Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 753

A magic bullet of pure energy hits a thick wooden human-shaped target, it will make a loud popping sound and a low popping muffled sound. That crisp crackle was the sound of hitting a human-shaped target. The puff muffled sound is the sound made when the energy bomb impacts the wall behind the target, and the protective Formation cancels each other out.

If you miss and miss the target, there will only be a muffled sound. So it’s easy to judge whether there is a hit or not, but there is no scoring here.

Because it is hitting inorganic matter, there will be no guilt of killing, but a refreshing feeling fills the chest. And this pleasure urged the Marquis of Balan to shoot. As if she was going to learn Kaya, she blasted off the half of a human-shaped target.

It’s a pity that she is not good enough. She shot one shot in the east and one shot in the west. Out of ten shots, six or seven were missed. So after running out of a magazine, there is no result.

Unwilling to reconcile, she stumbled and changed into a new magic stone magazine, and then continued to shoot, as if she was venting some emotions. Precisely aware of this, Kaya and Miles did not stop the marquise, but watched from the sidelines. Pay attention that she will not aim the gun at herself, and then squeeze the trigger boldly, leaving a mess for people to clean up.

When the Marquis of Balan finished playing all the PPK magazines, even if her emotions were not fully vented, she had to stop. She gasped. Even wearing a loose black robe, you can still see the ups and downs of the chest.

Caught off guard, she was holding head, hysterical, and yelled like no one else. The heart-piercing shout, like something uneasy hidden in the chest, trying to drive it out.

Finally, the marquise, who was about to roar, stood up nonchalantly. She still didn’t plan to pour out that unease to anyone, just the PPK pistol in each minding their own business.

The girl and the dark elves standing next to watch over them all know that there is a story behind this roar. But they didn’t ask questions very tacitly, they just kept silently. Until the Marquis of Balan turned her head and asked: “Can you try’I have no life’ or’Little Cricket’?”

Kaya resolutely shook her head and refused, saying: “The two The gun is impossible to try here, unless the house above is going to be rebuilt. We tried the gun before, but ran far away. After confirming that there were no people or other large creatures around, the gun was shot. As for Those little animals that are very good at hiding were not driven away and were affected. I can only say that they are helpless.”

“Yes, it’s a pity.” The Marquis of Balan asked again: “Then this pistol.” Is there any magazine?”

Kaya also shook his head and said, “This gun is an outdated weapon. Since it is no longer used, of course it is impossible to rebuild a new magazine. Because it is the old one. The power of firearms is not used efficiently, and it’s too wasteful of magic stones. The magazine you just used was left over from the past. After you use it up, it’s gone. I take it out, just let you experience the feeling of shooting.”

“Then your teacher, Excellency Tripwood, can you help me make a new pistol like this one?” The marquise asked casually.

The girl with black hair and brown skin hesitated for a while, after all, in her impression, her teacher was very careful about the flow of the magic gun. Apart from being able to use it by a few people around him, it has never been handed over to someone who is not familiar with it, let alone sold outside.

Even the four silver-bearded dwarves spoke, but they were beaten back by the teacher. It means that what the four people want is the M134 multi-barrel machine gun, a proper ultimate weapon, no wonder the teacher dare not easily agree.

The weapons that man would sell must be obsolete items that, for him, are several generations behind before they are likely to be sold. Even so, overwhelming majority obsolete products are the fate of reinvention. Someone who always talks about resource recovery is unimaginable in this respect.

But facing this marquise, what kind of attitude her teacher will be, Kaya can’t say for sure. So she said reservedly: “Al’s request, I’ll try to mention it to my teacher. But you don’t have too much hope, because I’m not sure what the teacher’s thoughts will be.”

At this moment, Miles interrupted and asked: “However, the thing I want to know more is, Kaya, what is the self-protection thing that your teacher gave you now?” Just the dark elf. As I know, that magician will not spare good things to the people around him to protect himself. If this PPK pistol, which can be easily hidden everywhere on the body, is also rejected, then there must be something better.

After thinking about it, Kaya didn’t hide her personal information, but took out a rag kit. This kit is made by cutting the leftover leftovers and sewing the Hanfu of a few of them. The seal is tightened with two ropes staggered, so it is very convenient to untie it, and it can be opened as soon as it is pulled.

Cautiously took out a metal rosette from the kit. This metal rose is neither carved nor cast. It is composed of an unknown number of small parts. But when Kaya is taken out, it won’t make loose or colliding or rubbing noises because of too many parts.

