Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 760

“Actually, for a while, I have been thinking about choosing to learn swords when I was a child. Did I choose the wrong one.”

William Greco next to Zoff.

The person who had been throwing on the dark elf all this time woke up and hurriedly got up. Uzov looked up with a sad face, and when he saw this’white’ sword saint, he couldn’t help but smiled.

A sword saint with messy hair and gray, said helplessly: “Well, I think how bad I am now, I don’t need to be reminded by others. So please don’t talk about this.”

At this moment, Melchi, who was completely at a loss, stood up and stared blankly at everything that had been raged before him. I saw that she was reluctantly turning as if her neck was stiff, looking at Uzov, and asked indifferently: “This is… the little cricket made it?”

“You don’t know anything, just dare to Bring that thing out. I’m not afraid to lose myself. After taking that shot, I don’t think that the resurrection technique can be saved.” Uzov stretched out his hand and pulled Melsi who was sitting on the ground up. At the same time, the nearby team members were pulled up one by one to confirm the situation of everyone.

However, everyone stared blankly at the road leading straight to the top of the mountain. On both sides of the avenue, there are remnants of tree trunks that gradually rise up, and the most marginal one is the eliminated half, leaving only the half of the canopy facing outward. A little further away, in the last position of the Earth Dragon, only four huge soles were left, as a proof of the existence of that ferocious giant beast.

Apart from this, it is the rubble tree that was blown into this area during the final stage of the raging wind, and a few bad luck eggs that failed to stabilize themselves.

Everyone has forgotten the pain on their bodies and looked at everything in front of them in disbelief. Including the craftsmen who had run a short distance, they all came back at this time, showing the same expression and looking at the same scenery. No one said anything.

Uzov said suddenly: “I once thought that the resurrected Demon King-sama was very dangerous. One day, he will reappear his ambition to conquer the world and once again use fear to dominate the lost land. So I voluntarily become their follower, as a bell hanging around the cat’s neck. I hope that when things break out, I will have the opportunity to warn the world and let everyone have more preparation time.——”

Uzov’s voice attracted everyone’s attention and became the focus of attention.

“-But I later discovered that the purpose of the former Demon King-sama was only revenge. When she had no object and reason for revenge, she was just a very powerful magician, just follow the fan The great magician on the ground is the same as the magic sages. Of course, this powerful magician is better than many people, but it is still not a threat. The real danger is the man who can walk with the former Demon King. ——”

Everyone thought of the man in black robe, who looked like a skull. In fact, he didn’t look like this before. It’s just that some people don’t understand why the man gets such an evaluation; some people worry about whether the man has any deeply hidden ambitions.

“——He has no ambitions, no strong desires, and even a bit weak and indecisive in character. But I have no doubt that everything he does may play himself Death, by the way, drag the entire world into the water. Compared with the malicious intent of the bad guys, this childish innocence scares me more.”

If in the night, chatting by the campfire, these words everyone Just as a joke, and then start a series of boasting competitions. But looking at the scene in front of him, no one could laugh. If they knew about the conspiracy of someone with World Trees now, I’m afraid it would refresh their bottom line again.

But this is also the absence of someone. If Lin was there, he would certainly not have any extra emotions. Because as a group of Earth people with a reserve of seven nuclear bombs to destroy Earth, as well as loyal believers of Gundam New Century W, the self-destruct skill of consuming SP1 is a must, right?

Just when everyone was at a loss, the young man who was scout squad ran up gasping for breath. “Boss, I seem to have found nanmu. Hmm~ do we still need it?”

Everyone smiled bitterly. Yeah, very good question, do you still need it?

On the other side, the ghost of the Grand Duke’s craftsman team, who knew that he had been exposed, and the plan had failed, took advantage of everyone being blown down by the wind, including the negligence of the person who captured him, and ran wildly. , Intending to escape into the forest behind. As long as he can enter the woods, he has the ability to deal with everyone, and even escape alive.

Because of the slowness of a step, and because everyone underestimated the strength of the inner ghost, the members of the Turtledove League who took care of him couldn’t catch up for a while. You can only yell at the back to attract everyone’s attention.

The angry Uzov moved towards Melo and stretched out his hand, and the dark elf understood what the man wanted. He removed the rifle on his back, and the dust on the top of the patted was handed to Uzov’s hand.

I saw Uzov Gantiya pulling the gun, holding the gun, aiming, shooting, all the actions were in one go, and there was no loud noise. In the distance, the ghost who could run into the woods with only one step fell to the ground, and there was no more movement. Then he pushed the gun aside and returned it to the dark elf’s hand.

Maybe no one came forward to confirm, but a few veterans could clearly see that, the back of the forehead was hit, and it was that kind of fall, that guy must be hopeless. The wounds of the rifle have not been seen less in these days.

