Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 745

I once thought that the size of the real estate I bought in Estali, Holy City exceeded my needs. With few kittens, living in such a big house, cleaning will be troublesome.

But Lin never thought that living in such a big house would make him feel crowded all day.

The members of the family now have a Lich from Fen, three apprentices Hallumi, Kaya, and Leonardo, four silver-bearded dwarves including Jermaine, and a follower of Uzov Gantia. Augustus has a Black Dragon, Wana has a maid, Ezio and Kish two fat boys, Hardy, Lily, Nini, and Bu Feng four magic cats, white sword saint William Greco and Demon King son Azhar Two diners in Germany, spirit wheat, a slave (!?), a marquise, and nine servants and a steward sent by the grand duke to serve his granddaughter.

So, a total of twenty-eight people plus four cats…Huh, who is missing?

Anyway, the house can’t be crowded!

Lin really wanted to drive away the ten men and women, including his granddaughter, with an expression of collapse, looking at the ten men and women standing behind the Grand Duke Kavi. It is best to list the old fogey as a refusal to enter the home.

“Don’t rush to refuse.” Kavi said with a sullen face: “I know that you want the child to learn to take care of the things in his life. It is a good intention. Like when I go out on a march to fight a war , Where is the comfortable environment, and the groups of servants are serving. It’s not everything is simple, how to overcome difficulties. But the child through childhood has never done these things, and there is a mess everywhere, but it is disturbing No.”

For this, it is even more disheartening. Let alone a marquise who is dedicated to doing bad things, plus two big fat boys who thought it was fun, so they’helped’ together, the whole family seemed to have been ravaged by a king-level demonic beast in the past few days.

The destruction done by the Demon King son Azad before was not so thorough! So someone’s mind that insists on letting the children work is shaken. Some people are just myrrh doctors.

Seeing that a certain magician’s expression loosened, Mr. Kavi was afraid that the man in front of him would refuse strongly, and said, “And bringing this group of people is not dedicated to serving my granddaughter alone. You. Look, in a room like yours, only a woman is invited to help, and most of them have to be handled by your apprentices. Those famous and wealthy magicians outside, who are not servants and servants at home? You brat can make money. Even if you don’t seek a luxurious life, you can make yourself and the people around you a little easier. What’s wrong with it. I know you love to do research, don’t people around you love to spend more time , In diligently improving one’s own skills. Those sporadic and trivial matters are handed over to dedicated people, and they only need to be paid for their rewards. Everyone gets what they need. There is nothing wrong with it.”

Originally proudly The waiters with their heads raised their heads quietly lowered their heads when they heard the grand duke’s tone. If you are only responsible for the daily life of the Marquise of Balan and the things around her, then except for the Marquise, the steward is the most senior, and everyone else can ignore it. In this house far away from the Grand Duke, the little days are still not moist.

But if the Grand Duke has stated that he is here to serve everyone in this room, they cannot refuse housework, and everything must be handled in accordance with the standards in the Duke’s castle. That family has served the Steward of the Cavi family for generations, but will implement the requirements of the Grand Duke without compromise. The ease of the day immediately dropped by a notch.

Even so, Lin still hesitated. “But…”

Senior without the slightest hesitation, he said while the iron was hot: “Little guy, I know you have a lot of secrets here. Magician, who doesn’t hide a few hands? trump card is a unique skill. Even if it is not for combat, you have a lot of coveted benefits here. I understand the importance of confidentiality. If this group of people is taboo, don’t worry about me, just kill it. Even if it’s just accidental Forget it, I don’t blame you for being slaughtered. If they were bought and did things well, I would even clean up their family. When it comes to money, I dare not say that I am the richest. But two What I have for people with legs is that this batch has been slaughtered, and I will switch to another batch. This is nothing at worst.”

The Grand Duke said proudly, and the people behind listened in disintegration. . They are going to be frightened to their legs. From a servant of a grand duke’s family to a magical slave from the countryside, it’s still a matter of life and death, and its status can be said to be as different as heaven and earth.

Some people have retired. Not to persuade the grand duke’s family how generous the rewards are. If you refuse the grand duke’s family, you will be rejected if you want to return to your hometown to farm. Not to mention at this time shouting to retire, and then I don’t know how to be put on shoes.

But a certain transcendence from Earth does not take the lives of innocent people seriously. Seeing this Senior, who was afraid of his granddaughter being wronged, dared to agree to any absurd conditions, Lin quickly said: “My lord, it’s not that serious. I naturally have a way to protect important secrets. It’s not that who wants to spy, I can Spying. What worries me is that this house can’t accommodate that many people. Or do you have other houses in the vicinity for these people to live in?”

“Aiya, let me just say it, Xiao Gai , You are a pragmatic person, how can you twitchy and refuse to agree like you did before. The house’s affair is easy to solve, just build it out. Your house occupies a lot of space, and it’s far from the surroundings. There is still a considerable distance from the mansion. Expanding it a bit is to say hello to the manager of Estali’s urban area. I will help you solve this matter. It depends on whether you want to expand the building on the east or west. For the annex, find the best craftsman to construct it. Anyway, it’s not about building a magic tower or a castle. It will be completed soon. I will pay for the relevant expenses. What kind of house requirements do you have, please submit it.”

