Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 761

The crisp sound of footsteps echoed in the deserted corridor. The chill of the autumn night and the north wind burrowed into the house from the gaps in the unclosed windows from time to time, causing those who have not yet put on winter clothes to cover their open collars, thinking about the ever-changing autumn tiger weather. Sometimes I shivered and sneezed.

Close the windows again, and adjust the window shelves to reduce air leakage. The young girls couldn’t help but think of the rubber that the teacher used for the car pressing. Maybe it’s good to get some to make the windows more securely closed.

While rubbing both hands, letting the fingers of the cold night breeze return to the temperature, the two girls are ready to move towards the next place.

Tonight, only a faint moonlight shines into the house through the windows, and the corridors still appear dim.

Actually, with someone’s knowledge of lighting technique, he managed to keep the lights in the house a few years ago as people progressed. But this function was turned off because the two big fat boys didn’t sleep in the middle of the night, using the bright light outside as an excuse.

So as soon as someone gets angry, he returns the house to its most primordial condition, and lets those in need carry the light forward. By the way, use this piece of black to scare the two boys. But… the results were not effective, and the dark corridor made the two fat boys bolder and bolder. The only change is that everyone has to walk with a light on at night.

Compared with the ordinary oil lamps used by other people, what Kaya holds in his hand is the immortal fire made by Fern, and the fire fueled by many sinful souls.

As a Legendary creation, the only purpose of the immortal fire is lighting, and most people think so. But in actual contact, I realized that it is much more than lighting. How could the soul burned by forever be willing to the status quo. Even if they are unable to break free from such a predicament, it does not prevent them from cursing others all the time.

So the oil lamp containing the unquenchable fire is not suitable for all who can use it. Most people don’t say that it takes a long time, even if they stare at the flame for too long, they may go crazy. In this home, the person who can use the unquenchable fire, except for Lich, who is the maker, is Kaya. As for someone… Does he still need an oil lamp?

In addition to the flame problem, under the swaying light, the illuminated place will be more weird, and the weird color that flashes from time to time, revealing ominous.

…Of course, perhaps this ominous and weird one is not entirely brought about by the unquenchable fire.

More and more intruders are sneaking into this home, unprecedented numbers. What is particularly strange is that the detection magic from the house constantly warns Hallumi and Kaya through the first coffin. But the girl on the tour could not find any signs of the intruder in reality. There was only a lingering smell, lingering in the nose.

Not a human being?

The two girls thought of this answer at the same time. But they still remained silent, walking in this corridor that seemed to be covered with wriggling flesh walls. The darkness in front became more and more unpredictable, as if to swallow people.

Is this Illusion Technique? Or I was really in the psychedelic room, walking into the belly of a certain creature.

Under this powerful interference, not only the vision of the two girls was affected, but the distance that the unquenchable fire could illuminate was also shortened a lot.

The lamp that Kaya was holding before can hardly say that it can illuminate the entire corridor extremely brightly, but at least you can see the environment more than ten steps away. But now, the light can’t go five steps away. Had it not been for the two girls to be quite clear about the layout of the house, I am afraid they would have to bump into each other when they walked.

In such darkness, there is one place that is quite bright, and there are still conversations. This of course attracted the two girls to move forward to see what the situation was like.

I just wanted to move towards the light and conversation place straight forward, but I bumped my head into an unknown wall. The two girls fumbled for a while before they were sure that they were still in the original house, only seeing a different scene. And that light is the small reception room in the original layout. In this mansion, besides its own room, it is the most comfortable place.

Since they know what the situation is, the two girls follow the pattern in their memory and walk towards the light that seems to be an invitation.

The voices of the two people in the conversation were somewhat unscrupulous. It’s like an old friend for many years. One of them is the old acquaintance of two young girls, Azad, one of the diners, Demon King. Another nobleman wore quite flamboyant costumes. The most conspicuous one was the large-brimmed hat rolled up on one side, with fluffy down feathers on the top. Also put on a red cloak that is not suitable for the interior.

The two of them are unscrupulously opening bottles of good wine that their teachers have collected, but they only drink a glass, and even put it down after only one sip.

“Oh, you are here.” Azad, who saw two young girls, greeted enthusiastically.

“His Royal Highness.” After the two girls gave a salute at the same time, they asked: “I don’t know who this guest is?”