At this time, the head of the guard walked up to Uzov and asked: “I thought you were going to ask the messenger behind it. Kill him?”

” Cut off his head, handle it, and take it home. There is a Lich in my house. Even if a person is dead, there is a way to tell him to tell the truth. Or it is more convenient for a person to die. The reason why I disapprove of that person’s use of this The way people speak up is because we may not be sure whether the captured person is innocent. But this guy has committed this kind of thing, and there is no possibility of innocence. Anyway, it is a matter of killing, sooner or later. It doesn’t matter whether he wants to speak alive or not.”

“As you wish.” When the head of the guard waved his hand, other members of the alliance naturally went forward to do what he said. But the matter that the head of the guard wanted to ask was not over yet, he looked at this long-known friend beside him. “Then, are we still cutting down trees?”

Scratching his head, Uzov’s expression was no longer serious, but rather helpless, and said: “Since we have a clue, let’s go Let’s take a look. If yes, this time the mission is over. If not, we will go home. I believe there must be substitutes for those wood, right, master.”

After In a word, it was naturally to the master craftsman who was the most respected craftsman in the artisan team of the Grand Duke. In fact, as long as they take refuge in the powerful, these craftsmen are no longer just pure craftsmen. Sometimes their stubbornness is not their insistence on the work, but just to show their status.

But because the inner ghost is his apprentice, the master is probably a little overwhelmed now. Not to mention whether the noble person would accept it after his boss made a formal protest to Duke Kawei. Encountering such a thing, there will probably be a wave of turbulence within the Grand Duke. At this time, you still want to put on your identity and insist on pretending to be a posture. Uzov, who knew everything well, had such a question.

The old craftsman who was asked about this intrigue for the rest of his life, how could he not hear the meaning of the president of the Technical Guild. He looked ugly towards the direction in which he was proud of the apprentice’s fall, and the hatred in his heart, I don’t know whether it was because of the betrayal of his lover or because of his murder.

But what can be done, the fact of betrayal cannot be faked. And not only betrayed the Grand Duke, but also betrayed himself as a teacher. When the Earth Dragon comes over, he doesn’t care who has the higher status or the lower one. In the face of natural cruelty and death, all people are equal, even if the emperor is present.

For Lin, he got news about the logging team that night. In fact, Holy City’s home is also in a state of cleaning up.

The night before, it should have been a calm night like it used to be. However, because the West Hall is under construction, many people in the family temporarily leave for various reasons. So the big house is not like it used to be, it looks cold and cheerless, and it’s messy. Even if there are more Marquis de Balan and her deacon and servants, they are not like those who are not here, daring to speak loudly and play loudly impudently.

Sure enough, the habits of several cats are similar to Earth’s kind. Even if you help them organize a comfortable environment and a warm bed, they still stay where they want to be, instead of taking a specific route and sleeping in a fixed position according to human will.

However, compared with Earth’s counterparts, the magic cats still have one advantage, that is, they don’t need to prepare a litter box for them, and of course they don’t need to shovel shit. They will go to a specific location in the courtyard by themselves, at least they have not heard of anyone whose feet are treated by cat feces traps. I even learned to use the flush toilet! Then I had a lot of fun…

When the night was resting, the cat’s favorite place to stay was actually in the East Building. This is the place to rest and sleep after Black Dragon Augustus has changed back to the dragon body.

Dragon Race, which the demonic beasts shunned for fear, has become the roommate of the magic cat. This kind of thing was told outside, no one would believe it, but it happened in this home. Of course, this may have something to do with Augustus being a dying dragon. Compared to the dignity of Dragon Race, he prefers to drag people to listen to him back then. Two big fat boys are like this, and so are three kittens.

As for Hardy, who was keen to watch the night for a short time, he thought he could help this family. But since seeing how the intruder was silently eliminated, its mind has become cold. Now I will come out to hang out in the middle of the night, it’s really just to hang out. And instead of staying at home, he ran outside, hanging around in the Holy City, hanging out with small animals everywhere.

In spite of this, there will still be people patrolling the house. Before the two girls go to bed, they will go everywhere. It’s not to guard against foreign enemies or thieves, but to make sure that the various places are properly cleaned up, the doors that should be closed, and the taps that should be tightened are properly fixed. Is there a place where the two fat boys, regardless of the law and of natural morality, are messing up, they are negligent during the day and they are not sorted out.

In the past, it was inevitable that there would be places that Wana or the two apprentices did not take care of. But since there are more servants of the marquise, the night watch before going to bed is more like a habit. It seems that if you don’t do it, you will not sleep well at night.

But the night tour this night is different.

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