Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 750

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In order to ease the tension on both sides and prevent the conflict from escalating, Lin changed the subject and asked about the dark elf.

"Malsi, since you are going to help with the logging work on Uzov's side, do you join the adventurer guild and have the qualifications for the adventurer? Do you want me to be an introducer? Since you have contributed, There should also be a reward. Although my adventurer rank is not high, and I haven't joined the guild for a long time. That login card should still be useful, and it shouldn't be a problem to be an introducer." Someone said uncertainly.

Mel Su said with a smile: "Hehe, master, you don't need to trouble you for this part. Although I don't have the qualification of an adventurer on the surface, I can log in with the holy emblem of Your Majesty."

The sacred emblem of World Tree is like the coat of arms of the nobles and the color matching of the three feathers of the Turtle Dove League, representing a certain World Tree. But in Midi, those with a prefix of "Holy" usually mean magical effects. But suddenly mentioning the World Tree, Lin asked suspiciously: "Hey, the holy emblem of Phathinas? Can that thing be used?"

"Of course it can. After all, the founder of the adventurer guild is Your Majesty."

Hearing this, Lin almost didn't drink the coffee that he took in his mouth to squirt out. He asked in surprise: "Adventurer guild was founded by Fasnas? Isn't it right?"

"That's right. It's just that the adventurer guild was not called the adventurer guild at that time, it was called mutual aid. Society, confronted with the Brotherhood of Bright It’s just a convenient voucher, there’s no way to arbitrarily mobilize troops like before. Moreover, the new adventurer guild has the same nature of operation as the Turtledove League, and it has become different from the past Freemasonry and the Brotherhood of Light. The next small group of people should still have the secret agreement left behind by inheritance."

Lin was stunned when he heard the shocking melon accidentally. But this can also explain a lot of things. The first point is why Fasnas did not willing to join the Turtledove League in the past. Because he has his own organization.

The second point, although the Turtle Dove League says that its core concept is different from that of the Adventurer Guild, there is no difference in actual behavior. People in need make requests, and those who are able provide help. It's just one that is human and reasonable, and the remuneration is arbitrary; the other is institutionalized, and the price is clearly marked.

Just when someone didn’t know how to evaluate this unknown history, they saw two friends of heart buried behind the water mirror screen, and they secretly looked at it quite tacitly. While talking about the dark elf, he lowered his head and tapped on the keyboard, taking notes. By the way, this family is squatting in the noble family, and the gossip attribute is awakened?

But for what I heard today, Lin still sighed and said: "It turns out that the adventurer guild and the Turtledove Alliance have such a history. I was still thinking about where these two organizations came from. Yeah. It won’t be born out of nowhere."

As if he was addicted, Miles added: "There are many organizations like this kind of makeover on the fascinating land. For example, the Magician Association In the past, the bookkeeper of the big library turned over."

At this time, Hallumi, who had been eating melon next to him, asked: "teacher, we heard that the last bookkeeper was killed by Egypt. Starli’s magic tower was wiped out? That’s how it was spread in Holy City."

Lin tried to explain: "In fact, if you think about it from another angle, it’s not difficult to understand this. Afterwards, the bookkeepers were divided into two factions, one was conservative and the other reformed. The reformers cooperated with magicians, and the conservatives tried to control everything, and then they were all taken care of by the reformers. Afterwards, the reformers were not called bookkeepers. Changed its name to Magician Association, and then expanded its business scope.——"

Turning his head around, Lin asked about the dark elf again.

"——According to what you said, does the mercenary guild also have a history?"

Thinking about it, Miles said: "I really want to talk about it. If it is, it has something to do with Your Majesty."

The named Lich lifted up, raised his eyebrows, and looked towards the talking dark elf with a sharp gaze. But Miles, who spoke with a basis, had the confidence to deal with such eyes. She said: "Your Majesty wouldn't think that the brave men who attacked you came out suddenly. People from different regions, different growth environments, and different classes just came together for the same purpose."

"You mean, someone is manipulating everything." Fen asked sharply.

"No, it’s not appropriate to say that manipulation is not appropriate. It may be more appropriate to use facilitating. There are such a group of people who discover potential people, guide them to help others and resolve disputes. Sometimes they will act as mentors, sometimes It’s just a guide. Of course, sometimes they will stand at the forefront and do things that no one else is willing to do."

Lin still sighed: "It’s hard to imagine such a group of people evolving. After becoming a mercenary guild, people will be called warmongers, Death God butchers and so on."

"Yes." Miles continued to break the news: "In fact, there are also some who have The ancient inheritance organization has not been made public, and it is still hidden in the dark. It seems that there is one, and the box cut should be very familiar."

Reclining next to the fireplace without burning fire, he was surprised by the name. He said: "How can I not think of the organization related to me."

"Holy sword will. Does this name still have an impression?" said Mels.

