Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 757

The logging work during the day is proceeding in an orderly manner. It went well without any hindrance. It seems to be doing this in one’s own backyard, rather than being in a forest with demonic beasts lurking everywhere.

The work can be carried out so smoothly, the bodyguards of the Turtle-Dove League are indispensable. The most dazzling among them is the dark spirit Spirit Wheat Erzu, and the strange weapon in her hand.

Originally, Uzov Gantiyar stood out from the crowd and asked the dark elves to lead a small team to clean the surroundings. Most people were still puzzled. But when Miles led several youngsters and brought back one gain after another, the original disagreements were automatically settled. Taking risks outside, strength is respected, and everyone is still very pragmatic.

Of course, Uzov pushed a little in the middle. First of all, the manpower he assigns to Miles is youngsters who are more receptive to new things, and these people are also people who moved towards the dark elves last night to show their courtesy or express their affection. By the means of the dark elves, these people are easier to control.

For Uzov, in addition to trust, this is also somewhat of a test. Try to see if Miles can take advantage of these advantages and make some achievements. If it doesn’t work, just take her by her side and treat her full-time as an “eye”.

It’s not only Uzov’s Old Yu’s sophistication, but Melso is also the same. She guessed the idea of ​​this man, and also took advantage of the rifle’s advantages and her own charm to manage the manpower allocated to her to be subdued. The most important thing is that she didn’t consider the rifle on her back as a secret card. Instead, she generously showed the advantages of this long-range weapon and shot the demonic beast that might be disruptive to a hundred paces away.

The youngsters who followed Miles were only relatively young compared to the middle-aged members of the alliance. Maybe the methods are not so sophisticated, it doesn’t mean that they are less knowledgeable. These people know that the types of long-range weapons suitable for use in the forest are quite rare. Most people use a short bow because it is easy to move and has a more accurate head, but the range is not as good as the long bow used in the open.

But the strange weapon in the hands of the dark elves breaks their old cognition. The distance of a hundred steps, if it is not for a specially trained archer, it may not be able to shoot that far, let alone hit the target. And to throw a hundred steps in the forest, it is impossible to look at the crown of the tree as nothing. Therefore, to hunt in the forest, you have to get close to the range where the prey can quickly attack yourself.

However, the rifle broke all old cognitions and conventions. It allows hunters to easily shoot their prey from a safe distance, and the formidable power is amazing. At this stage, I haven’t been able to see anyone who hits a shot without falling, whether it’s a wild beast or a demonic beast. If it is an ordinary hunting shortbow, with more than a dozen arrows inserted into the body of a larger prey, it will still be able to kill people alive, which is very common.

However, the shooting cost per shot also made these youngsters speechless and dispelled the idea of ​​getting a rifle by themselves. I can only say that I am truly a magician, and the things I take are not affordable for ordinary adventurers. After a few rounds, a magazine worth of the Red Yao-class magic stone will be scrapped. Use magic arrows to shoot randomly, and there is no rifle to burn money.

Later, several youngsters demanded that some small, relatively non-hazardous prey, let them shoot, and don’t waste the resources of the rifle. They knew from the dark elves that when Mel’s magazine was used up, the rifle could only be used as a stick to attack. Taking risks outside and effectively using limited resources is also a very important course.

But even if the rifle is no longer used for shooting, Myrso’s command has made the hunting of the youngsters quite easy. So gradually, they stopped thinking about following the instructions of a female dark elf, what was wrong. Even the commander can still notice many details that they haven’t noticed. These are the guarantee of his own little life.

It can be said that the formidable power used by Miles to re-arm the gun has given everyone a good start. With the detection magic attached to the rifle, the prestige was successfully established in this squad. Then use the number of prey to convince others. For the dark elf’s methods, it was just easy. Most of her thoughts are still on monitoring the suspicious person.

I just observed the whole morning, but I didn’t see anything wrong with the other party. Even the other party, as a craftsman apprentice, had done one thing unambiguously. Naturally, there is no evidence to sue the other party.

It seems that I have entered the stage of competition and patience. The dark elf thought so.

The felling of Cinnamomum sylvestris and the preliminary treatment of timber were successfully completed in the morning. But everyone didn’t plan to take these large logs on the road, but found a place to put them, and then take them away together when they returned.

But the silver-patterned camphor as a magical material, the most precious part of the core of the tree, was taken down and carried with you. One is that the core of the tree is not large; for the two, if this thing stays in place, it is easy to attract other demonic beasts or even be destroyed by it; third, the core of the Cinnamomum camphora is the most odorous part, with an insect-controlling effect Of course, it is also the best. It can reduce a lot of worries in the forest, such as malaria and other diseases.

