Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 763

“just a moment please, two.” The marquise’s deacon Adile is responsible for managing various general affairs. Therefore, in any situation, he would not remain silent like an ordinary servant. Especially when there is a very important piece of information to be confirmed. “The two mentioned just now that the invaders last night were the true ancestors of vampires, Huber Berger and his clan. Are you sure that’s right?”

“Well, didn’t the elder sister just said that. That Huber is not the Huber of the true ancestor.” The golden haired girl tried to clarify.

“No, that’s okay. In short, the clan’s vampires invaded and were repelled by two of them, so that’s right.”

“Well, there is no repulsion. Oh, it’s all dead. Unless they have someone at first, they won’t come, but as long as there are people who come, there will be no escape.” Hallumi corrected again.

“It’s dead, are you sure?” Adil asked cautiously.

“At least we cleaned most of the night, aren’t we cleaning vacations?” Hallumi murmured.

“Young Lady, this matter is very important, so do I have to confirm that they are really dead?” Adil asked seriously.

“No, they are all fine. I just lied. So from today, please live with trepidation, because they will come back for revenge at any time. Of course, the best situation is to leave this home, anyway. It’s not your goal from the very beginning, why bother to lose your life for disputes that do not belong to you.”

Hallumi, who has already appeared impatient, said directly in the opposite direction. It’s just these inconsistent words, which of course made Adil confused and annoyed. He turned his head and looked towards someone watching the show, and said displeased: “Your Excellency Tripwood, maybe you should teach your apprentice well. The magician doesn’t need etiquette.”

The person who eats melon is suddenly caught When the call was made, Lin’s two eyeballs stared like something. He swallowed the bread in his hand and sucked his fingers in an unimaginative manner. Lin said, “If from the very beginning, deacon is unwilling to believe what we are saying, then we can only say something you want to hear, early End this meaningless question, isn’t it.”

“Your Excellency, think about your identity.” Adile said sharply.

Lin said relaxedly: “I am not obligated to answer any of your questions. Is this one you want to emphasize?”

In the past few days, someone’s easy-going and absent-minded His temper will be spit out by his own apprentice at any time, this kind of character is weak in the eyes of outsiders, so that he is completely despised by others. Especially those servants from the family of the Grand Duke of Cavi.

Stay in that kind of Great Family, exercise their eyesight a long time ago, and know how to tell who can and who can’t. This is also the reason Adil dared to be so impudent today, but he didn’t expect to touch a soft nail.

Just when he wanted to argue a few words, Hallumi touched the Marquis of Balan with her elbow, and said, “Your steward is not very clever. Or you can ask your grandfather for another one. Or I don’t think he will live long. Maybe in a few days, he will be slaughtered by my teacher like those women. Now when he says to turn his face, he turns his face, and there is no sign, I feel tricky, this man How did it become so troublesome.”

Faced with the intimacy dialogue that Hallumi tried to get closer to each other, the Marquis of Balan did not respond. It just lifts the head, after looking at the deacon sent by his grandfather, he immersed himself in the breakfast and continued to work hard, ignoring others.

Hallumi didn’t think much of this attitude, but shook his head helplessly and said, “Ah, it’s so cold.”

I originally wanted to gather reason and fight, but I would fight for it if it was unreasonable. The noble deacon Adil suddenly remembered this magician’s deeds. The part that was too bizarre was not studied. The Black Veil Army who had been guarding the Marquis of Balan had many people dead under the hands of this magician.

Even women with noble blood dared to start. As a servant in the eyes of others, it is hard to imagine what kind of scruples this magician would have. Even though he is really a nobleman, even if he is only a lower-level nobleman, and belongs to the vassal of the Grand Duke Kawi ──the deacon of the Duke family has corresponding knighthoods ──, Adil does not think that this identity town can dare to kill the daughter of the nobleman. The magician.

Thinking of this, Adile remembered his previous attitude again, and he couldn’t help but shed a large amount of cold sweat behind him. All the things I want to say in my mind are either unspeakable or forgotten.

On the contrary, Lin asked about his apprentice with a weird expression. “I’m really so emotionally unstable lately?”

Hallumi nodded vigorously and said: “Weird.”

Kaya also nodded and said: “Weird. “

The Marquis of Balan followed nodded unfathomable mystery and said: “Weird.”

I blame your sister! What does the one who came to arranging flowers at the end mean? Familiar with you?

But I ask this because someone is somewhat conscious of himself. Since the last Black Tortoise robe incident, he had cut the second incarnation in the range of the dream tower, and he really didn’t appear anymore. Now the only people chatting beside the Dreamland Tower are the fat house incarnation and Xiaqie.

