Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 751

Mary, led by Kaya, went to the gun cabinet. The previous revelations, the content has been enough, enough for other people to digest for a long time, so the dark elf did not continue. Otherwise, I really want to say that World Tree Phathinas, as an ancient person, runs through the entire history of the mystery, and what he can say is the kind that can’t be said for a few days or nights.

Next to the black hair girl with brown skin was the Marquise of Balan.

Although I don’t know why the marquise came here, Miles doesn’t care about it. When Uzov used the rifle on Snow Mountain, although it was more complicated than the bow in operation, it was easy, accurate, and unimaginable in its range.

The long-range weapons of the lost ground can basically attack the range that cannot be touched by the hand, and they can all be regarded as long-range weapons. But the rifle can attack the opponent when the large prey is only fist sized in the field of view. Not only is it lethal, but it is also a very powerful magic attack, which was unimaginable before. So from the first time Miles saw it, he was greedy for such a weapon.

It’s not that I hope to dedicate the gun to the tribe to increase the overall strength of the dark elves. She doesn’t have such selfless thoughts, she just wants to play with it.

It’s just that I didn’t dare to make times. If there is any act that offends this magician, thereby disrupting the purpose of your own Your Majesty, then even if you bring a hundred or a thousand rifles back to the tribe, you will not escape death. World Tree Phrasnas seldom cares about the Dark Elf tribe, but as long as he speaks, he cannot be disobeyed or compromised. The offender only died.

The gun cabinet is located in a corner of the weaponry warehouse. It’s just that this protective room is empty, with few weapons and equipment in it. There was also a small magic repeating crossbow, the crossbow string was loosened, and it was placed on the shelf alone.

The once-famous ship-cutting knife, now only the wreckage is left, piled up randomly in a bamboo basket. After slashing a certain powerful enemy last time, but couldn’t move the opponent, and instead slashed the weapon, Fern had no plans to repair the ship-cutting knife. Unless you find a way to strengthen it, you might as well tear the enemy with your own hands instead of using this powerful weapon in the eyes of outsiders.

Of course Miles has seen Ship Slasher. At that time, I met Black Dragon Augustus for the first time on Snow Mountain. This mighty sword was used as a first-line defensive weapon. Then in order to repair the airship, this sword is also very convenient for cutting trees and cutting wood… It is said that this is the original function of the ship-cutting knife.

It was the task of cutting trees this time. The reason why the magician didn’t intend to lend the Ship Slayer Sword should be here. Because the weapons were broken, they were piled up in the warehouse for a while, and a thin layer of ash accumulated, and it seemed that they had no intention of repairing them.

Although the weapon storeroom is in such a barren appearance, the protection of the gun cabinet is still indispensable. Just look at the girl with black hair and brown skin, playing with the magic array in front of a huge cabinet, and all kinds of dazzling and confusing operations. After a while, the door of the gun cabinet was opened. He took the rifle that Miles was familiar with and carefully handed it over to the dark elf.

This weapon, which is slightly shorter than the arm, is so exquisite that it looks like a handicraft. Although there are not too many carvings and decorations, every arc and every straightness seems to have been carefully calculated, giving people a unique sense of beauty. And after seeing the killing power of the gun, I can understand how terrifying the deadly murderous intention behind this beauty is.

But today, Mai Erhu did not pay attention to the weapon that made her year for something even in dreams. Instead, he stared blankly at the gun cabinet, another weapon exuding an ominous beast texture.

It was a large gun nearly one person tall. The fire cap at the muzzle was almost the size of a fist; the gun body was big enough to cover half of the face. It is not like a rifle with a handguard, the whole body is made of metal, and the edges and corners give people an inaccessible and powerful feeling.

After watching for a long time, Mai Ersi asked nonchalantly: “Kaya, this is also a gun?”

The black hair girl replied: “Yes, heavy sniper Gun, abbreviated as heavy sniper. The teacher calls it “I have no life”.”

“What is this to deal with?” Melsi remembered that Uzov used a rifle to kill the wild beast at the time. At that time, as long as you don’t miss it, you will have one shot at a time. Even if the target is changed to a demonic beast, some low-level demonic beasts are still shot one at a time.

Occasionally encountering large-scale hungry demonic beasts hunting out in the cold winter is just a few more shots. As long as you don’t get close and have time to shoot, you are almost invincible. The range of firearms ensures that this period of time is sufficient.

But this rifle, which is several times the size of the rifle, is ready to kill the king-level demonic beast in one fell swoop? Miles has no doubt that this is the kind of strength that’has me but no life’. But the girl said something that shocked her even more, as if she wanted to retaliate against the small grievances she had previously violently broke, which made everyone stunned.

“The teacher said, in theory, this’with me but no life’ can kill the gods.—”

Not only was Mels surprised, but even hidden in the veil. The Marquis of Balan was also taken aback. However, the girl with black hair and brown skin spoke slowly.

