Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 749

Although I really want to experience the Asura scene and see what it is like when two beauties are competing for love for themselves. But it’s a pity that for Mel’s provocative tone, even though Fern caught Lin immediately, he was asking a question that someone was dazzling.

That question is not a math or physics question, but a question about DNA compilation.

To be honest, this is beyond someone’s ability. If it’s just a discussion of the level of the mouth, relying on someone’s keyboard man’s full-level skills, not talking about the quantum world view from splitting heaven and earth apart, it is simply a waste of one’s own’profound’ knowledge. But if you want to come up with real materials, apart from the high school biology class Dissection, who has had frogs and earthworms, someone has no experience to talk about.

So after enjoying a contemptuous look, Fern didn’t say much, but continued to think hard about her research topic.

In short, someone who is ignored by Lich can still get a little comfort from the dark elf’s expectant gaze. I am not an insignificant passerby.

Coughed and cleared his throat. Regarding the attitude of Miles, one has to remain lukewarm so as not to be unsatisfied. But since the other party volunteered to help, nothing could be justified. So he said: “Since you are willing to help, of course it is the best. After all, there are not many things you can do. If there is a need for my help, it does not hurt to ask. Fasnas Your Majesty will Sending you to me, it’s impossible to treat you as an ordinary person.”

“Yes, that’s very good.” Mai Erhao smiled and said, “I really have something, hope Master, you agree.”

“Let’s say, as long as I don’t ask too much, I can promise you. It would be better if I could not call me by’Master’.” Lin Xian Step on the foot to prevent this girl from climbing up.

In fact, when the former Demon King-sama was present, Miles did not dare to be too impudent. So according to his original idea, the dark elf said, “Actually, I have been interested in that weapon since the last time I hunted in Snow Mountain. However, the owner only assigned me a crossbow at the time. Although it is also very useful, I still want to Give it a try. This time, can you let me take that one?”

At the same time, Miles made a long spear shot. Lin immediately realized that what the dark elf was referring to was the maze version of the rifle lent to Uzov at the time.

Speaking of which, when she took Miles away from the dark elf tribe, she didn’t take anything away except for the robes that Fasnas gave her. In other words, Miles is still in a state of bare hands. Therefore, if she really wants her to go out to perform tasks, it is also necessary to provide weapons.

However, Lin did not immediately agree to this request. Because he remembered another thing, he turned his head and looked towards his apprentice, and asked: “Girl, did we take down the rifle?” Kaya replied, who is in charge of managing the weapon inventory: “Not yet , Teacher. The rifle is used as a test platform for the new-style magazine experiment. It only has to be modified and not refurbished.”

Lin instructed: “Well, I’ll take Miles to the gun cabinet later. All ammunition contains specials. Let her bring all the ammunition.”

“Okay, teacher.”

Seeing that he had done what he wanted, Mai Erji smiled with satisfaction and decided to say no. The concerns that I intend to talk about. “Master, maybe there will be trouble at home in these few days. Please be careful.”

How could Lin not be able to hear this kind of strong warning. But inexplicably asked: “Where did you find out something?”

Mystery laughed profoundly mystery and said: “The master doesn’t think there are too many coincidences in this whole thing. Is it? Not long ago, I offended a group of powerful people. And the renovation of this house was only half done, and now it is the time for the chaos. Then the strong supporters who can be used as help are transferred to the distance. There is better than now. Is this a more suitable time. At least my clansman, I won’t miss such a good opportunity.”

For a moment, Lin said, “It’s true. It’s just that you guessed that there might be an accident. Why are you still thinking about leaving and reducing the strength in your home?”

After covering his mouth and chuckling twice, Miles said: “Let’s release enough bait. If you scare those people so hard to jump. Come out, it doesn’t have to be guarded all the time in the future. This time is an opportunity for people hiding in the dark, and it is not a good time for us to set up traps. Besides, even if there is only you, the master. People, I don’t think there is any danger.”

For the straightforwardness of the dark elves, and without the slightest hesitation, which tested his attitude, Lin sighed, “This is a good reason that cannot be refuted.” “

“Well, that, big brother.” Jermaine, who was discussing things with clansman, couldn’t help but be attracted by what Miles said. After thinking for a while, he said weakly: “Big brother, maybe we can also find an excuse to live in the car center temporarily. Add some elements to attract the enemy. What do you think?”

