Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 758

“Let’s go up the mountain.” When everyone was hesitant, Uzov came forward and said.

The so-called leadership makes a decision in this dilemma. Going a little further, that is, when the decision is wrong, it is also responsible. You have to bear the burden of success or failure to be considered a true leader. Rather than just picking the fruits of success, failure is the failure of subordinates.

Furthermore, at this time, when I brought it up to discuss with everyone, Uzov hoped to hear some of his negligence or ignorance to support himself in making any decisions. The information given by the master craftsman of the Grand Duke was exactly what he wanted to know.

Although walking toward the river is in line with warm and humid conditions, whoever says that the mountains are impossible to have such a climate. Moreover, the old craftsman said in the latter sentence that most of the nandus are distributed in the mountainous areas, although they are below the green belt. In the mysterious terrain, the so-called green zone refers to the height where it will not snow. In some northern countries, it refers to the height at which winter snow will melt.

So Uzov made a quick decision in the difficult problem of choosing one.

Since the leader of this line has made a decision, others no longer object to it. Because they can’t guarantee that if they stick to the other direction, they will be able to find the target tree.

As the night gets deeper, the hustle and bustle of the camp gradually subsides. The troublesome master sword saint ran to take a bath in the nearby river. In addition to him, there are also several female guards who love to be clean. These people are more or less thinking about whether they can get closer to the sword saint, or even go further. Like Earth, Midi will take the initiative, but not only men in heat.

Melsi didn’t follow, because this time was the time for her to exchange information with Uzov. Because of their mysterious and secretive actions in the night, and their relationship with the magician, some kind of ambiguous rumors arose in the team.

Neither of them have explained it. Anyway, such rumors help their actions. As for this rumor, the owner of the dark elf, Uzov Boss’s ears… I guess that person wouldn’t have any thoughts. It is even possible to attach a dowry and happily send an elf to marry. If this thing is true.

“Did you find anything?” Uzov asked first.

Mairsha shook his head and said: “Like the previous few days, nothing has been achieved.”

“Are we worried? Or is he just responsible for monitoring us and mastering It’s just the whereabouts of this team?”

“Beware. If you just want to monitor, the person behind the scenes could send a more clever person. But this person, I don’t feel that simple. “

In fact, Uzov felt the same way. Because if you just want to control the trends of your own entire group, the other party can even buy in the insiders, so that this trusted person can deliver the news that the person behind the scene wants without knowing it, without having to insert a special one. piece. Many leaks are actually not intentional, but are leaked inadvertently.

But the youngster emits strange murderous aura from time to time. It is really hard to believe that such a person is only responsible for the task of surveillance and has no other intentions. But no matter how you spy, you can’t find out the method the other party intends to use. Therefore, Uzov and Mel’s can only continue to hold their troops, avoiding beat the grass to scare the snake.

But Miles has a feeling that the other party’s plan has been implemented, but he has not discovered it. So what exactly is that plan? The dark elf was puzzled.

The way up the mountain is tortuous. In fact, there are no roads in this seldom-inhabited forest. It was the scouts following the route of the wild beast’s action, finding the gentle slope of the ascent, and then cutting off the weeds on both sides, so that a path was made. Instead of looking for the top of the mountain and going straight ahead, climbing when you see the rock wall, it will be very tiring to do so.

Fortunately, everyone’s baggage is items that can be carried on their backs. The scouts who opened the road put ropes to assist, and everyone climbed the ropes to help them, and the way up the mountain was not too difficult.

The trees on the hillside grow sparsely compared to the flat ground. However, there are still many footprints of wild beast. Although the scout had searched for a gentle ramp as much as possible, the older craftsmen in the team were able to climb gasping for breath. Even the luggage was handed over to their own apprentices, and they were almost unable to walk, let alone carrying things on their backs.

On this kind of terrain, the only soldiers who can maintain their vitality are those who are accustomed to adventure. Although the artisan team usually does some physical work, they use different muscles. Carrying things to climb the mountain, even though they didn’t complain, their expressions wouldn’t be any better.

Mel Su is one of the most relaxed people. The most important is such an environment, she is used to it. The underground world is not an environment that is located on the same plane as most people perceive. There are also cliffs, all kinds of ups and downs, and even the chances of terrain drop appear more frequently than on the surface. It can be said that every time you go out, it is like climbing a mountain.

Because of this experience, Miles can also find opportunities to climb up the treetops and look out all around the surrounding environment. The reason for doing this kind of physically demanding thing is because a warning message in my heart lingers, and it is getting stronger and stronger. But what was the reason, she still couldn’t find out.

