Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 747

It takes more than ten days to weave silk. It will take nearly one and a half months to complete a set of Hanfu without design to meet the needs of a complete set of clothes, plus cutting and sewing. This is still some patterned silk that uses less, and will not be woven to a complete weight, but will stop after meeting the demand.

Lin will not easily discard the rags left over after cutting. Except as part of the sample retention, these rags are used as much as possible. It is very useful to sew them into small kits, cloth bags, and hold some small things. In any case, these are also precious magic materials.

The construction of the West Pavilion, which is currently underway, is faster.

Although the construction of the house is huge, there are many people who cannot hold the grand duke’s name. And for the sake of his own home, Lin did not let the artisans of the Grand Duke act indiscriminately. Specially took the time to draw the design drawings and indicate the main points of the construction, which was then handed over to the construction team for construction.

The construction team of the Grand Duke has handled many major projects, such as castles, towers, and city walls. The most eye-catching project recently is the construction of the entire park for the automobile manufacturing and R&D center. At the same time, the team of craftsmen under the leadership of the Chamber of Commerce in Jialong was also helping to build the central park.

But no matter what they have done, these craftsmen teams still need to recruit local civil servants when they are building in one place. It takes enough manpower to get things done. In today’s Holy City Estali, the first choice for commissioning various large and small projects is of course the technical guild organized by Uzov Gantia.

The technical guild, which started by rebuilding the bathroom and toilet system, undertakes some projects from the original self-employed or small workshops according to their respective expertise. The guild is centered and coordinated, allowing several teams to work together to complete a project.

Later, a group of people who cooperated happily formed a team to carry out a complete project by themselves. Although these teams are building Early Stage, it is inevitable that there are some minor frictions and problems. However, under Uzov’s coordination, it ended in harmony; no matter how serious it was, it wouldn’t be bloody, and at best it would go away.

Today, the members of the Technical Association have spontaneously divided into several relatively fixed large teams. Except for those who are relatively special in technology and still accept commissions in their personal capacity, or who wander among several teams, most people choose to unite. Because it is more efficient to do so, and efficiency equals income. The phrase’time is money’ came into being in a mysterious place.

The tripartite cooperation in the construction of the central park, the Technical Association gave the Grand Duke and the Jialong Chamber of Commerce craftsman team a thorough baptism.

According to past experience, artisans who can be employed by the Grand Duke for a long time, even if they are not in the field of cream of the crop, should be veterans and skilled hands. Not only does he know a lot, but he does things better than ordinary craftsmen. Although the staff recruited by the Chamber of Commerce in Jialong is not more than the manpower of the Grand Duke, it is also better than the folks.

But the technical guild that emphasizes efficiency and quality is like a car with full horsepower, which is different from those old-school craftsmen who walk slowly with their own two legs. In terms of the actual performance of the technical guild, it has long since been known how many blocks of these old-school craftsmen will be thrown away. What surprised Lin most was that Midi was not the result of lowering quality and pursuing efficiency like Earth, but the ideal state of taking both into account.

Perhaps the craftsmen of the Technical Guild know no more than the craftsmen employed by the nobles and rich merchants. But enough workload is enough to hone their skills to the point of brought to the point of perfection, and to the forefront of their respective fields.

There is a technical guild that horizontally connects people with technologies in different fields, so that the project completed by the guild team is not only better than the artisan team of the Grand Duke and the Chamber of Commerce, but also faster. To some extent, the results of teamwork by the Technical Association are all aspects of suppressing other artisan teams.

The principals of both parties wanted to disband their teams and recruit people from the Technical Association instead.

But the people gathered under the guild, after more than a year of wind and rain, they know very well that only by staying in the guild can their value be maximized and gain the most benefits. I didn’t see those who went out on their own, but they would eventually come back in despair; those who were recruited by high-ranking officials all lived unsatisfactorily.

Secondly, staying in the technical guild, how much you gain depends on how much you give; not on whether you can make flattery and whether you can win the favor of those great characters. Many craftsmen who think they have the skills, but don’t want to be employed by the great character, are especially concerned about this. Therefore, none of the people who accepted the invitation of the Grand Duke or the Chamber of Commerce team of Jialong.

Since you can’t dig people, then just steal the skills. You can learn as much as you can. However, the true value of the technical guild is not in the craftsmen underneath, but in the guild’s system of organizing rewards and member evaluations similar to the adventurer guild and mercenary guild.

