Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 756

The relevant crowd quickly gathered at the spot where the scouts claimed to have found the target wood.

Because of arranging the action of the Battallion Centaur, Uzov took a step slower to arrive. When he arrived at his destination, he saw the artisans who belonged to the Grand Duke of Cavi, taking their apprentices to appraise wood.

The wood found is a suspected target of Cinnamomum camphora. Permeated in the air, that strong smell is its characteristic. But this time it is to be used as a wardrobe for the nobles, just like the magic materials used by the magician, even if it is the same variety, there are still points that can be used or not.

It looks like a hollow, crooked neck, and can only use materials to make small objects, not large objects. In addition to poor quality, there are also some extremely uneven distribution of powers, which are defective magic materials. If you want to use it, you can only take part, and you can’t make large objects, and even some picky magicians will directly discard such defective products.

Sometimes the processing after felling fails, resulting in unusable timber. It’s as if the demonic beast’s peeling and tanning work is not done well, the skin will be scrapped.

That’s why we need experienced craftsmen to do the appraisal and professional loggers to handle it. Rather than just chopping any adventurer, just take the same kind of wood back and use it.

But luck was very good. After the Duke’s master craftsman appraised it, he confirmed that the several scattered growing silver camphor trees could be used, and the group was ready to start logging.

However, it is not the craftsmen and loggers who have the final say to cut down trees in this forest, but it depends on whether the bodyguards agree. In mysterious and dangerous areas, bodyguards are employed to protect the lives of others. When the employer does not cooperate with the behavior that they consider safe, the guards have the right to use their own safety as a reason to decisively abandon the employer of courting death. Leave by yourself.

Don’t look at such rules as cruel, and what the uncle who pays the money is going to do, how can the people who take the money do not agree to it. There is no spirit of contract at all!

Actually, in such a dangerous place, it is nothing new for bodyguards to interrupt employers who have no battle strength in order to survive in order to attract chasing demonic beasts.

Anyway, I can leave the forest alive, and the rest are accomplices. It is impossible for anyone to tell the ugly behavior that he did when he encountered danger in that forest. And those who died in the forest could not come forward to accuse everything that was betrayed.

So instead of testing the character of bodyguards, it is better to put the shame on the front, and also to stop the various fancy death behaviors of some people who are used to it. Because it’s already clear, in the dangerous wilderness, if you fucking don’t do what I said, please go to death, and it will help some people to restrain themselves.

In Lost Land, the most valuable thing is loyalty, and the least valuable is loyalty.

So even if the craftsmen belonged to the team of the Grand Duke, they just asked the loggers to prepare first, and did not really start work. Aside from the solid execution path of courting death, they also hope to have a safe working environment in dangerous areas. It means that impossible really ignores the suggestions of those bodyguards and only sticks to my own ideas.

Uzov, who was a step ahead of everyone, did not move forward after getting the wood of the target tree species to be available, and take a look at this silver-patterned camphor, which is also a high-quality wood magic material. . He took two or three friends from the alliance and patrolled the environment all around.

“What do you think of camping here?” Uzov asked his friend.

The head of the guard with a considerable status in the Turtledove League, following Uzov around, of course he also understood what the friend wanted to see. So for the question, he quickly replied: “Although it is not the most ideal environment. But there is still some time before dark. It should be no problem to arrange it.”

After getting the same opinion, Uzo The husband then instructed: “Okay, let people camp here overnight. Waiting for the logging operation tomorrow morning.”

You can prepare to rest early, and no one expresses dissatisfaction. Besides, even if the logging work is started immediately, it will be night time until all the processing is completed. It would be better to do it during the day tomorrow. So everyone moved neatly to clean up the environment and set up temporary camps.

At this time, the scout young man touched Uzov again, rubbed his hands, smiled and asked, “Boss, how about I look for that bear? I heard that bear paws are delicious, but I haven’t I’ve eaten it.”

Uzov patted the youngster’s head irritably, and said, “If you go back alone, I really can’t be sure who ate whom. Don’t think about that. Many, just look for those veterans in the vicinity. No one will leave the team and look back for something that is not sure if it is still in place.”

“That bear passed away?” youngster Asked innocently.

“It has four legs, it will stay in place stupidly until you go back and kill it. Don’t think about that many, learn more from those old hands, they are really capable People, even I have learned a lot from them.”


At night, the camping ground in the forest is quite lively. Although there is no wine, as a member of the Turtledove League, there are few people who can’t play the piano and sing a few words casually. And this time it was not a serious military operation, so everyone was eating and making trouble in a fairly relaxed mood.