The changes that have happened to me, except for the second incarnation that I really don’t see, are changes in my behavior and style. There are some things that, in retrospect, are decisions that I wouldn’t make before; but in the moment, I did that, and there was no sense of disobedience. It’s like when I was studying, I hate heaven, hate hatred, killing firmness, and never consider the consequences of doing things.

So Sword Slash itself, is the second incarnation really gone, or is it returning to itself?

Just when someone was worried about unanswered questions, Leonardo, who was also busy all night, looked at his teacher with admiration and asked: “teacher, you have mastered the daylight Holy Power? That’s why you can easily defeat vampires, this evil that only exists in the dark. Jesus is on top.” The boy drew a cross on his chest.

Although it is a very pleasant thing to reap the admiration of one’s own apprentices, you still have to make it clear that you are right or wrong. If this kid yelled out Sun God or something, it wouldn’t have been chased by Fen with a knife. That guy kills when he sees the old god, and he doesn’t show mercy.

“Leo, we must have the spirit of seeking truth from facts in science, and do not push all unexplainable things above sacred or mysterious. Vampires are afraid of sunlight, which is a phenomenon. And the reason behind this phenomenon What is it? After we find out, can we control such phenomena. Sunlight, moonlight, fire, candlelight, fluorescence, etc., that many kinds of rays of light, what is the difference between them. If we can find this difference , Then is there a way to artificially reproduce a certain kind of rays of light. Understand these, vampires are not enough to be afraid of.”

At first glance, it is very simple to understand…but who You can do it! Everyone in the audience shouted in the heart.

Although Leonardo doesn’t like using magic, he really likes all the answers that can answer the’why’. So he continued to ask: “The teacher means that it is not the sacredness of sunlight that can defeat the darkness of vampires; it is a substance that composes sunlight that can destroy the physical composition of vampires. Is that true?”

Lin said with a smile with satisfaction: “You understand almost, and it is much faster than the understanding of your two Senior Sisters.” Invisibly, someone moved towards the youth of Florence and took a step forward. A girl’s back pierced eye knife quickly pierced a certain young man, making Leonardo a cold sweat. But he was unconscious, and continued:

“From the human group, the shedding body, exchanging bones become vampires, it can be called an extraordinary race, but it is different from those real powerhouses. These people are pursuing the primordial life level of transcendence, everyone has walked out of their own way, and therefore every transcender is unique and unmatched. But in order to be able to easily touch that realm, vampires inherit in a special way, That is to say, the first embrace of ceremony, they are like inferior transcendent replicas. While possessing incomparable recovery ability, physical function and close power characteristics, the characteristics of fear of the sun are like bone maggots and cannot be avoided.”

Speaking of someone above, he doesn’t care whether there is an audience at all, and he said: “As for why there is such a result, according to the inferences made by my research. Because vampires cannot be born naturally, they can only be produced through ceremony. . In my eyes, such a ceremony is more like an infectious disease than magic. And everyone has different symptoms of infection, so there will be unconscious blood slaves and vampires with normal people’s wisdom. Since it can be regarded as a kind of disease, of course, we must find the source of the disease.—”

Lin Zai in midair showed a strange-looking thing with whiteboard pen technique. Most people don’t know it, but Fern knew it was some kind of biological virus at first glance.

“——This is what I found, the culprit that makes the ordinary person mutate into a vampire, I named it hemophagous virus. They add a new gene sequence to the existing human gene sequence Special DNA fragments are used to obtain all kinds of extraordinary powers. But this connection will happen to be interrupted by a certain wavelength of visible light energy, just like the lock meets the correct key and opens. And this special Visible light is just so included in the composition of sunlight, so it is the result that vampires will be restrained by sunlight. If this series of coincidences can be regarded as the malice of a certain Spiritual God. Then I think, vampires are It makes sense to curse this thing.”

Not many people understand what someone said; even Leonardo who asked the question Did not understand. But in the ears of an expert like Fern, it is deafening, especially recently she is busy with the work of DNA compilation. Regarding the work she is doing, she of course asked with concern: “Why does this happen? Do you have the answer?”

Someone didn’t notice Lich’s increasingly ugly face. , I just talked about myself and said: “I don’t know much about biology. But if you understand it from the programming language, I think the truth should be the same. Every section of the program can run normally without any errors in the program code together. Later, there may be wrong situations that were not considered in the original assumption. Even in life, it is the same. Multiple correct decisions and results may not necessarily bring a happy ending under the interaction. It is the lack of a higher level Considering the overall situation, so while letting the vampires inherit their individual advantages, they also inherit disasters.”

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