Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 755

The Battallion Centaur enters Ling Zhongxing where there is no road, especially in the case of heavy weight. Of course, it is impossible to have a neat queue or a dense formation. In addition to maintaining the front, middle and back three groups, everyone is trying to keep the protected people on the inside of the team, and the outside is the responsibility of the group of well-fighting bodyguards.

Because the people participating in the escort are veterans of adventure, as long as they are assigned their respective positions, there is nothing to do with Uzov. When he was free, he glanced at the dark elf beside him from time to time. If Miles hadn’t worked with this guy, she would have doubted if this man was in estrus at the wrong time and place.

“Go ahead. It looks like you have been holding back for a long time.” said the dark elf.

Without much consideration, Uzov said: “Since Boss lent you the rifle, let’s see if we turn on the prey detection mode.”

“Why, belly I’m hungry, I want to hunt. Although it didn’t take long until noon, have you gotten into the habit of having lunch with your host?” Mai Erhu said jokingly.

“No. Honestly speaking, the detection mode is also a very convenient eye for alerting all around. What I need is this to protect this team.”

“If you want to protect everyone here, you need more than eyes.” Miles said pointedly. But she didn’t explain it, but turned around and said: “As for the issue of environmental monitoring, don’t worry, I will do it from the very beginning.” Uzov was taken aback and asked: “I did it at first, how did I do it? I didn’t see the water mirror screen of the map. And if I continue to use it, will the power of the gun be consumed too much? We are not sure how long it will take this time. I remember that the magic stones used in the rifle are all specially made, and you can’t use it casually. If you run out of reserves, the rifle can only be used as a Fire Burning Stick.”

Miles triumphed with his right ear. Although the earrings made by the World Tree Avatar were small, they were charming. The dark elf said with a smile: “I don’t want to think about who my real backer is. Your Majesty has analyzed the detection magic on the rifle and projected the result into my field of vision. Although when I look at it, there will be more eyes Some things that don’t actually exist; but it’s okay after getting used to it. In doing so, the power to open the water mirror is saved, and the duration is at least several times longer than in the past.”

Facts Behind this matter is more complicated. Lin used the first coffin to connect all the high seats of the Turtle Dove League to obtain the computing power of World Tree. Anyway, for these big plants, it has always been a state of redundant computing power; therefore, no one really protested against someone walking through the back door and sneaking some hands and feet from them.

The other reason for being so generous is that while Lin uses the first coffin to connect all World Trees, it also means that the database of the first coffin is open to the World Trees. Of course, it includes all Lin’s design related to Arcane’s Eye, as well as various small applications related to the forum, and even secret instant messaging software.

It’s just that World Tree doesn’t understand the value of everything in it, and of course they don’t spread it. And this time, it was also needed by Miles, so Fasnas analyzed the detection program in the rifle; and used the first coffin database mentioned in the method of using retinal projection, using Avatar ear studs to compare the results. Show it in the eyes of your family members.

The reason why the rifle prey detection mode needs to be turned on and off before, the most important is the water mirror screen used to display the small map of the prey location, because it is actively created by magic, so it consumes power. Arcane’s Eye only passively collects data scattered in the environment, and the consumption is not large.

The method of projection retina, the consumption is also quite low. Because that is the power that the caster is paying for, not the magic stone. In this way, as long as Miles touches the rifle, she can turn on the monitoring of the rifle at any time, and grasp all situations within a radius of about one kilometer.

Even if Miles turned off the live detection minimap in his field of vision, Fasnas was still watching. He can warn his family members about any abnormal situation at any time, which is the strongest living monitoring device.

Moreover, the information collected by Arcane’s eye is not only the small circular map displayed in Mel’s eyes, but also the red and blue dots representing creatures foe and foe. It just selects the least information and displays it in a limited display range. In the processing of Phathinas, Arcane’s eye observes everything within his control.

It means that this World Tree is also very idle, so I have time to look around through Miles, reminding me from time to time…

But the reason behind this, Uzov didn’t know. So he still proposed a test and asked the dark elf: “Then can you please tell me, what is the situation near our team now?” , Our scout came into contact with a large creature. Wait a minute, you’ll receive the news from earlier.”

It’s okay that I didn’t hear it. As soon as I heard it, Uzov asked nervously: “Large creature? How big? Can you judge its rank? How far away?”