“Haha, I also met for the first time, I don’t know. Who is he. But I guess this should be the supreme leader of the secret party, the emperor of vampires, one of the true ancestors of descendants, the notorious Assassin, the nemesis of virgins, the public enemy of women, the underground emperor of the mysterious north. , The dirty and dirty vampire Huber Berger. How, I guessed it right. If you guess wrong, I can only ask you to die until the person I guessed right appears.” Azad asked him. people.

The man in the gorgeous blue velvet dress got up, took off his hat and turned around, bowed and gave a salute and said, “Two ladies, Huber Berger greets you.”

“I seem to have heard this name?” Hallumi asked the friend beside him.

“The 11th Corps Head of Legion in the past is the vampire Huber Berger.” Kaya added.

The golden haired girl suddenly realized that she turned her head and looked towards the vampire who was visiting late at night, and asked: “Are you here to find your sister? Former Demon King Fenni Tikal. “

When it comes to this name, the blatant disgust on the face of the vampire Huber Berger couldn’t be more obvious. He said wickedly: “The Great Demon King Your Majesty, who brought the Great Demon King Your Majesty to the world, is not such a delicate woman. Please do not slander the name of our lord. I will go there later. Find the imposter and let her clearly understand how unforgivable it is to make this mistake. Before that, I will find two things to do.”

“Look for us?” Hallumi asked loudly. Tao. But he looked towards the black hair and brown-skinned girl beside him in a puzzled manner, and the two of them were also full of doubts. “What’s the matter?”

“Some people want that magician and people related to that magician to die, so they want to use the lives of both of them. It’s a pity, a pity, you all I’m not a virgin anymore. Did the magician pick the sweet fruit? If you are still a virgin, maybe I will consider making your way of death more comfortable and sweet as a dream. But since it’s not, just Please be ordinary and die in pain. Of course, the premise of all this is that the demon His Highness the Prince will not come forward to stop it. It means that even if your Royal Highness comes forward, it will only be a small obstacle, and the time will be slightly delayed. I don’t think His Royal Highness can really stop what’s going to happen.”

Azadepi smiled and said, “I just wanted to watch the show. When I heard you say that, I was suddenly very I’m interested in trying what you said to see if it’s just a little delay. Practice?”

The vampire Huber Berger greeted Azad with a fearless gaze. Provocation. The originally peaceful atmosphere between the two disappeared, and the conflict was on the verge of breaking out.

as it should be by rights The two girls who were ignored, glanced at each other, and Kaya said: “It’s a vampire.”

“It seems they are both.” Hallumi pointed out. Of course, they are still hidden in the dark, possessing terrifying numbers of intruders.

Although before this home, there has not been an example of being succeeded by an intruder. But there is a precedent for the Demon King son Azad, who can escape alive, and no one can guarantee that there will be no other special cases. Besides, the quantity we are facing today is also something we have not faced in the past. The defensive system in the house can handle it but can’t handle it, but the two girls are not so confident.

But after knowing that the opponent is a vampire, the hanging heart is not so tight. But their relaxed appearance made Huber Berger, an intruder, dissatisfied.

Everywhere he goes, he is full of fear or admiration. He brought only terror and death. Once upon a time, I was so despised. He didn’t mind releasing his own unique terrifying aura, intimidating everyone. At his level, there is not much difference between stealing or sneak attack. As long as it is the prey in his image, there is never alive.

But I have regarded Lich and Black Dragon as two girls on a daily basis, how could they put the pressure of a true ancestor of a vampire in their eyes? They are still looking at the splendid nobles in front of them contemptuously. Kaya asked, “How can I be sure that they are all?”

“Try to see if you don’t know. It’s true if you die, and it’s false if you don’t die.” Hallumi replied.

“That’s right.” Kaya replied.

How can such an attitude not anger the true ancestor of the vampire. The cloak lifted, the fangs appeared, pulling all around the enclosing machine, and suddenly a black mist was rolled up, as if to cover up the only bright spot again. Huber Bojie made up his mind to suck up these two act recklessly fools.

The gesture style of vampires should have been able to reap the screams of the noble Young Lady. But the two girls didn’t panic. After looking at each other, they snapped their fingers neatly: “Light_on.”

In an instant, the whole room was as bright as day, whether inside or outside. The light source is everywhere, up and down, left and right, without a blind spot. Not only has it expelled the hallucinating fog, it also exposed all the vampires lurking in the dark.

The vampires bathed in the Tripwood special edition, imitating the light of the sun, no matter what shape they are, they are dispelled back to their original form, and roar like a fire. But in such a tragic situation, most of the vampires were burned out in just a moment, leaving only a place to die. In front of everyone, that powerful true ancestor is still struggling.

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