Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 765

"Want to get our help?" In the high-rise meeting space, the incarnations of World Tree looked towards Lich standing in the center. Fen's posture is upright, valiant and formidable looking, and she has a posture of opening the film if he doesn't agree.

Because she is an invited guest, there is no seat. At this point, someone sitting in a high-back chair realized that the chair under his butt was not so easy to sit on.

Fin was not afraid of the problems of World Trees, and said bluntly: "Yes. I hope to get your help, but the premise is that I confirm that you are qualified to assist me."

"Oh, it's really interesting, do you want to test us first. Demon King Your Majesty."

The end of the war between World Trees, of course, is because of the current mysterious land, everywhere The magic tower stands in great numbers. But in the beginning, the reason why the war would be stopped was when King Fen came to the whole lost land. Soldiers swept through, and many unconvinced World Trees were chopped down and burned, becoming the material for Dark Legion to make something.

For World Tree, Fanny Tikal is a familiar opponent. Not to mention Wadvor, Lahti, etc., who have also received Lin Entire Group in the near future, and of course they are more familiar with them.

Obviously, I want to ask others, but they arrogantly say that they want to test others. World Trees are not cold about this attitude. In other words, the thinking and thinking of these plants is different from that of human beings.

In the eyes of outsiders, World Trees are lonely and mysterious. In fact, this is just because most people are not qualified, and talk to these Old Antiques who have lived for a long time. But if they are recognized as qualified, World Trees are actually very good at talking. Why don't their lives be too long, so idle to panic...

Fen doesn't say much nonsense. It took some time to brew, bang, and in the high fives, I used the whiteboard pen technique to display the four-strand helix DNA message I compiled in front of the trees. The huge amount of data really shook the high-rise meeting space; even a few of the younger World Trees were lost in the huge information for a while before they could get out.

Overwhelming majority World Tree is unknown, and several ancient World Trees are looking thoughtful. Only the two ancients were puzzled from the original, and then they showed excitement. Uktra Hill opened his mouth and said, "Demon King, do you have mastered the secrets of this?"

Don't ask what it is, but ask how much you have mastered. Fen has a feeling that this trip will not be in vain. Said: "What I would like to ask for your help is to compile the most suitable ideal body." As soon as he raised his hand, Lich showed a list of physical function parameters.

The reason why she doesn't say "perfect" but "ideal" is because she has argued with someone whether "perfect" actually exists or not. In the end, Fern also admitted that there will only be the most suitable, impossible to find perfection. Even her own body, she also agrees that there are deficiencies in certain areas. She just can use other methods to make up for this shortcoming.

Although he put forward his request, Fern did not discuss with the World Trees right away. Instead, he said: "Lin and I have studied all the races of Homo sapiens in Lost Land and found that all races It seems to have the same origin. But I don’t know why, but they have developed into races with different appearances, different habits, and different cultures. Does this matter have anything to do with you?"

Facing Fen’s Questioning, all World Tree focused their attention on the two ancients. For outsiders, the obscure history is only part of the inheritance of World Tree, so the trees all know the answer to this question.

Uktra Hill and Fasnas did not hesitate to start a secret record directly. This is similar to text, but it is not a special symbol of text. It belongs to a special inheritance method among World Trees. It will allow the viewer to immerse themselves in a past memory from the perspective of a third party. Although it is impossible to interfere, it can be experienced completely, which is the best embodiment of a thousand years of dreams.

In memory, there is a kind of creature that resembles human beings, but is shorter, has hair all over, and walks rickety, which is called the "substance" by World Trees. These elements will follow World Tree's command line. But they are quite clumsy, slow, and weak.

Then the memory picture turned around, countless trees and vines captured the body and dragged them into a mire emitting weird fluorescence. Some elements will weaken and die, while others will undergo irreversible mutations. These mutations are good or bad, World Trees will weed out the bad ones and leave the good ones, or the ones moved towards the direction they want to mutate. Then it reproduces and transforms it from generation to generation.

The initial changes are of course quite subtle, but with the mutation and reproduction from generation to generation, there has been a considerable gap between them and the most primordial body. The body shape has become taller or shorter, the ears become pointed, the skin color, hair color, and the color of the pupils have changed. There are even a few more pairs of arms, or the feet form a snake tail, the lower body becomes similar to the horse body, and the head changes. Into a bull's head.

In the end, the mutant body groups left behind are the many Homo sapiens races in the lost land today.

Disengaged from the memory, Finn immediately asked: "The swamp that caused the body to mutate, is it the legendary'Rui' soil?"

