Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 746

Not all things related to the extra tenant, the Marquis of Balan, were all good things. Her original guards, those who died in the Black Veil Army, were not the kind of little border nobles who were deceived by others. There are several family backgrounds in it, which are not inferior to the family name of the “Marquis of Balan”.

Women who can be sent to the black yarn army for training are not the ones who are not favored in the family. If it is really not favored, it can only be used as a political tool for the exchange of interests between the nobles. Of course, it is impossible to let such women learn what fighting skills. If her husband and son-in-law are beaten up, will the two families be regarded as marriage or feud?

Since the dead Dame also has a certain status in their respective families, their death will of course have subsequent effects.

For a magician living in Holy City Estali, the reprimand from the empire is probably the least important. Just send someone to talk about it, it doesn’t hurt or itchy, what’s the use. And this kind of action is nothing more than a huge country expressing its attitude to the outside world, without any real action.

After all, a certain magician in the empire’s notebook is still bloodstained. In particular, there is an anomaly of Demon King, and the center of the empire does not want to have any intersection with this magician. Even if the emperor’s wives blow the pillow wind, it’s useless, unless they dare to provoke Azad back and force the emperor to do so. But in the end, they will only be left out in the cold.

Since the empire does not want to discuss more about the dead members of the black army, these black robe veiled Dame are not enough to put pressure on an old grand duke, they can only The other parties proceeded directly to the parties. The most active operations in this matter are those families that have lost their daughters.

Even if someone reminds that the magician is not as weak as everyone imagined, and can stand up to the Demon King, it is impossible to be a soft persimmon. But most people have the same idea, how can they know what the other person is doing without touching it in person.

And confrontation, there has never been only an option of meet force with force.

In unknown places, undercurrents are surging.

It’s just Lin who is the main party, and all his thoughts are on World Tree. As a think tank who fills up vacancies at home, Fen is also busy with her own affairs, and she is still so busy. Even some of the top students in her life course were arrested. Of course, the subject of research is also what they are interested in-creating a new type of body from the DNA level.

At this level of research topics, Fern doesn’t care whether it’s confidential anymore. It’s second to not being able to read it. This is not the research that the ordinary Necromancer can make results by stirring the cauldron. Without the right tools, no amount of theory can start.

The tools are the energy pools of the first coffin and the magic tower with the purple magic stone as the core, representing super-high computing power and semi-infinite energy respectively. With this level of conditions as the threshold for entry, magicians with more than ninety-nine percent of the puzzles do not even have the qualifications to read this topic. The question of whether to keep the theoretical knowledge confidential is meaningless.

During this period, Azad and William Greco, who often did not see the silhouette during the day, were actually assisting Fern’s research. Although Fern once worked independently and completed his own Fleshy body in the same way. But the goal of her own perfect body is to become a magician, which is not the same as what she is doing now.

Reshape the body for his follower Shi Dong, and he is a pure warrior, or a dull stitched corpse, the place to pay attention to is completely different from shaping the body of a magician. So Fern needs external assistance, not just imagine it behind closed doors.

Magician has gone to the extreme. Although the combat performance looks similar to those of the warrior system, the core is far away. There is still an insurmountable gap between the two.

As a reference template for Azad and William Greco, the reason why they are willing to cooperate with a Lich’s test obediently is because in the process, they can also see themselves from a magician’s perspective Physical evaluation. This opportunity is rare.

To their level, seeking breakthrough not only depends on accumulation, but also requires divine light flashed. Finn provides a different perspective, which is tantamount to providing such an opportunity.

Of course, this is also a problem involving the exposure of weaknesses.

But for people at their level, the way to deal with weaknesses is not just a way of keeping secrets and then keeping secrets, and then killing all the insiders. Sometimes it can be used as a bait for a trap if it is exposed openly.

Because the enemy is trying to attack the so-called weakness, invisibly, the means of attack are also limited. Furthermore, is the announced weakness really a’weakness’? No one can guarantee it.

In other words, these actions have risen to the level of psychological warfare, and are no longer just a situation of fisting and fisting. Therefore, whether it is Azad or William Greco will not object to a comprehensive physical examination. Even for them, they still have weaknesses that they don’t know, but they are even more deadly. It is definitely a good thing to be able to find out early.

In the recent arrangement of Fen, in addition to recompiling a body from the DNA level, another thing that is being done at the same time is to help the Dharma St. Mahtab to make silk Hanfu.

