Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 744

“Lordess.” Dame, the lead guard, wanted to turn around and capture the Marquise. But as soon as he stretched his hand to the area of ​​the house, several white lights shredded the arm that reached the restricted area. The blood spurting from the broken arm splashed all over the marquise, but she was still emotional. Such a plain attitude made Lin stunned.

For someone, of course it is impossible to list the pro-granddaughter of Duke Kawei, like the women of the black army, as the applicable target of the new rules. Procedural logic is easy to use, but because fuzzy theory is not used in the formulation of rules, the judgment is somewhat rigid. If something regrets really happened, it would be strange if Duke Cavy didn’t turn his face.

I thought that a few people around me died, but I didn’t scare this one, and should scare her back. didn’t expect the marquise made an unexpected choice, and Lin was also surprised.

Should I stay? Or chase her away? The corner of Lin’s eyes swept to follow Kaya, the girl’s face was moved a little bit that she had never seen before, and she looked back and forth at her teacher and marquise nervously, with a trace of hope in her expression. Is this the ambiguous feeling that Lily is not full than friendship.

Thinking about it, Lin said, “If you want to stay, you can. But there is no servant here who specializes in serving you. You have to learn to do things in life. Is that OK?”

“Yes.” The marquise replied simply.

For the marquise’s willingness to stay instead of leaving this dangerous place with everyone, and the magician’s consent, such an attitude made the members of the guard squad feel indignant. But they can do nothing. Captain’s actions tell them that as long as they are outside the room, there is no restriction on silence, but they cannot enter the room again.

There are still people who want to vent their anger, but Lin is not the personality to show off one’s military strength. After confirming that the group of women had left, he closed the door, turned his head and entered, so that the women of the Black Veil Army had nothing to say about the scene and could only leave bitterly. As for the option to attack again, everyone had never thought about it.

Kaya took the initiative to come to Lin’s side, and followed the Marquise of Balan. The girl with black hair and brown skin asked: “teacher, do you want to help Al prepare a guest room?”

Al? Who? As soon as Lin had this idea, he saw the marquise hurriedly extend the hand, covering her sleeves, and covering Kaya’s uninhibited mouth.

So, it is estimated that’Ayre’ is the name or nickname of this marquise. Lin Bian walked and taught: “If you want to make friends with others, the first thing to do is to respect their customs and taboos. I will treat you as if you didn’t hear what you said today, so please pay more attention to it in the future. As for the guest rooms, If the guests want to stay, of course they have to be prepared. Although I don’t think it’s necessary. Because the fastest afternoon, the slowest tomorrow, I guess the Lordess will be taken away by the Grand Duke, I don’t doubt that Senior did the job. Speed. And leaving one’s unmarried granddaughter in someone else’s home, what a thing.”

Then, what does the law say? ‘Anything that can go wrong will definitely go wrong. ‘

In the eyes of someone, a grandfather who dotes on his granddaughter, leaving his unmarried granddaughter in an outsider’s home, simply don’t even think about it. But, it just happened…

As Lin had expected before, the reaction of the Grand Duke of Cavi was not unpleasant. In the afternoon, someone who was still teaching math at the Academy in Kaban was blocked by Senior.

Originally, the Academy has banned anyone who has nothing to do with academics from entering, which has prevented someone from a lot of trouble. However, the status of the Grand Duke, his partnership with Lin, and the in-depth cooperation between the Kabanbai Academy and the Automobile Manufacturing and Research Center in personnel have allowed this Senior to have an unimpeded career in the Academy. Then he just broke into the class.

If other people dared to do this, Lin estimated that as soon as the flashing technique was used, he would directly send the other party’s breakthrough atmosphere to see the beauty of the maze from outer space, but he would be okay with this Senior. Not to mention that there is a need to maintain a good relationship between the two, and his granddaughter’s affair, he is not completely in charge. I had to appease each other and let myself finish the course first.

In the Mathematics Building of the Kabanbai Academy, in addition to the classrooms of the first, second and third classrooms, there is also an office that serves as a teacher’s lounge. The original printing workshop has been moved to other places. Because of the increase in business volume, more people coming and going, coupled with the noise of machine operation and other problems, it is very as it should be by rights that business activities are separated from the teaching place. Things.

The aggressive Grand Duke of Kawi is carrying two fully armed squad ducal guards, waiting in line in the math building lounge…

Your mother! What’s the matter with this posture that looks like he is about to knock the son-in-law into a half body?

As soon as he entered the door, Lin wanted to use flashing technique to leave.

In the end, he sat down on the sofa directly opposite. Without waiting for Mr. Kawei to speak, Lin Xian showed a series of pictures and video clips containing sound.

The primordial pictures and images saved by magic contain detailed three-dimensional information, so the file capacity is so huge. Lin turned it into a flat message and omitted the details of the overwhelming majority. The more vivid Earth term is to reduce the resolution, and the compressed pictures and videos can be stored and displayed using magic stones. It’s just such a technology, he still hasn’t made it public.