"Oh, Demon King, you know'Rui'." Fasnas said appreciatively.

"I learned from some old gods. The origin of Spiritual God is the mother of the gods, and there is also the origin of the earth. Gaia, the mother of the gods, is actually the primordial consciousness of the lost I have destroyed it once. It’s all I did if I didn’t kill it, even though I wanted to really destroy this World at that time.—"

The crowd was shocked. Playing like this, I didn't actually play the end of the world! It means that this World has a strong will to survive.

"——However, the origin of the earth is'Rui'. I have only heard of the name, and I can't find its traces. Even infiltrating the memory of the old gods, they only know the concept, but don't know it. I’ve never thought that “Rui” is just an item without a soul. Where can I find “Rui” now?"

Uktra Hill said: "Very Regrettably, Demon King is gone. I and the people created by my generations, those who have the shocking and stunning know the magic of'Rui', monopolize it and become oneself. Not only to become a hero, but to lead clansman to fight in all directions, Some people even use the power of the mountains, the sun and the moon to achieve their own mysterious, that is, the original gods. The first thing these gods achieve is to destroy everything on the grounds that they no longer allow their people to suffer from the mutation.' Rui'. There is no more left."

"Well." Now that he knew the result, Fen didn't go any further. Maybe she is not familiar with the World Trees, but she at least knows that the story of'lying' has no meaning to these plants.

On the contrary, Lin asked: "You just keep your eyes open and see those early gods destroying what you call the "Rui" soil."

"Your Excellency, everything All have their definite numbers. We were completely unprepared by those Deity groups, which is naturally nothing difficult, but it is not an opportunity for the kind of sly things to exit the maze stage. It is meaningless to regret what has happened." Uktra Hill said in a tone of as it should be by rights.

For this argument full of fateful views, Lin knew it really didn’t make sense to continue the discussion. So he asked another puzzled question: "Since all the Homo sapiens in Lost Land are transformed by you. Why are the tribes of World Tree now dominated by elves?"

"Humanity, war is the best touchstone. The past wars have proved that elves are the best controllable props for us. Compared with the indifference of dwarves, goblins and dwarfs are not powerful enough, and the betrayal of half-orcs and ogre , The elusiveness of human beings, transforming these races and relying on the World Tree, becoming ashes is an inevitable ending. In the end, it can only become the basis of our promotion and a piece of memory." Fasnas said by the side.

Hey, the implication is that these seemingly wise and long-lived bosses have also made things out of their control. Then some trees killed themselves by playing, and some trees survived by chance. It seems that self-destruct and courting death are not human patents.

Let’s not say whether the material named'Rui' is some kind of radioactive material that someone imagined. This entire process of the birth of the Smart Human Race group sounds to Lin, as if it were a mysterious version of'Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Variety Improvement'.

Only in Earth, this is dominated by humans, most of which are used in foods such as vegetables and fruits, and a small part of it is used in animals such as pigs, sheep and cattle. But at most, it is through cross-breeding, partly through genetic modification, so as to carry out variety improvement. But in Midi, it has become dominated by plants, and destructive and variability substances are used to speed up the entire process of variety improvement.

Maybe from a human standpoint, you will find this kind of behavior cruel. But it's like the Earth people don't ask about the feelings of the target plants and animals when they make breed improvements, or even genetic modification. It is ridiculous to expect World Tree to stand on a humane standpoint and sympathize with the people they play with or the so-called "substance".

In other words, the term'humanity' is full of human arrogance and arrogance. In the face of nature, how are humans and ants different?

Living in a fascinating place for a long time, someone has long forgotten the pride of human beings as the spirit of all things. There are so many things here that can beat those so-called geniuses indefinitely. So he didn't want to discuss with World Trees about what they did in that distant age.

Fen doesn't even care about this kind of thing. If World Tree played with an entire ethnic group, it was something that happened in a distant age; as a Lich, Necromancer, her previous acts were more cruel and inhuman, and the point in time was closer.

So even the one next to him can’t control or don’t want to control the behavior of the more than twenty World Trees?

If you should eat, sleep, and if your liver is bursting, you should sacrifice your liver obediently, and carry out the life of the community and animals to the end. There is nothing to discuss. Now someone only cares about one thing. "So, do you think there is still a problem with their qualifications?" This sentence was for Fern.

Convergence of the original imposing manner, Fern greeted the Quartet with the ancient magician etiquette, saying: "There is no problem, I believe you can play a great role in my research. Then the first The second question is, are you interested?"

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