Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 759

Because the five-color dragon and the metal dragon have the intelligence of the’civilization’ level, generally speaking, they will not be regarded as a’demonic beast’.

Earth Dragon is not recognized by the group of flying lizards on Dragon Island because of its intelligence similar to the wild beast level. But in the biological sequence of the mysterious natural world, it also undoubtedly belongs to the top level. Material resistance, magic resistance, destructive power, physical strength, and speed are all beyond the reach of trifling humans.

So when people followed the loud roar and saw the huge majestic figure on the hillside through the gaps between the treetops, most people were shocked. Only the bodyguards of the Turtledove League can remain calm. In their adventurous career, encountering Earth Dragon is not the most dangerous moment.

The scouts who went out quickly withdrew back, and the avant-garde team also sent back those who needed to be protected, and began to build a simple position in the front. To attack Earth Dragon, it has to cross a long downhill section. Unless the big guy intends to roll down, how fast it is impossible. Anyone who is accustomed to taking risks knows that going up a mountain is easy and difficult to go down, and this is the same for Earth Dragon.

The bodyguards in the center were assigned according to the original tasks, and the protected craftsmen and lumberjacks were withdrawn. Some of the guards will become forwards for fleeing. Their duty is to remove obstacles on the way to escape. The importance is not lower than those who block Earth Dragon.

Except for those who have a scheduled mission, everyone else gathered around the head of the guard. He passed Uzov and directly instructed: “We are not equipped to deal with the big guy. Let the retreat group members follow the plan and protect the people to leave. The rest of the people stay and can prevent the big guy from having an hourglass. I guess this is already the limit. Then, kid, you take them away.—”

This is Uzov’s name. The tone cannot be questioned.

“——Also, Wheat, can you put the things in your hands away so that the big guy will stop chasing us. Or give it to a quick leg and try to lure that guy away? “

Don’t look at Uzov Gantia as the initiator and leader of this mission. When a war is about to go, he will only act as a pawn in front of this guard leader. With the battle strength in front of him, the battle against Earth Dragon is definitely a tough battle. So of course that person stood up without letting him and directly commanded the crowd, and this was also his primordial duty.

In response to the Oldest Big Brother’s order, Uzov, who thought he had retired from adventurer, was rare and bloody, and said: “Boss, my battle skill is not strange yet. You are just like that. Throw me to take care of others, and then I will call you the boss for nothing.”

“As you please. If you want to stay, just make use of it.”

Two After a brief conversation, they all looked towards the silent dark elf. Mai Erhao looked thoughtfully at the wooden box in his hand.

The design of the upper part is very clever, after closing, can use the machine bracket to control the switch of a small hole. As long as the small hole is closed, the scent of dragon drowning incense will be completely enclosed inside; when the small hole is opened, the scent of the dragon will slowly radiate.

It is estimated that this Earth Dragon has already smelled the scent of dragon drooping incense, but it has not been able to determine its location. So in the past few days, this Earth Dragon was not attracted. However, in order to confirm the contents of the box, I rashly opened the box, allowing the smell to radiate without restriction. This allowed Earth Dragon to quickly determine the target and appear in front of everyone.

Seeing that the dark elves are distracted, the bodyguards are also dissatisfied with this attitude. You must know that this is a moment of life and death, and where can someone be in a daze and waste time. Uzov had to yell out: “Mel’s! What’s the opinion of the boss just now?”

The dark elves who came back to his senses looked towards the people staring at her, and finally looked towards Wu Zoff. Handing the suppressed traitor to other people’s care, Miles said: “This is an emergency, right?”

The head of the guard said: “If you have time to ask, I don’t think it is so urgent anymore. “

“The average person can’t handle it?”

“That’s a dragon. Master Greco can’t handle it alone, right.” Looking at the white sword saint slowly from the back position Approaching, the head of the guard said.

“It’s about our lives?”

At this time, the young man who supported the dark elves in the guard said: “Sister Wheat. I think if you keep asking, it won’t be It’s a matter of life safety. We have to consider what kind of death we want.”

“So, let’s use it.” In his left hand, he held the box containing the dragon drowning incense. Using the right hand flexibly, Miles took out a silver metal object with needles from a kit that no one had ever seen before. The whole is not as big as a slap, but rather small and cute. The only thing everyone can be sure of is that this is a magic item, but its strength is unknown.

However, for the person who recognizes this item, his face is ugly looking back and forth between the dark elf and the thing in her palm. Uzov cursed bitterly, and then said: “Little cricket…you plan to use it?”

“Is there a better time than now?” It seemed to be answering people, and it seemed to be Strengthen your confidence, Miles said. With a dexterous turn of the fingers, he grasped the’little cricket’. At the same time, follow the steps to unlock the insurance and hold forward.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute! Don’t shoot yet.” Uzov said flustered and exasperated. At the same time, the young scout who pulled the legs fast said: “Explain that the people in front give up their positions and retreat to the sides. Don’t look back, run as far as you can, and the same goes for you. You don’t need to come back to report, but notify to the front line. Afterwards, follow them to retreat on both sides.”