This product is purely life-saving and fearful. Lin was so angry that he laughed back and said, “That’s good, and it’s good. Just tell others that the banging in the house makes you unable to sleep, so you have to move out temporarily. When the house is built, you Live back again.”

The young silverbeard dwarf slapped his thigh and said with satisfaction: “Yes, that’s it. Big brother, then I will assume you agree. Okay.”

“Okay, what can’t be done.” Jermaine also agreed to the reasons for such a weak spot. He could only say that this guy simply found an excuse to perfuse. It’s best that these dwarves sleep in broad daylight, and the artisans don’t need to sleep. Most of the night, they are also beating and beating. Just building a house, Lin Ke did his best to complete it without having to work three shifts.

However, Lin did not criticize the silverbeard dwarf’s attitude too much. When I took them away, I didn’t require them to be involved in the conflicts caused by themselves. At that time, I just needed the craftsmanship of a dwarf, and I didn’t expect that many. So Jermaine wanted to withdraw from the coming trouble, and Lin had no objection.

But not everyone believes in Melchur’s judgment. At least as far as Adil, the deacon of the Marquis of Balan, is concerned, the dark elf’s warning is almost like a big deal. There are traitors in the Duke’s craftsman team. Although as a servant, he shouldn’t say these things, but Adile, out of defending the position of the Grand Duke of Cavi, came forward and said:

“Please forgive me for my impoliteness. Ms. Malsu, If nothing happens in the end, wouldn’t anyone take advantage of this opportunity to make trouble?”

“This only represents two possibilities. One is that I am suspicious.” Mels held out his second finger. Head, Tian smiled and said: “One is that there are insiders among the people present, and inform the people behind the scenes of our speculation today, and let them don’t be impatient.” At the same time, she glanced at the waiter who was standing by and ready to serve. They.

Be aware that your entire group is a new member, and you may not be able to gain the trust of magician. But thinking of the decisiveness the Grand Duke had said, those who could give up included themselves. So Adil frowns, stand up and speak for himself this group of newcomers. “So according to what the lady said, in order to prove our innocence, we have to find someone to make trouble.”

“This is not a smart idea.” Miles said giving tit for tat.

Before the dispute between the two parties widened, Lin Patted interrupted the arrogance of the confrontation between the two and said: “Okay, there is no need to argue about this kind of thing anymore. I believe the Grand Duke here will send it. People are all innocent. Kaya, you take Miles to the gun cabinet to pick up the gun.”

“Oh, master, blind self-confidence is not a good thing.” Miles taught a lesson. Said.

“Blind? Of course it’s not blind self-confidence. I don’t have 30 lives to waste. I just don’t think it makes sense to discuss these until there is no definite evidence. So let’s stop here. I am grateful for your consideration for me, but as you said, I don’t think I need to worry about staying in this home.”

Of course, the above remarks are just excuses. The real reason is that if the big-mouthed sword knows something interesting, how can it not say it.

Although you want to communicate with others, you must be in touch with the communicator; only those who have been in deep contact and have established a spiritual connection can you communicate without contact within a certain distance. But as long as it is in a certain area around it, the strong thoughts floating on the surface will be detected by it. It can be said to be a super-strong full-frequency brainwave detector, the kind that has no scientific basis.

If you don’t state this reason, it’s just to avoid deliberately emphasizing the characteristic of boxiness, so that others can be guarded. Although anyone who knows knows it. Coupled with this twisted sword, I also like this kind of voyeuristic life, so it also requires someone to keep it secret. I really don’t understand who I learned from such a nasty attitude to life.

Then don’t put the delusions in the brains of those two radio girls into my thoughts! If you don’t stop, I will hang you into the Jamsil to take care of the larvae!

When you growl in your head like this, someone’s mind is a little clearer.

Mel Su did not continue to insist on his opinion. In fact, from the very beginning, she didn’t even want to mention this matter.

Regardless of is Master or what, to be a superior one must have the qualifications of a superior. People who show weaknesses casually, or who cannot withstand challenges, will eventually be pulled from a high position. This is a life habit cultivated for a long time in the tribe of dark elves.

Even if the Your Majesty asks himself to follow this magician, this contract will only last until his death. After all, the life span between elves and humans is too far apart, and the Your Majesty is also impossible to ask for his own death. And I didn’t think that such a contract was a bondage, so I tried every means to circumvent the contract to kill this magician.

But if his strength is not good, he is too stupid, and he falls into a trap and loses his life, then the fault is only with this magician. I am willing to follow a powerhouse, rather than the weak who need others to take care of everything.

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