Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 752

will take this nasty name, of course, to pay tribute to someone’s memory, the nostalgic Earth classic movie. Although it does not have the same recoil, as far as formidable power is concerned, Lin believes that it is even better than the original “Little Cricket” in the movie’s formidable power performance.

Of course, none of the people present understand the source of someone’s evil taste. Especially the dark spirit Spirit Wheat Ersi, she exchanged the rifle in her hand for the girl’s “little cricket” at a loss, with mixed feelings in her heart. Turned his head and looked at the huge and mighty heavy sniper rifle that looked like a metal ominous beast, and then looked back at the dainty and delicate prototype weapon lying on the palm of his hand. I asked incredulously: “I can only use this?”

The girl with black hair and brown skin was nodded mercilessly. Without those two childish braids, her expression of attitude, which has always been expressionless, is a little more convincing, giving people a feeling that cannot be questioned.

But Miles still complained unwillingly: “Why is that a big gun, so mighty? At first glance, I know that it is a real soldier worthy of the weapon. But This one is like a toy for a noble child. It’s small and cute. Do you know it? It’s like when choosing an adventurous partner, there is clearly a giant with the title of “Dragon Slayer” beside him. But you can only pick a thin dwarf who is stunted. Kaya, you say if you hate me, so you squeeze me out. If you have any dissatisfaction, please tell me directly. I will accept it humbly and change it; instead of choosing revenge. “

Moreover, there is still a question in Myr’s mind, that is, how did the magician make the’little cricket’ grow up to become’with me but without life’? Is there really a connection between the two?

Holding the’little cricket’, Miles had a feeling that he could squeeze the gun as long as he tried hard. She wanted to continue to question Kaya, but she saw the girl dodging, and at the same time she pushed away the dark elf’s hand. Even the gray cat on the side cabinet watched the two men’s movements vigilantly, bending slightly, ready to jump away at any time.

After confirming the direction of Malsu’s muzzle, Kaya sighed in relief and said, “Sister Mai, I won’t hate you. It’s been the case since the first meeting. The teacher said, don’t Because any stereotype determines the attitude toward a person, it must be determined by the attitude of the other person. But no matter who it is, you can’t use a gun against a person in this room, because it will trigger the defense system and it will kill you.”

“Okay, I get it.” Knowing what the taboo is, Miles has no idea to try it out. After removing the muzzle, she asked: “Kaya, are you sure that this little toy is the same level of weapon as the big gun that looks majestic and mighty?”

“teacher has As mentioned, the disadvantage of the previous magic gun is that the energy conversion efficiency is too low, and the power of the overwhelming majority is wasted. Moreover, it simply condenses the power into an energy group and shoots it out without any treatment. In fact, after going through When the barrel is rifled, these magical energy bullets will produce different mutations and are given attributes. Although doing so can help increase the lethality, in fact, from the designer’s point of view, this is a failure Design.—”

Kaya picked up the rifle that Mel was handed over, and drew it neatly to show the modified part. The magic array pattern that was originally complex enough on the gun machine is now several times more complex and even smaller. It seems that it is no longer like the traditional magic array of Misty, but a certain natural texture. It’s just that those who have not participated in the design and modification, of course, do not understand these.

“—In order to improve this part, increase the efficiency of the use of power, and increase the formidable power, this is the second generation of magic gun design, and the little cricket is an experimental trial work. Including improvements The use of power efficiency and increased lethality are the two characteristics of the finished product, which is to focus on “I have no life”. The rifle can only be modified to improve the efficiency of the second generation. If you want to do it all, it is almost equivalent to a rebuild. It’s a new gun. But it’s too expensive to build these things, and the weaknesses haven’t been improved. So the teacher has no plans to continue making.”

In a bunch of ignorant descriptions, Mai Er Si finally heard what he was interested in. She asked with bright eyes: “Weaknesses? These guns have weaknesses including “I have no life”?”

“Yes.” After Kaya gave a definite answer, she looked up and down in the darkness. Elf’s clothes, said: “Listen to the teacher, Mai Mai’s clothes were made by Your Majesty, Fasnes. It can protect yourself from the corrosion of high-dimensional energy when the flash technique is used.”

The dark elves were nodded and said: “It’s not wrong. It’s just this, is it related to the defects of the magic gun?”

“According to the teacher, the protection magic originated from World Tree, for It is the energy tidal impact caused by the gap between the two sides when protecting the World Tree from contacting other dimensions of the world. It can be said that the complete World Tree protection magic has reached the extreme in dealing with pure energy damage. And the magic spear attack is just pure The form of energy, so it cannot break through World Tree level protection. To cause damage, it must be an attribute attack with magical effects, not a projection of pure energy.”

After listening to the reason, Maier She couldn’t help sighing: “This is like a natural nemesis.”

Although the black hair and brown skin girl did not answer, she still nodded in motion.