“—but we have never met a god, let alone the kind of annoying god, so we have never fired a few shots with’I have no life’ moved towards Spiritual God, try Let’s see if this heavy sniper can really kill the gods. At most, it can only be tested with grandpa’s scales, but the scales are vaporized directly, and there is nothing left.”

‘Grandpa’ It was young girls called by the fat boy Ezio, referring to Black Dragon Augustus. And the scales of a Black Dragon will not become fragile due to aging, but will fall off from the body. If this gun can easily wipe out Black Dragon’s scales, its formidable power cannot be underestimated. Miles thought so, and at the same time asked: “Can you try this gun?”

Kaya shook his head and said, “The teacher said, you can’t move this without his consent. A gun. In addition to being dangerous, because a gun assembly can only be fired once, and the special ammunition is made of blue cave magic stones, the cost of each shot is a considerable expense, and it cannot be. Use it for fun. So the teacher has commissioned a demonic beast to guard this’I am not born’.”

There is no shortage of legends about demonic beasts guarding powerful weapons, and even such behaviors actually exist. However, the reason is not to test the people, whether they are qualified to possess this powerful weapon and equipment, this kind of beautiful rhetoric. Simply keeping these weapons can be used as bait to attract delicious food for the demonic beast.

The biggest misunderstanding among these is Dragon Race. They like shiny items, yes, but the real reason is that these things can attract greedy humans or other Homo sapiens for them. So that Dragon Race can go out hunting without having to spend a lot of time, some people will deliver themselves as a meal. The idiom’waiting for the rabbits’ is left in a fascinating place, but it is often true.

So when Kaya talked about the gun cabinet, especially when this heavy sniper was guarded by the demonic beast, the dark elves and the marquise immediately thought of the picture in a dark cave. , A tall and mighty tiger-shaped or lion-shaped demonic beast, making a loud roar.

The two of them hurriedly looked all around to see where the’demonic beast’ was hiding. This family is too dangerous for outsiders.

The light source in the weapon storeroom comes from the omnipresent array of light magic magic, and the originally bright room becomes dim in an instant. A huge shadow was reflected on the wall next to the gun cabinet, and he stood up straight, majestic and angrily. Reflected in the shadow, the open mouth showed two rows of terrifying sharp teeth. The demonic beast is about to roar!

Just listen to a mighty roar!



Where did the sound that destroy the atmosphere come from? Miles and Marquis Balan turned their heads together and looked towards Hardy the gray cat standing on the empty platform with a ferocious expression and grinning teeth.

The dark elf used his body technique, and he squeezed Hardy’s nape and lifted the cat directly. Of course, the gray cat of in midair is dancing with all four limbs, struggling desperately. It is a pity that the person who caught it was an elf druid, or a dark elf who hoped to become a priest of World Tree Your Majesty. Although Hardy is an experienced magic cat, the level gap between the two is still too big.

Meer was angrily looking at the gray cat in his hand, and carefully flashed the waving paws, and said: “The master wants you to guard the gun cabinet. Then, can you talk to me? Accommodate a little bit. Cute kitten.”

Giving up the struggle, Hardy looked at the dark elf who had mentioned himself in front of her, and said, “I just came to watch when I was free, what else Things will not be done. Besides, it’s useless if I disagree. The bolt assembly of this gun is not here. It’s not complete, and you can’t use it if you want to.”

“Is it right? It’s a pity.” Miles put Hadi down and looked at the “I have no life” standing still in the gun cabinet with regret.

“If you just want to see the formidable power of firearms of the same level, there is a simpler way. And without the consent of the teacher.” Kaya suddenly said next to him.

This statement aroused Melch’s interest. She asked excitedly: “What method?”

The girl walked to the other side of the gun cabinet. Unlike the side where the long spear is placed, the cabinet on this side has several levels of platforms. There are the imitation PPK pistols used by the two girls, and the magic guns such as parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme used by Fen. These four guns will be left out in the cold because they cannot keep up with the speed of user and enemy levels.

As for the Smith Wesson M29 revolver that Lin once carried with him, it became Uzov Gantia’s gun. Usually it is taken by Uzov to the technical guild for body protection. Even when he returned home, he would not specially put the M29 in the gun cabinet in the weapon storeroom, but put it in the small gun cabinet in his own room.

But before being taken to the looking forward to Miles, it was a pistol that was not as big as a palm.

The grip fully considers the arc of the palm and is designed in an ergonomic manner. But apart from the grip, there is only one trigger without a sheath. The gun body and muzzle are not of round tube design, but replaced by a needle.

Such a compact and concise body shape makes Kaya dare to pinch it cautiously with her thumb. It seems that if you use one more finger, you will lose sight of this gun. But she was cautiously introduced: “The code-named’Little Cricket’. Most of the test products of these all are heavy sniper assemblies were consumed in the experiment, leaving only the three closest finished products unused. Because it is one time Sexual item, so the teacher said, these three little crickets can be used freely by us, mainly for self-protection when going out. But they will be gone.”

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