The young scout did not move, he just looked towards the head of the guard. He knows very well that the person who has the greatest say at this time is not the Boss, but the Oldest Big Brother who everyone trusts the most in the Turtledove League.

Knowing that his behavior was ultra vires, but Uzov put one hand on Mel’s hand holding the little cricket and pressed it down slightly to prevent her from shooting so quickly; while begging for mercy “Boss, I have no time to explain. Hurry up and let the people in front of you spread out to the left and right, the farther the better, and come back when you are done. Believe me, please, even if you only believe me once in this life, but This time you must listen to me.”

The Earth Dragon, which is moving its huge body and rushing down the mountain, is now yelling at the right time. With the roar of Dragon’s Might, it is more than thrilling to describe. In contrast to Uzov’s puzzling request and the dark elf’s unfathomable mystery, the head of the guard instinctively wanted to refuse. But he nodded in a ghostly manner, and made a choice completely different from what he thought in his heart.

The speed of the evacuation of the avant-garde is not unpleasant. Because the enemy in front of him is an Earth Dragon, people who move too slowly can only become Earth Dragon’s dung the next day. Although the content of the order was puzzling and counterintuitive, everyone complied with it.

At the main team, Uzov yelled in disregard of his image and drove all the people in front of him away. Depends on the direction of Earth Dragon’s advancement, without any obstacles, this unimpeded giant beast also moved straight towards Maier, who lifted the dragon’s fragrance, and rushed forward. Regardless of those who run left and right, they look very delicious.

“The road ahead is clear!” After Uzov yelled three times in disregard of his image, he let go of the arm that was holding Melsu.

As a matter of fact, everyone is not aware of the neurotic appearance of this technology guild president. Even Miles is the same.

But the dark elf didn’t think about the reason, because the Earth Dragon was about to rush in front of him. Raise the’little cricket’ of the right hand again and aim at Lailong, without deliberately aiming. It means that the target is so big that if he loses, he won’t be an elf himself.

Pull the trigger!

A thin, almost invisible black light shot from the needle-shaped muzzle of the little cricket and penetrated precisely into the forehead of the Earth Dragon, which was rushing down the mountain. The whole process was fleeting, not many people noticed it, and of course it was not able to stop the advance of Earth Dragon.

Milk, who was looking forward to it, felt a sense of collapse. She was unwilling to pull the trigger a few more times, but with a one-time weapon, it was impossible to make a second shot.

But Uzov, who has seen the formidable power of the little cricket, is like a big enemy. After the shot, when the dark elf was about to fall to the ground, he shouted at all around at the same time: “Lie down, lie down and hold your head! Cover your ears and open your mouth!————”

Although Uzov tried to warn everyone and said what he thought was appropriate. But in the end, the words he shouted hoarsely did not reach anyone’s ears. Taking the path that black destroys the light travels as the central axis, a terrifying spiral suction is generated up, down, left, and right, and all matter in the range is involved, including air, which is irresistible.

Earth Dragon that was penetrated also produced terrifying changes. The black light’s forehead hits the point where it is like the annihilation point of all matter. It is not to involve the flesh and blood of the giant dragon, but to turn it into an inorganic spiritual substance every inch and every inch, and then get involved in it, disappeared.

It looks like a tiny hole, which penetrates from the dragon head to the dragon tail, and continues to expand outward. During the rapid change, there was no blood, no pain or wailing, and even the Earth Dragon itself might not be conscious. Before people realized what was happening, the giant dragon’s form disappeared from the front, leaving only four soles, standing alone on the ground.

Followed by the violent wind from all directions, in order to fill a large vacuum zone, the environment was restored to balance in the most rough and wild posture. For the people surrounded by this, the whistling sound of all kinds of squally winds fills their ears, flying sand running stone hits the body, the power is no different from natural disasters, and no one can stand.

At this time everyone understood that Uzov’s intention to make everyone lie down, but it was too late. If you have a tree trunk beside you, you can still try to stabilize your body, provided that the tree is not pulled up by the roots. There is nothing to grab around, and it becomes a ground gourd, stunned by the strong wind.

In addition to being scratched by sand, being smashed by stones, or rolling on the ground, most people’s ear drums also have severe pain. Some people even have bleeding streaks in both ears and nose. Looks so embarrassed.

However, no matter how powerful a disaster is, it will eventually subside. When the natural environment returns to balance, everything will be calm. The people who survived… Although everyone was injured, no one died, so it should be regarded as all survivors. They got up angrily and looked at everything after the disaster, like the end of the day.

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