The picture displayed on the screen of more than ten water mirrors is that of the guards of the black yarn army, Dame, sneaking into a certain room, warehouse, and the silkworm chamber where all kinds of magic moths are breeding. photo. The sound film is about the scenes of their utterances, and the content contains unbearable abusive words. Expose the unbridled side of these women without reservation.

Lin Xiansheng stunned, and said: “I just want to ask the Grand Duke one thing. These behaviors, but you have instructed them?”

In the imposing manner, Senior said now: “I don’t know these things. And I can assure you that I haven’t directly or indirectly accounted for anyone to do this kind of thing. I have any friendship with you. Just ask if you want anything. You don’t want to, Everyone won’t be hurt. Those women are becoming more and more impudent.”

Not only the Senior in front of him, but also the Duke’s guard standing in two rows behind him, saw what Lin Suo proposed. Evidence, they all showed contemptuous expressions. No one suspects that these things were forged by someone. It means that there is no so-called P picture for Midi.

When you let go, put away all water mirror screens. Lin curbed the original attitude of Xingshi’s questioning, and said: “I also want to believe that this was not instructed by an adult. Then the Grand Duke is looking for me in a hurry today, for what?”

Ignore the relevant Regarding the protection of the Black Veil Army, Kavi, who was weak in the imposing manner, asked what he was more concerned about. “What’s the matter with my granddaughter?”

“Lord Baran made her own request to stay at my house. Because you are not present, my lord, I don’t know whether to refuse or agree. Always impossible to drive her to the street and let her fend for herself. So let her stay. If an adult wants to take the Lordess away, you can send someone to take her away at any time, and I won’t stop it. Oh, That group of women can’t. They are already on my unwelcome list. If they come to my house, they will die.” Lin said seriously.

Cavey sighed: “Ai, those women are not easy to deal with.”

“This is Holy City Estari, but not the capital of your empire. “Lin said with a smile.

Although Holy City is within the scope of the empire, it is nominally the territory of the emperor. But if the Gwana Empire wants to do anything, at most, it will send a few small units to proceed in a sneaky way, impossible to send a large number of troops. Sending troops close to Holy City is no different from declaring war on the entire magician community. And if there is less pie, it’s not enough to stuff your teeth. The Grand Duke thought so.

The deeper you get to know this magician, the less you feel that he is as weak as rumored. In this incident, as someone said before, the guard died to protect his master, and he would be rewarded after death; but if he died for other things, he would be complained.

Although the women of the Black Sabatons, their family backgrounds are not trivial. But those families wanting to anger this time to a grand duke is not enough. As for the trouble with this magician… Judging from the current situation, even if people are not dead, the group of caring people behind them have already begun to perform various small actions.

So the Grand Duke of Cavi simply stopped thinking about the group of women, but talked about what he really cared about. “Gai, what do you think the child thinks?”

“Women’s heart, seabed needles. To me, magic and mathematics are relatively easy to understand.”

The two men sighed at each other. Even the members of the guard standing behind the Grand Duke sighed inexplicably. It seems that they are all people with stories.

“Forget it, don’t think about that many.” Senior Lin moved towards not knowing what to do said: “My lord, you just go home with me and ask what the Lordess means directly. It’s best for her to take it back. I can’t afford to receive such a distinguished guest.”

“It seems that it can only be so.” Kavigong said dejectedly.

Just being a grandiose member, pulling back from the Kabanbai Academy to someone’s home. The senior, who had a fatherly heart, saw his granddaughter and Kaya sitting back to back, but he couldn’t say anything.

In fact, there is not much dialogue between the two girls, and they are not even doing the same thing. Kaya was sitting cross-legged on the sofa and was editing something in front of her water mirror screen. A special keyboard was placed on her lap, crackling. Although the virtual keyboard projection can be used, there is no real thing, and the volley point is quite hurt to the wrist, so Lin has made a few special keyboards for his own home.

Back to back with the black hair and brown-skinned girl, the Marquise of Balan, who is also sitting on the sofa, is holding her thigh and browsing the documents displayed on the water mirror. Very attentive, even outsiders didn’t find it in this small meeting room. In other words, I found it, but I don’t care.

Such an inexplicable and harmonious picture confirms Lin’s previous guess that the two radio girls really have the same wavelength. Sometimes when friends get along, they don’t need to communicate with each other enthusiastically. Doing the same thing quietly and occasionally exchanging thoughts and experiences is also a way to get along with friends. The friendship between gentlemen is as pale as water, this sentence is not aimless.

While looking at the same picture, the tearful Grand Duke couldn’t bear to destroy it all. Since the death of that child’s parents, she has never seen a friend of a similar age around her. She, who doesn’t even want to be close to pets, looks at this World with a frightening indifference. If staying here can make her different, then there is nothing wrong with staying.

So, the person who hopes that Senior takes his granddaughter back is disappointed…

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