At first glance, it looks like a whole; except for the color, it looks like a fresh rose that is in bud. Kaya twisted the flower bone with her thumb, and said, “Rabian rose, this is the latest self-protection weapon given to us by the teacher.”

For this metal rose, which is no different from an artwork, Miles and the Marquis of Balan were stunned. Soon, the dark elf noticed something wrong, how could she be easily attracted by the beauty of a certain item. But the faint sense of intimacy shows that this metal rose is an unimaginable strong demon prop that attracts her like this.

“Can you use it to see?” Melso asked.

Kaya still shook his head and said: “The Rabian Rose is a one-time magic item, and the teacher said it is dangerous, although I have never seen it before.”

Bewitchingly said: “Since you haven’t seen it before, don’t you want to see it. If this is a one-time item, and you will use it now, according to your teacher’s approach, he will make a lot of backups.”

This time, Kaya shook his head resolutely and said, “According to the teacher’s personality, when he talks about something very exaggerated in a more plain tone, magnify the matter ten times and it will be almost the same. Get close to the truth of the matter. When the teacher desperately emphasizes something, it is very likely that a hole was dug behind the matter, and the others jumped in, so that he could laugh at the side. But for those plain words, he would instead I hope that someone can’t listen to it and suffer, and he can watch the theater more happily. And the saying about the Rabian rose is just the plain one.”

black hair, brown-skinned When the girl said that, everyone was curious about what the magician had said, and they couldn’t help asking again and again. Kaya said: “At that time, the teacher said: The name of this item is called’Rabian Rose’. It belongs to a small-scale environmental extinction weapon, and one can only be used once. After using it, there will be no vitality except for yourself. So please use it carefully. He actually used the word’please’ to us, what do you think, how do you feel terrifying.”

‘Small-scale environmental extinction weapon’, although Midi didn’t have such a saying before, but from It’s not difficult to understand literally. It’s just…what extent can it be called’environmental extinction’?

Neither the dark elves nor the Marquis of Balan can imagine what kind of tragic extinction the environment in that magician’s mouth will look like. Especially Miles, she has seen the ruthless look of that magician. If it is a level of danger that even he himself would be afraid of, how dangerous is it?

Or treat these as bullshit to coax children, and have to encourage the girl in front of you to try it? Miles didn’t dare, really didn’t dare. It’s a small matter to offend that magician, but it’s a big deal to play with oneself. And according to my knowledge of that magician, there is a great chance that I will really play myself to death.

Kaya didn’t dare to hand the’Rabian Rose’ to others, but carefully retracted the kit and tightened his pockets. During the whole process, the two people nearby did not dare to take a breath. It wasn’t until the kit was retracted by the girl into her arms that she breathed a long breath. Miles asked at this moment: “Why does your teacher do this thing? Whom does he want to kill?”

Cocked his head and thought for a while before Kaya said: “At that time It seems that the prototype of “I have no life” has just been completed, and the experimental process of verifying shooting is in progress. Hallumi suddenly asked the teacher, why this type of weapon must be made into the shape of a gun. It is made like flowers and grass. Isn’t it also very beautiful. Then the version of “I have no life” was quickly finalized, and then the teacher made a “Rabian rose” for our self-protection.”

The process of the girl’s presentation. It’s equally bland. But in fact, at someone’s place at the beginning, there was a wave of ten thousand zhang.

Why the magic gun must be made into a’gun’ shape? This problem fiercely hit someone’s deep-rooted concept of Earth.

In the history of Earth’s thermal weapon development, there is a structural part on the gun that is indispensable, and that is the barrel. No matter how the gun mechanism, trigger, hammer, crosshair, buttstock, etc. change, the barrel must exist, but it may be longer or shorter, and its caliber may vary.

The role of the barrel is to restrict the direction of the bullet’s flight, so that it can roughly moved towards the place you want to shoot. Weapons that can be controlled are meaningful. Otherwise, the bullet can be fired if you hit the bottom fire with an iron hammer, but it is not certain who killed it.

So in Earth, the design of the gun is to revolve around the barrel as the core, and create all kinds of guns and weapons.

But in Lost Land, this magical country. Through the magic array, the power is converted into a condensed body of pure energy, and then the target is hit with a speed that is too fast to cover the ears to cause damage. In this process, it doesn’t matter whether the barrel exists or not. That being the case, is there any reason to make the weapon a’gun-shaped’?

Get rid of the established thinking about the appearance of weapons, a magical metal rose is the final finished product made by Lin. The name comes from a real robot animation from Earth. After mixing the elements of magic, the finished product is beyond one’s imagination. The conclusion is that the Earth experience is not necessarily above the magic ground, unless it is doing exactly the same thing.

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