The Marquis of Balan, who has been standing behind Kaya, is now curiously stroking the’weapon’ in the gun cabinet. She had never seen such a “gun” before, nor did she know the value of the “blue hole class” magic stone in the words just now, and what kind of concept they were talking about as expensive. The marquise just thought the content of the dialogue was a bit exaggerated and interesting.

Pick up the pink’parsley’, which belongs to the magic gun used by Fen’s right hand. The weight is a bit heavy for a normal woman. Although not as big as a heavy sniper, it is also much larger than the’little cricket’. The longest part, that is, the gun body is about 2/3 the length of the forearm.

The marquise, who is not clear about the structure of the gun, looked at the black hole in the barrel, and couldn’t help but stick to her eyes, trying to peek inside.

“Meow!” Hardy screamed, reminding everyone to pay attention. Kaya also quickly snatched the’parsley’ from the marquise, and said: “You can’t put your head on the muzzle. Although the teacher has explained, the weapons in the gun cabinet must be unloaded with the energy assembly. . But who knows if anyone has neglected, what should we do if an accident occurs because of this.”

“What kind of weapon is this?” The Marquis of Balan asked curiously.

“Want to try it?” Kaya asked with a smile. And it was not only her, even Miles also showed a sweet smile like the sun. Their smiles made the inexperienced marquise feel whether she had fallen into a trap.

Kaya quickly took his PPK and rifle and stuffed it into Mel’s arms. Then he scraped a pile of ordinary ammunition and put it into a basket. As for those special ammunition, they won’t move during the testing phase. So he took the Marquis of Balan and Miles to the shooting range in the basement.

The underground space originally opened up is a practice room for experimenting with various magic, so special protective Formation is arranged on the wall to prevent magic attacks from spilling out of the practice room. Place, causing damage or loss.

But a group of unreliable magicians and apprentices have never practiced magic that can cause widespread destruction a few times. Over time, this well-protected practice room became more useful for other purposes. For a period of time, the most common use was to test guns, but the modification plan for guns only progressed to one stage and then stopped. Until today, this practice room reopened.

Because the magic gun created by Lin Zaimidi is not a hot weapon driven by gunpowder in the traditional sense of Earth, it will not have problems such as recoil or explosion sound. So when you test a gun in a semi-confined space, you don’t need to wear earmuffs and the like.

The lighting of the basement is not a big problem in front of someone who specializes in lighting. With a flick of Kaya, who was walking in the front, the entire basement was illuminated quite brightly, as if it were daylight outdoors.

As a shooting practice range, the layout of the basement is actually quite simple, with a humanoid target in the distance and a working platform nearby for people to put things. But there are some obstacles arranged randomly, and the human-shaped target is also close and far away. It’s not like Earth’s regular shooting range, but it’s like a space for survival games in the wild.

According to past habits, all guns and magic stone ammunition to be tested are displayed on the work platform. Kaya didn’t give an explanation first, but fluently loaded PPK into the old-style magic stone magazine, peng~ peng~ peng~ peng~ a few shots, and one half of the human-shaped target was blasted off. Then exit the old magic stone magazine that has been exhausted.

It’s not that you are unwilling to use new designs to improve the efficiency of power usage and reduce the consumption of magic stones. However, the small PPK pistol does not have much room for improvement and cannot be transformed into a second generation. This is why Kaya no longer uses his favorite gun as a conventional side weapon.

After the round, Kaya briefly introduced the structure, usage and precautions of the long and short magic guns in the astonishment of the Marquise of Balan. The most important thing, of course, is to let people experience the feeling of shooting.

The first player to play is Spirit Wheat, the dark spirit who has always been greedy for rifles. Although she saw the heavy sniper’I have no life’, and when she picked up the gun again, she felt a sense of tastelessness and a pity to abandon it, but she still fiddled with this weapon seriously.

Combined with the impression of watching Uzov in the past and the introduction of Kaya just now, during the shooting process, Mels got more and more hands-on. Even began to try not only to hit, but to shoot specific parts.

Although the magic gun of the lost ground can be locked and pulled with spirit strength to speed up the shooting speed, it also has a considerable hit rate. But based on the past experience of hunting with Uzov, this lock-in will cause the target to be alert. If the target is a demonic beast, it is more like a provocation and will cause a direct attack from the demonic beast.

So when using a rifle, as long as the situation permits, it is more appropriate to use the traditional three-point and one-line aiming method. Because this can keep the shooter’s concealment, this is very important in hunting or sneak attacking the enemy.

For the Marquise of Balan, who was holding a gun for the first time, she started to practice her hand with a small PPK pistol. Under Kaya’s instructions, stare at the target hole, quasi-center, and target. took a deep breath, stabilized my hands that were trembling because I was not used to the weight of the gun.

Then, pull the trigger!

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