What’s better than the two big guilds of Midi is that the technical guild will also take the initiative to match the work, so that all the work is done and everyone has something to do. Even in order to coordinate the cooperation of multiple teams, use various methods to grasp the progress of the project, and arrange for the connection of different teams when necessary. And according to the accumulated experience, to estimate the time and cost required.

This dazzling management system came from a magician’s idea, and was compiled into a very simple software by his apprentices using P language.

Of course, this “simplicity” is Lin’s evaluation, and it is only the front-end interface; the core algorithm is not simple at all, it is completely the most cutting-edge technology that someone knows. Of course, the efficiency of operation may not be enough to match the level of Earth, after all, the people who do things are not professional code farmers. But for the lost, this system is already shocking.

But how to steal a set of’system’? The lost people have no concept at all and can only be dumbfounded. In the end, you can only steal the concept of the technical association system, and then find a way to do the same thing with enough manpower. It’s like the boast of a certain grand duke, he has two legs.

Fortunately, there are not many people in the two teams. Please invite a few deacons who are good at handling affairs, and there are ways to integrate and coordinate. But these deacons agreed that they couldn’t imagine what they would do to manage thousands of members, dozens of large and small teams, and hundreds of external work commissions like a technical association.

In addition, with the assistance of the two great tools of cars and trucks, radiating from the VI area, the Technical Association has quite an imposing manner that dominates the Holy City Estali construction and manufacturing industries.

The construction of the West Hall is the project of the Grand Duke’s craftsman team who once again cooperated with the Technical Association after the automobile manufacturing and R&D center.

Because it was related to the place where his granddaughter was going to live, Mr. Kawei was worried that no one of his own would join the project. Even if all projects are contracted to the Technical Association, the quality and speed will be faster. Even if the head of the technical guild is a follower of the magician, and it is impossible to let the owner he follows live in the building of the slag project, Kawei Gong also requires his own people to join.

Therefore, in the face of the strength of the technical guild, the team of craftsmen affiliated to Kavi, can only passively cooperate with the technical guild. Then burst out efficiency and quality that they themselves could not imagine.

When the artisans of the Grand Duke look back after working at sunset, they will be surprised that they have done more work a day than usual. Although tired, there is a sense of satisfaction of hard to describe.

This kind of phenomenon does not only happen to one person, but it is common to all people. If you really want to say that, if you stay in the technical guild and do things, you will be infected by the positive and integrated atmosphere of the guild members. In the past, the construction of the central park was done separately, and this feeling was not strong.

Even the old craftsmen with high skill and ability, maybe at first, they were a little dissatisfied with the work assigned to him, because it was too simple. But as each piece of work is completed, the tasks assigned by the foreman gradually become more difficult.

In the end, without focusing on the work, with 100% ability, it is really possible to be stumped, or to be too late to let the people in the next process connect. Then watching the progress of the overall project slowed down because of me, bathed in the eyes of everyone’s contempt, that sense of sourness is particularly inspiring to move forward.

This efficiency is due to the things done by people who stand in every corner of the scene and are called foremen. These people are usually the best craftsmen in a construction team. But their duty is to constantly exchange stares at the water mirror screen and the scene.

On the screen is the progress of each construction section, as well as prompts for the next steps. The foreman assigned manpower on site according to these instructions and gave each participant a score for completion. These evaluations are related to whether the constructor can be responsible for more difficult tasks or should do some simpler tasks.

But it’s just a matter of propagating a branch according to the script, and you can ask a monkey to do it. The really important part of them is to guide the constructors on the spot at any time, as well as the rescue site for various unexpected situations. Because of this, these foremen must be good enough, and they must also have enough prestige to convince people, not by nepotism or greedy slapsticks.

The artisan team of the Grand Duke, after putting down their body and integrating into the operation of the technical guild, was able to enter the situation so quickly, thanks to this management system.

After all, the embryonic form of the technical guild is a temporary mob formed by craftsmen who are not familiar with each other, and the tacit understanding is far inferior to those teams that have cooperated for a long time. The system designed by Lin is a stopgap measure to integrate these mobs.

Of course it’s very complicated to use. It’s like treating everyone as a part of the machine, rigidly using various technical indicators and time control, requiring everyone to achieve a certain level within the time limit. thing.

If you can’t do it, your evaluation will drop and you will be assigned to do simpler work. Of course, your salary will decline. If you are good and able to do it, your evaluation will go up and you will do more difficult work. More pay.

But as far as someone’s own evaluation of this process control system is, even Earth’s so-called militarized management is more humane.

What’s surprising is that this set of systems actually fits unexpectedly.

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