Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 762

Huber Berger is worthy of being the powerhouse among vampires. Even under the sun, he is not like other vampires, turning to ashes in a blink of an eye. But even if he used the red cloak with shading effect to cover himself, he still couldn’t block the rays of light from all directions, especially the ones on the floor.

At the moment, this powerful vampire just wants to escape and has no other thoughts. Although I thought about killing these two girls quickly, would he be able to stop this damn, and illuminate the magic everywhere. But this conclusion is not certain, the first thing is to escape from this ghost environment.

But two young girls who believe in the teachings of their teachers and either don’t do it or are absolutely desperate, how can they easily let go of such a powerful enemy and leave them as trouble. Today is to stay in this home, with a convenient location, to achieve such a result. If they are away from home, with the strength of their magic apprentices, impossible will force a powerhouse known as the true ancestor of vampires to such a realm.

Kaya quickly pulled off a necklace from her neck and wrapped it around her right hand. Suddenly pulled out a small lunge, clenched a fist in front of her, and shouted, “My hand is shining, and the glory that knocks you down is roaring! Killing! Flashing! Light finger! “

In the blood roar, the indoor lights dimmed suddenly and then recovered, as if echoing the roar. At the moment when the magic preparation was completed, all rays of light seemed to be sucked into Kaya’s right hand. In the darkness, the right hand is as dazzling as the sun.

I saw this palm clasped in the back of Huber Berger, who had fled. A burst of fire instantly burned the vampire’s skin, then the muscles ignited, and finally the bones became ashes as well!

When the skull in his hand was completely ashes, Kaya grabbed it with his right fist, feeling the unreal touch. At the end, foul-mouthed said: “I hate vampires the most.”

“Remember the thing about being bitten by vampires again?” Hallumi lovingly hugged the companion she grew up with, and soothed The emotions of the other person. But suddenly the conversation changed, and he asked: “The first time I saw you use the teacher to teach you this magic for vampires, what is the incantation that is extremely shameful? It is also accompanied by actions.”

“Well, the teacher said that you have to do this to have formidable power.” Kaya said with a flat mouth, a little aggrieved.

“But…I remember the magic created by the teacher himself, I rarely use incantion. At most it is a prompt to start, maybe a finger, or a keyword, I saw it for the first time in my memory There is a curse. Are you sure this is really needed, and not the teacher to play you?”

The girl with black hair and brown skin looked even more aggrieved. Looking at the necklace wrapped around his hand, he tied it back to his neck, and the broken part was randomly tied. Mumbled: “I’ll ask the teacher tomorrow, what’s the incantion.”

The two people who had finished the chat turned their heads and looked at the bright room together, and couldn’t help but sigh together. At this time, because the room suddenly became unusually bright, most of the people were awakened, and they left their rooms one after another, looking at this… a mess.

Vampires will be reduced to ashes after the sun shines. The issue is! Those ashes will not disappear by themselves. There are more than two hundred vampires in total. If they stand in a row, they can squeeze the mansion so that there are people’s heads everywhere, and then all ashes…

Now the whole house is everywhere. It’s piles of dead people’s ashes. If there is any movement, even if it’s just someone walking, it will cause a little wind disturbance, make the pile of dead people flutter in dust, and contaminate all the furniture and decorations in the house with dust. More importantly, the dust still smells a little bit, and if it gets everywhere, the house can hardly live in.

Gritting his teeth, watching a few of the marquise servants who touched the small reception room to see the situation, Hallumi made a quick decision and said: “It seems that they are all awake, we are now Let’s start the whole mile.”

Kaya also nodded in favor. At the end, I added a sentence: “I hate vampires even more.”

This round of Hallumi nodded.

Compared with the two girls chatting nonchalantly, Azad, who thought he could see a good show of killing, didn’t expect to see it as a counter-attack with a huge difference in strength. I really don’t know if I should say it’s funny or boring. The fun lies in the anti-kill, and the boring lies in the ease. It was the whole process that made him feel too boring, so Azad was drinking inexplicably bored.

A vampire clan who was hated by imperial nobles and high-level gnash the teeth, but was helpless, full-time assassination and commission of various nasty things, including its true ancestor, was unresisted The trifling magic apprentices are all cleaned up. And it looks like a dead-clean one, without the slightest probability of escape alive.

The two young girls who did this probably didn’t realize how horrible what they did. It’s a pity that the opponent who relied on his own recovery ability and barely qualified to fight himself was nothing. Azad gave a drink to an opponent who was not worthy of admiration at all.

When it comes to this level, he also understands it. The irresistible weakness of vampires is sunlight, so they choose to act only at night.