Of course, the perimeter guards are still very serious. Because they don’t want to relax, because the guards made mistakes and made things happen that shouldn’t happen. What kind of return oneself hopes to get, oneself must pay the same price, this is the basic spirit of the alliance.

Beside the campfire, several female fighters, including Marc, are naturally the objects of everyone’s courtesy. But whether it’s the women who are also adventurous veterans, or the dark elves, Miles, can deal with these things with ease. Of course, there are people who are fancy going hand in hand into the depths of the forest, only to return after a while. Dew marriage may be envious of some people, but that’s all.

People from the technical guild, whether they are alliances or not, they are used to making friends, they naturally blend into the relaxed atmosphere of bodyguards.

On the contrary, it is the team of craftsmen from the Grand Duke, who is somewhat self-reliant and can’t let go of emotions. Several youngsters looked towards the positions of the women enviously, but they were stared at by the old man who took the lead, and they retracted their heads as if they were withered.

When the hustle and bustle of the camp gradually subsided, except for the campfire, everyone else found a place to sleep, and Uzov sat next to Mela, who was still awake.

The dark elf said jokingly: “Is this loneliness, or is it cold, and need me to warm you up?”

Uzov said with a wry smile: “I want to Ask what you mentioned during the day. It’s the people under the Grand Duke.”

“Oh, it looks like you are not blind yet.” Miles said with a look of admiration.

“The kid was following the master. But his actions did not look like a young apprentice at all. Many things were too deliberate, but became very obvious. If this is not visible, I will It’s white.” Uzov lowered his voice and said, “I just want to ask you to confirm that what you have found is the one I said.”

Merz doesn’t have Uzov’s. He had a mysterious and secretive attitude, but he also said softly: “If there is no better acting person, then you and I should find the same one.”

After getting a reply from the dark elf, Uzo The husband nodded slightly to a member of the Turtledove League not far away, and turned his head to leave calmly. If you don’t pay attention, others will not notice that these two people are connected.

Mai Erhao looked at the man in front of him with interest, as if he had met him for the first time. Uzov stared at such a beautiful beauty for a long time, and no matter how thick his face was, he couldn’t help but cough slightly, trying to hide his embarrassment. But he still asked: “Why are you staring at me all the time?”

“People who always think you seem to be used to doing this kind of things.” Miles pointed to what he saw just now. Secret contact method.

In response to such doubts, Uzov laughed embarrassedly and said: “This kind of thing has been done a lot before. He always enters the land of other noble lords, trying to save this person and that person. Yes. There have been no serious adventures.”

Meer also remembered that the main policy of the Turtle-Dove Alliance is to help each other. The actual act is that a group of offended and powerful people are helping each other. Then, because of such behavior, offend the new powerful, or offend the original enemy deeper, a perfect vicious circle. This is also the reason why the people of the Turtledove League have a bad reputation in the eyes of most people.

As if to alleviate the embarrassment, Uzov said: “But although he knows that there is a ghost, he still can’t guess what he might do. After all, it’s too easy to frame people in such a dangerous place. Now.”

Supporting the sharp and beautiful chin with her slender arms, Melo cast a wink and said, “Do you need me to ask him for your help?”

Uzov would not naively think that the dark elves are just going to make idiots. So he asked: “Can it not be discovered?”

“If one person is missing, it is impossible not to be discovered. But as long as it is well arranged, there is still a way to explain it.”


Merry has certainly considered, using women’s biggest capital to make tactics. If you are in the comfort of the back, doing so has a great chance of success.

But this is a place where life and death are at stake, and will be sent here, and will not be the kind of person who takes care of his heart with warm words. And there is no such idle time to make idioms, so naturally it is a variety of swift and decisive means, and information must be obtained in the shortest time. But by doing so, there is no way to leave a good person.

After considering the dark elf’s suggestion, Uzov shook his head and rejected it. He said: “I don’t know what the reason is for the other party to stare at us? Is it implicated by the Boss, or is it the technology guild that attracts attention. Is it the Grand Duke of Kavi, or someone else? I am more than he is planning to set a trap. I want to know these answers. But if you are too hasty, you may get the wrong answer.”

As for Uzov’s concerns, Melchnodded agreed. If the person who comes is a dead man, it is not impossible to say some false information to confuse the public when he knows he is exposed.

And Uzov has another layer of consideration, saying: “Besides, we don’t have any conclusive evidence to prove that the person intends to set a trap to betray us. If all this is just a misunderstanding. Even if it’s not a misunderstanding. , How to explain to other people, even to the Grand Duke himself? Or to treat them equally and treat them as betrayers. If it is finally proved that all of this is just our over-heartedness, then how much time will it take to find a solution Let things get back on track. So my idea is to wait for him to expose it. Until then, we just have to be on guard.”

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