…I understand why some magicians like to accept an apprentice with a wealth of family power. Someone ignites the fire when I want to smoke, someone holds a spittoon when I want to spit, and someone tries to scratch my back when I want to spit. It feels really good.

Besides, I was stuck in the nest of Earth experience before, thinking that the size of the house was fixed, and at most the interior decoration compartments were changed. But in the mysterious land, or in the history of Earth, the house will’grow up’. As long as there is land and demand, the owner can cover it as much as he wants, even if the heavy cover is removed, there is no who cares.

It is normal to think about it. The Earth society I live in is an era of population explosion. In particular, the metropolitan area is extremely expensive land, where the people who live above are allowed to expand the scope of their house arbitrarily to encroach on the land next door.

Since there is an old wealth to help with money and effort, how could someone disagree. As a reward, in the newly built West Building, a district is planned for unmarried women to live, and there are multiple independent bath and toilet facilities. Let Kaweigong’s granddaughter keep a distance from men as much as possible, which also takes into account the other party’s customs and taboos. Although it seems unnecessary to outsiders, they have all lived in the homes of strange men…

Two female apprentices, the mother and son of Vana, and the dark spirit Spirit Wheat, also went there.

Originally, the two girls were not satisfied, but because the number of people in this family gradually increased, they could have a small suite with their own room and study, instead of having only one room. Exchange the suite to the couple of Silverbeards? Huh, couple? Live together. If the Marquis of Balan and the battallion men who followed her were allowed to move in, the two girls would have to squeeze into a room.

Now that I can change to a new independent room, my original dissatisfaction has become drizzle, and I can’t hold on.

The most troublesome thing is still the self-proclaimed slave Myr. As long as someone has no special affairs, he will run to the high-seat meeting space of the Turtle Dove League and study various improvement issues with the other world tree. Therefore, the dark elf as a liaison officer has no room to play. I met her Boss almost every day, and asked an intermediate messenger to do something.

Moreover, after learning more about Mel’s position in the dark elves tribe of Phathinas, she understood why she was conspired by others. The youngest archdruid, a powerful candidate for the highest priest in the future, a female elf allowed to bear children, and the best warrior of the younger generation.

All kinds of dazzling aura blessings made her be appointed by Your Majesty of Fasnes as the inviter of magician Gabrach ‧Tripwood. In fact, judging from the selection of people, at first World Tree invites someone with courtesy attitude, but the dark elf’s own brain fills in that nondescript “courtesy” appearance.

In addition to his beauty, figure and temperament, except for the gray complexion that makes people uncomfortable, Mai Erhu is undoubtedly a stunner. It’s too ridiculous to use such a beauty as a small servant. Did she really let her warm the bed? It is easy to make a request, and it is estimated that it is not too difficult to achieve the goal, but someone is a variety of psychological and physical factors, and does not want to open such a hole.

Be aware that after knowing that Fasnas was stuffed with a certain magician in the other world tree, almost all World Trees want to do the same. What’s more, it’s also clear that whether it’s a male, female, old or young person, even if someone is named, it can be mixed or heterogeneous. It’s completely a prelude to ****…

As an old magician, a young dog’s waist has evolved into a beer belly. Although someone once threatened to die when he was young and frivolous, his ideal death The law is to wind up immediately. but! Too much of this kind of thing is not comfort, but torture. Everything in the world is the same. What is important is the degree of relaxation. Not everyone can be Qijirou overnight.

So Malsu was sent by Lin to take care of Jamsil with Hallumi. Of course, I promised her that I could help her make a set of silk clothes when there was surplus materials.

Then took advantage of this opportunity to expand the mansion, and further rushed this man to the scheduled new West Hall, so as to save myself from being unable to control it someday. Those World Tree bosses are not easy to scream. If you eat one, you have to eat a bunch until you die.

The four silver-bearded dwarves returned to the days when each had a single room. The marriage system of the silverbeard dwarves is closer to the’walking marriage’ form of some ethnic minorities in Earth. They will maintain loyalty to each other, and in a relationship, they will no longer have relationships with other people. But to terminate, as long as the two sides talk about it.

Therefore, according to the relationship between them, men and women share a room, which actually makes them feel awkward. Many times, Jermaine or Riley would simply sleep in the silver-bearded mansion in the courtyard instead of going back to the main mansion room to sleep. Taking advantage of this expansion, under strong request, Lin assigned a separate room to them.

And the room of the Marquise of Balan is no longer a “room”. It has its own small living room, small dining room, small bar, and independent single bathroom. In the entire Earth Hotel, the imposing manner of the presidential suite. There is no upper limit to the degree to which the Grand Duke spoils his granddaughter.

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