It’s just a good start on the first day, and it doesn’t mean that the luck of this journey is so good. In the next few days, the second target tree species, Xiang Nan, could not be found everywhere.

As we get deeper into the forest, although there is no attrition, everyone will inevitably be impetuous. In particular, the strong smell of Cinnamomum camphora, although it has the miraculous effect of insect-controlling, has also become the source of complaints from some people. After all, not everyone likes that smell, even if it is very useful in such an environment.

Fortunately, Uzov Gantia has an extraordinary wrist, and he can always resolve some small disputes in a way that does not hurt. In addition, before the mountains and rivers are over, I just found one of the goals on the first day of comparison. Such contrasting results made everyone a little irritable.

Furthermore, although no one admits it, the white sword saint William Greco is at the end of the team, which is also the reason why everyone can rest assured of this journey. Maybe there is a lot of trouble getting along with this person; but his strength is the best guarantee in this harsh environment. So although everyone is a little impetuous, they are not hysterical and hurt each other.

Since the scent of Cinnamomum vulgaris is quite strong, it is easy to find this kind of tree by following the instructions of the nose. Although Xiangnan is also characterized by aroma, the smell is not obvious and it is easy to be overlooked. Therefore, the team that has gradually expanded the scope of the search finds the suspected target tree, stops to identify it, confirms that it is not, and continues to move forward. Such an action loops.

On the sixth day of going deep into the forest, everyone camped and rested early on that day. Because you continue to go down, you will be faced with a choice. Going to the left is the direction to advance up the mountain; going to the right is to cross a river. In which direction Xiang Nan had a chance to discover, the craftsman who served as the guide couldn’t say for sure.

The method of dividing into two teams seems to be the smartest, but in fact it is the most stupid. In such a dangerous environment, the number of people and power is not fun. The division of troops may expand the search range, but it is also possible to leave both teams in the forest. So no one put forward such a stupid proposal.

Whether to go up the mountain or cross the river has become a problem.

Uzov is not arbitrary either. After dinner, everyone raised it around the bonfire, wanting to hear your opinions. As a result, there are naturally different opinions and opinions. After all, this is a question with no correct answer, and no matter where you choose to go, there is a taste of try one’s luck in it.

And during the whole discussion, Spirit Wheat, the dark spirit, didn’t say a word. Several youngsters who supported her said at this time: “Mai, although you haven’t said anything, you still seem to be thinking about something. Don’t you bring up the things you are considering so that everyone can think about it together.”

The named Mai Ersi cannot say that she is thinking about how to let the kid who is suspected of the ghost show his feet.

However, she is not completely clueless about what everyone is discussing. So I said: “I’m thinking about the habitual growth environment of Phoebe nanmu and whether there are any characteristics. Or it is the same species of Phoebe and what kind of place it likes to grow in. Even if the species is different, as long as it is a tree of the same kind. , Its internship is similar. It’s just that I live in the underground world most of the time, and I’m not so familiar with things on the surface. Are there anyone present who knows the characteristics of these trees?”

The dark elf’s statement is reasonable and reasonable. It is also a group of five big and three rough adventurers and craftsmen who focus on skills, ignoring the part of thinking. Everyone turned their heads and looked towards the master craftsman who belonged to the Grand Duke. The demand for fragrant nanmu was raised by this. Now that you know this kind of wood, you should know more or less about other information.

The old craftsman who hadn’t done this kind of lumber hunting for a long time, he patted his thigh with a little annoyance. He should have thought of these things a long time ago, and reminded everyone. It was just the past few days that I was dizzy by the smell of silver camphor, so I didn’t think about it.

Try to remember what you learned when you were young and follow the Masters. The old craftsman said: “Xiangnan, a kind of phoebe, an advanced magic material. I like to grow in warm and humid places—”

So I should cross the river? Everyone thought so.

“–But most of the locations are located in mountainous areas. From some short mountains to below the green belt of high mountains.–“

So it should be on the mountain?

“——Although Xiangnan can’t grow very thick, it can grow quite tall. But the so-called not so thick here is the degree that an adult can barely embrace. What I know is that That’s it.”

“So, is it going up the mountain or crossing the river?” The youngster of the scout team, on behalf of everyone, asked everyone’s doubts.

The old craftsman also realized that the information he gave seemed to make sense wherever he went. Although he was calm on the surface, he was still a little bit annoyed in his heart.

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