Crane pattern blue satin short jacket, white silk pattern skirt, green dolore double-breasted gown, and a slanting back elastic ink silk silk bag. You can’t see tube tops and profanity trousers. It took a lot of time to help Mahtab Senior to customize such a set.

Especially the part of enchanting. Silk enchantment is not like the custom-made car of the automobile manufacturing and R&D center, which can be modified at any time if you feel unsatisfied. Whether in the manufacturing stage or after actual use in the future, as long as you have money and technology, you can make any changes at any time.

After the silk enchantment is done, it can only be used badly, and there is no room for change. At most, other accessories are used to match the suit, extending a different tactical approach.

So what kind of magic to add, but it killed many people’s brain cells. Even the Fashen Mahtab admits that she has never been so troubled by a thing.

After all, from ancient times to the present, most of the situations in which people are lucky enough to get a powerful piece of equipment, change their habits to cooperate with such equipment, and develop their own unique tactics. Like today, customizing a set of tactics and matching magical equipment for yourself is an experience that most people have never had.

In the past, the so-called tailor-made was nothing more than making weapons and equipment according to the body and habits of the user. But the specific magic attached to these weapons and equipment depends not only on the ability of the enchanter, but also on the chances.

Enchanting is a matter of success rate and mutation probability. And the number of enchantments is also impossible, one is normal, two are excellent, three are Legendary-level equipment, and four are comparable to Divine Item, but you can hang more than ten or twenty at a time! To ruin the market? And this is what really shocked her after the Fashen Mahtab’s in-depth understanding.

So at the design stage, Fasang Maha Tabab often discussed with Fen. Of course she was impossible to take out her tactical thinking and just ask the former Demon King-sama on the question of whether these magics are feasible.

Fen’s answer is the same, but it’s no problem. For them, the silk thread that is going to be made for the Fa Sheng Mahtab is not the result of the latest research, but the previous generations, the enchanting capacity is not that large.

In addition to keeping one hand, it was also because the adult or larva of the Golden Moth King either died or escaped on the day Azad first arrived. The materials accumulated before are also used in the Si Ling suit, the Nine Dragon suit and the white cat suit. There is not enough material to increase the permissible enchanting strength of the special thread.

As for the remnants of silk cocoons that belonged to Demon Moth King Jie An Moss brought back by someone from the Southern Territory Cat Forest, they have all been used on the Black Tortoise robe. According to theoretical data, although the silk cocoon of Jian Moss performs better than the silk cocoon of the Golden Demon Moth, it is not of another level of excellence. Basically, the two can be regarded as materials of the same level. This is also the reason why someone stopped disturbing the moth.

But even if the grade of the material is lowered, the design and arrangement of Fasang Mahtab is quite conservative. She still doesn’t believe that that many magic can be attached to such a set of clothes, because Fen’s four-spirit suit does not have that many magic, only two.

This Senior has never thought about the complexity of the “two” magic that Fen added to the Si Ling suit. Besides, Hallumi’s Nine-Dragon suit has nine magics attached, which is equally amazing, but Kaya’s white cat suit has seventy-three kinds of magic on top. In order for this girl to use it, she must also design a set of quick combination package usage methods.

Just a long journey will reach the end. Of course Mahtab is also impossible to make the clothes he wants to wear, forever hovering in the design on paper. By her age, Fahatab certainly understood that some things were almost the same, and that was enough. There is no point in pursuing perfection ignorantly.

Another worry is that the preparations of the former Demon King-sama are coming to an end. The original agreement was that after the silk hanfu was delivered, the energy pool on the third floor of the magic tower was temporarily lent for the ceremony. If he was delayed in this position because of his hesitation, Mahtab had a hunch that he would die tragically.

She didn’t know how other people calmly faced this Lich. But Mahtab knew very well that every time he met with Fen, the feeling of being threatened would double.

Even if she has never played against Lich, even if Lich’s four-spirit suit will affect the perception of others, it will make others unable to detect the depth. But just from talking, every move, one look, the more familiar with the beauty in front of him, the more powerful Mahatab could feel.

It is not only academic, but crushed in all aspects, as if following a Spiritual God walking in a maze.

So on the day when he was in Fasan Mahtab and couldn’t think of any other corrections for his clothing, the jacquard weaving machine in someone’s Holy City home was officially turned on!

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