"Ah, that. They didn't disband?" asked each minding their own business. Of course other people can hear unfathomable mystery. As for those newcomers, they are terrified because the sword can speak. Ignoring the nonsense in the bottom of my heart, the group eagerly answered the group of people who had questions, saying:

"I didn't say that, there were a lot of cynicism cooperating with human beings to seal Insad. That group of people seemed to be called the Holy Sword Society at the beginning. But I thought that after Insadu was sealed, they should disband. Didn't expect to stay. Haha, I know that the humans who sealed you have descendants, so happy. . Not only are you happy to take revenge, I am also happy to seal you again. But this time I prefer to cut you off directly, just like you did with other clansman before. Don’t yell out of thin air, you can’t speak and are as weak as you are. You, I don’t care. Wow hahaha, wow hahaha."

Because he can’t win the cut, Azad didn’t pay much attention to his sword. I didn't pay much attention to it originally. Insatdu was often lost and wandered about in this house.

Perhaps I am used to the skill of cutting the mouth. According to the rumors, Insa has the ability to confuse people. I have not succeeded in this family. As for the Demon King... a madman cannot confuse people who are more mad than himself.

Anyway, Two Swords was talking about it, but everyone could only hear Insatdu who could talk, and couldn't hear Insadu who could not communicate without contact. This difference in the situation made Xiaqie taunt Insatdu without any scruples. In the eyes of others, it is like one party is humiliating the other party, and the victim has no resistance.

Maybe it's impatient to listen to these Two Swords bickering,-yes. Because the environmental detection skills are too high, even if you don’t touch, someone can'hear' what Insatdu says, so Lin changed the subject again and asked: "What do you say about holy sword? Are the members in it all the holders of the siege clan?"

"The holder? no no no, I think the term admirer can better describe that group of people. Because Hearing the voices that only oneself can hear, and doing things according to those seem right but actually isn't suggestions, it seems that they can succeed step by step. So those people blindly believe in our clan’s orders and treat us as the only ones who can monopolize us. God, so convinced. Country fools and women, just this."

Hey! Be restrained! Did you know that you have offended a lot of systems, those Long Aotians with Great Grandpa!

However, the statement of a certain sword made Lin even more worried. Compared to secret organizations that secretly plan bad things, fanatics are even more undesirable. Then when these two qualities are put together, what kind of qualitative change will occur, Lin simply can't imagine. Asked again: "Wouldn't you be the holy sword inside, shed outside, but a very important sword, will attract them."

Xiaqie said with a smile: "I also hope that I am that important. But unfortunately, I am a marginal sword. I am not a planner for the original thing. I just follow other incisive instructions and execute them. It is so irrelevant, so I can Wandering away for such a long time, I have seen all kinds of people. Speaking of which, I am much luckier than those who are treasured up."

"So they won't come to find You?" Lin asked.

"How can I promise you this kind of thing. I didn’t understand the thoughts of those people before. Besides, after so long, the great-grandson doesn’t know how many generations it is. Everyone I know is dead, too," Xiaqi said with a sigh.

"Forget it, I won’t come to trouble." Give up the unanswered questions, Lin turned his head and looked towards Mai Ershu, and asked: "These secret secrets from the Enchanted Continent, come to the dark elves. Say, is it something you must learn when you are a child? How can you be so clear."

"I didn't know these contents before. It was Your Majesty who told me just now that I just passed it on." The dark elf said bluntly. Tao.

Lin was surprised: "Your Majesty? Fasnas? He can see what's happening here?"

Pulling aside her hair, at the right earlobe of Mels, There is a flower-shaped earring. The dark elf said: "I am not designated as the agent of Your Majesty walking in the world. This is how I communicate with Your Majesty."

Pointy ears are very sensitive to elves, so overwhelming majority Elves have no habit of using earrings. But although this stud is small, the petals seem to be wet with dew. The flower stamen swayed with the wind from time to time...this damn it is simply alive!

"This is... the flower of World Tree?" Lin asked uncertainly.

Mel Su said with a smile: "This is not the kind of simple thing. This is the Avatar of Your Majesty from Fasnas, and you can contact Your Majesty body anytime, anywhere."

Simply put, it's a supercomputer terminal.

It's just that a group of people and swords are chatting here. The two radio girls don't know what they recorded and what their brains have made up. The group of attendants who stood behind and served the marquise was shocked from beginning to end. What everyone talked about was nothing that surprised them.

The deacon of the Marquis, Adil, couldn't help but feel a little regret for his previous recklessness. The weight of World Tree Fasnas was absolutely different in the eyes of their aristocratic attendants. Being able to carry the Avatar of Your Majesty, even if the dark elves represent evil in the eyes of the world, it is not an ordinary person who can offend.

As for the other party's slurs? This kind of probability, this deacon never even thought about it.

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