To calm the nervous man, Miles said: “Don’t worry. It looks like a bear. Creatures. But it’s just an ordinary wild beast, not a demonic beast. Although it’s troublesome for an ordinary person, if those scouts can’t handle this problem well, don’t look for them next time.”

At the same time, there was a commotion in front of the team. The scout members sent out came back with ease. I went to Uzov Gantia and asked, “Boss, we met a big bear in front of us. Do you want to kill the food for the evening?”

I found the news and Malsu As he said nothing, Uzov really believed that the dark elf had indeed mastered the detection magic of the rifle. But for what the scout said, he shook his head and said, “We just set off, so it’s not good to stop and mutilate the animal. Go around the bear, or find a way to get it away. Today, we’re going to go inside the forest as much as possible. Except for the target wood, we try not to stop.”

The young man as a scout shrugged indifferently and said: “You are the boss. Everything is up to you.”

The episode in the adventure did not disturb anyone’s mood. The ordinary wild beast, who had no wisdom, was slightly lured by the scout, and left the group on the way forward.

As for the use of the rifle, Uzov originally had concerns. Because he knew that set of reconnaissance magic, the magician had not been exposed to others, at best he knew another map for siege. So if it was exposed, he was a little hesitant.

Since Miles has a better way to use it, he is happy that this journey can be carried out more safely without revealing his boss’s hole cards. Even if the magician doesn’t care if other people know that there is such a magic, it shouldn’t come out of his mouth.

Everyone keeps going.

The autumn forest has a bleak smell, and there are more yellowed leaves than ever before. Of course, this also brings some trouble to the people walking in it. Fortunately, there are not many small insects in this forest, and the miasma caused by corrupt leaves is even rarer.

This kind of forest form only represents one meaning in Midi, and the activity of power here is higher than that of other places. At the same time, the demonic beast is the main focus, not the demonized plant. If it is the latter, then the forest will be full of miasma, and it is difficult for ordinary creatures to survive.

The man who led the way was a member of the artisan team under the Grand Duke of Cavi. According to them, they entered this forest when they were young and found a gathering place for the two types of wood. So this time, I did my part to be the guide.

Of course, so much time has passed, and many terrains and features have already changed, and even the memory is not so clear. So this time it’s up to everyone to pay attention to every tree passing by.

Fortunately, the two types of trees, Phoebe Phoebe and Silver Cinnamomum, have very obvious characteristics, that is, they have quite unique aromas. The former is slightly scented, but it is unforgettable. The latter has a strong fragrance, and those who like it can accept it, and those who don’t like it may avoid it for fear; but one thing is certain, that is, small insects definitely don’t like it.

As time progressed, everyone went deep into the forest. Today, most of the time spent in the car during the day, and it is already not far from the time of darkness. So Uzov sent someone to inform the avant-garde and scouts to find a suitable place to camp today.

Set up camp in the forest, but you can’t wait until dark. Because under the dense shade of trees, the visibility is not high, even in daylight; if the moonlight is faint at night, the humans in it are just like blinds.

You have to make most of the preparations when you can still see all around clearly. Otherwise, the cruel nature will give people a lively lesson at the cost of the life of the negligent.

While Uzov was thinking about the things he should pay attention to when camping at night, there was another commotion in front of the team. It is the same young young man who was sent to run errands by other veteran scouts, but it is also possible that the youngster happily came to take credit. At least judging from his expression, Uzov guessed it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

“Hey, Boss, guess what we saw in front of you?”

Uzov looked at Mels on the side and cast a questioning look. The dark elf just shook Shook his head. It seems that it should not be an animal or a demonized man-eating plant. These creatures will be caught by the detection magic of the rifle. That would make the scout behave so excited, Uzov only thought of one possibility. He asked tentatively: “Could it be that you found it?”

“Hey, Boss, how did you know?” the young scout asked in surprise.

“You just write it on your face, I can’t guess it.” Uzov was annoyed by teaching the younger generation. Then he said: “The spot was found in the front? Did you notify the master?”

But watching the commotion of the team, plus Uzov knows the youngster’s character, it is estimated that what he discovered is almost necessary Let everyone know it. So he simply instructed the guards around him: “Go to a group of people first to consolidate the defense of the discovery area. Boy, go and ask the master, and lead him to the location of your discovery to appraise the wood. Even if you find it, can you use it? It’s still unknown. So don’t be happy too early.”

“You are really disappointed, Boss. Think better, how about it. Life is not all bad luck.” youngster said with a smile.

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