Because this magician or his apprentice had suffered under the hands of vampires, they developed targeted magic for this weakness, which can be said to be the nemesis of vampires, or the kind that has no solution. With the strength of a true ancestor, defeat in the hands of an apprentice is undoubtedly the best interpretation of the various probabilities of magic.

However, it is still very boring. All members of a huge vampire clan attacked, but they didn’t even force the two magicians out. This result was too ridiculous.

“pei pei pei.” Azad spat a few times. The wine mixed with dead ashes is really hard to drink. It seems that tonight is not a day for boring wine.

Someone who woke up early the next morning was rarely disturbed by those two apprentices. I really don’t know where they learned the bad habits. They always like to pull people on the quilt early in the morning.

Walking downstairs, I saw two young girls fully armed in the form of cleaning. Not only wearing a large apron, but also gloves, masks and hair cover. In particular, two dark circles are hung, which is extra conspicuous. Lin was shocked when he saw it, and asked: “What’s wrong, I look like I haven’t gotten enough sleep.”

Hallumi is like a zombie, with red eyes and a drag.

He held his feet, grabbed the cheek of his teacher, and rubbed it very dissatisfiedly. “Pu, that’s wrong. It looks like you haven’t slept at all.”

“Let go! You Little Lass.” Someone directly used the flash technique to step back three steps. Question: “What’s the matter? It shouldn’t be a guest in the middle of the night. I have a vague impression that the response record is a vampire, so it should be resolved easily.”

I gritted my teeth and planned to continue rubbing. The girl with the face, fiercely said: “Yes, it is easy to solve. It does not mean that it is a good deal. How to burn them without burning them completely, even the kind that does not even have ashes.”

Open With the girl’s hand, Lin tried to show the majesty of being a teacher, but said weakly, “This is beyond my control. Let them die clean.”

“Well, breakfast Isn’t it okay?” The voice that interrupted the golden haired girl’s intentions came from Lich who had just walked downstairs. Early in the morning, she also moved the brilliance of taking care of herself at home. Had it not been for only one set of Si Ling suit, it is estimated that Fen would change it every day. Even so, she occasionally wears clothing other than the Si Ling suit when she is at home.

As soon as they saw this person walking down to ask questions, the two girls immediately leaned over and said, “Sister-sir, we are going to prepare now, and we can have breakfast soon.” They ran hurriedly. opened.

Damn it! Whose apprentice are these two naughty little girls?

Following them are naturally the army of servants belonging to the Marquis of Balan and a rookie apprentice who has just joined. Judging from two characteristics alone, he is a male and a strong man, and he has not been let go of the probability of hard work.

The appearance of these people seems to be as bad as two apprentices, and even some people will drift off when they walk. But those who are accustomed to servants perform better in this respect. You can also maintain a little calmness, maintain the decent of the owner, and not lose self-control.

Although the breakfast is rich, the processing is relatively simple, so the production speed can be very fast. In addition, the people who stayed up all night have no appetite, and the amount of breakfast preparation is not that many, and the table in the dining room that has been cleaned up is quickly served.

During the dinner, Hallumi suddenly mentioned: “Sister, the vampire who died, claims to be Huber Berger. Is it someone you knew before? He is dead.”

“Huber?” As soon as he mentioned the key name, Fern raised his eyebrows, and then twitched his lips again, saying: “If anyone comes to you and claims to be that name , Definitely not the Huber I know. If it wasn’t an imposter, it would be that he let a descendant act as a stand-in for him to act on the outside. If it is him, unless he is named his lair, don’t expect to see people.”

“Why?” the curious golden haired girl asked.

“That guy is a coward with more serious symptoms than your teacher. The reason for learning undead magic is to protect yourself from being difficult to kill, but also want to have a lot of shields and thugs. Normal skeletons or He didn’t like the suture corpse, so he chose a vampire, and even transformed himself into a vampire, and became a true ancestor.”

For this kind of conversion into a vampire, everyone didn’t. know whether to cry or laugh. But Hallumi asked again: “But the weakness of vampires is so obvious, it’s not wise to choose to become a vampire.”

“Because of doing this, there is an excuse for not doing anything for half of the day. You Listen to this reason, is there a familiar feeling?”

The three women involuntarily floated their eyes to someone’s position. This of course caused dissatisfaction with someone who was biting the bread. He glared back and said, “Will I be lazy with this stupid reason?”

“Yes, if the teacher wants to be lazy, just throw it away He didn’t do it, he didn’t find a reason.” The golden haired girl explained to her teacher. Some people suddenly realize it, and some people are nodded with approval.

Hey! Is it necessary to dismantle it like this?

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