When she didn’t know how many times she climbed the treetops and looked at the hillside not far away, what she saw was not the lush woods, but a mess that looked like a giant beast. The tree broke and the stone broke, opening a twisted road. At this moment, Maier was in a daze before thinking about what kind of creature it was that could cause such destruction.

Suddenly, several clues were strung together in her mind. The strong smell of giant beast, silver camphor, and Black Dragon Augustus.

After turning over, Miles directly jumped off the tree, moved towards the Grand Duke’s craftsman team, and the youngster who had been suspected of her ran away.

Compared to the puzzlement of others, the youngster with a gloomy face took out the dagger from his arms, without the slightest hesitation, moved towards Maier’s stabbing. The dark elves, who had been prepared for a long time, were of course impossible to be injured by this simple attack. The young man fell to the ground in three or two hits. And from his arms, found the key to this trap.

“What’s the matter?”

In the face of the dark elf violent and wounding, the artisan team of the Grand Duke almost took out a hammer and axe to fight back. But in the end, they endured it and wanted to hear an explanation instead of making trouble on the spot. After all, the previous cooperation and getting along with each other, even if they weren’t harmonious, were by no means hostile.

Uzov, who rushed over, saw what Malsu was holding at first sight. His eyes flashed a severe light, and he asked: “What is this?”

“What we have been neglecting, Long Duxiang.”

Long Duxiang is caused by The female lesser dragon is a kind of fecal matter in estrus, which is a concentrated and refined alchemy product. The formal use is to aphrodisiac demonic beast, make it mate.

Most of the armies that use demonic beasts as their mounts will use this kind of alchemy potions that force mounts to be bred to maintain the number of demonic beasts. But there are also nobles who use this thing on women or men. Basically use it once, and it will destroy one person.

It is not difficult to guess what kind of creatures this thing will attract when placed in such a place.

Melsi suppressed the man under him and said, “Because of the strong smell of silver camphor, we ignore the second smell that we have been following. And I also lived with Augustus for a while. Because of time, I am used to the smell of Dragon Race, so I have not taken this faintly discernable smell seriously. But we will ignore this smell, but some creatures don’t. So I’m not sure if there are nandus in this forest. But I can be sure that there is a dragon here that is not known to most people, and it is very likely to be an earth travel dragon. Because I saw traces of suspected earth travel dragons from the treetops on the eastern hillside. No. I know, my speculation like this is not correct.”

In the last sentence, Miles asked about the youngster who was crushed by her.

Don’t look at the slender and delicate appearance of the dark elf, in fact, the muscles hidden under it also have considerable strength. At least, those who are suppressed can’t get rid of it. He had to exhaust all his strength before he could squeeze the air out of his lungs and make a sound. He said sharply: “Duke Carvey has long been dissatisfied with what the magician has done. To remove his wings today, I will not hesitate to pay the price of my life!” Everyone in the craftsman team was terrified. Even the old craftsman with this apprentice looked shocked and tried to explain to Uzov: “President Gantia, this matter is completely fictional! The Grand Duke never gave such instructions.”

“hahaha, old fogey, you were abandoned by Duke Kawei. Of course it is not your turn to know this secret.” Youngster arrogantly said with a smile.

The old craftsman is sad. I wanted to persuade his apprentice, but he turned his head and looked towards Uzov. “President Gantia, look…” Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted.

Uzov said: “Master, I believe this is not the meaning of the Grand Duke, but another instigator. ──”

“Yes, do you think People…”

“──But who is behind it, I have to find out. Even today’s actions are to deal with the technical guild’s people or my boss. More needs to be found out, so people are impossible to give you. If it is the grand duke’s deacon or guards to ask for it, I have no objection, and he must be returned. But you are only craftsmen, and you are not good at this kind of things. Leave it to our professional staff to do it. You don’t want to intervene.”

When interrupting the master craftsman twice, Uzov just didn’t want to give these noble servants a good face. There are always people who think that if they climb high, they will become a person at that level, and they will despise the people who are working at the lowest level just like their past.

The old craftsman in front of him, although such an attitude is not obvious, but his expert consciousness cannot be erased. Now that he still wants to protect his apprentice, Uzov just finds it funny.

Looking at this Senior who didn’t give up and wanted to say something, Uzov interrupted him for the third time and said, “Master, maybe you still don’t know our situation. I want to tell you. The thing is, don’t worry about the brat or the wood. We should run away. Try our best to escape. If you want to continue talking nonsense, it’s a waste of our escape time.”

” …What do you mean?” the old craftsman asked puzzledly.

Suddenly there was a huge roar, scared witless those present. Even more timid, fell directly and sat on the ground.

On the top of the mountain, Earth Dragon is here!

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