound, please go to death! Give you an hourglass time,—”Lin casually took out an hourglass and put it down to start timing,”—when the sand leaks After that, you haven’t left, just die.”

There was that Dame who didn’t believe in evil, with his halberd on his hips, and just said: “You!” There are countless white light flashes, and again Cut into pieces of meat.

When someone saw this, he clutched his mouth and cried out in surprise: “Ah!” The result was the same.

Seeing that they die again, the rest of the Dames are holding their mouths tightly, and they dare not make any more noises. Instead, Azad, who watched the whole drama next to him, whistled, “Wow, is this the way civilized people negotiate? I suspect that my definition of civilization is slightly different from yours. “

“This is the result of being hungry and excessive adrenaline secretion.” Lin said grimly. At the same time, he turned his head and ordered his apprentice: “Girl, go and prepare Chinese food, prepare a little more. I am angry, and my stomach is even more hungry.”

Looking back, the women looking at the black veil army are still stiff. In the same place, Lin said in an indifferent voice: “The sand in the hourglass is almost finished leaking. If you finish leaking, you don’t have to leave anyone. I can do it.”

As soon as I finished speaking, Like the Dame who had just awakened from a big dream, they quickly grabbed the hand of the Marquise of Balan and ran out. Lin followed them, happily staring at these women to get out.

But at the door, the marquise broke free of the guard. Instead of running out of the house like everyone else, but staying in the house, watching the Dame who left, they said: “Let’s go, I will stay.”

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