Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 766

Lich doesn’t need to whisper and ask for help from others. Instead, use such a question to seek opportunities for cooperation. After all, the positions of the two are different. As far as Fen is concerned, without the help of World Tree, she just spends more time and detours, so that things will not go on. That being the case, she didn’t need to lower her posture to ask for help.

Compared with Lich’s high profile, World Trees have heads nodded and headless sway somewhere incarnation. All the trees are in a mess, and they all agree.

Lin was surprised by this and asked: “You are really too idle to do anything, do you agree?”

Uktra Hill represents all World Tree said: “Your Excellency, after losing’Rui’, we did not give up making our people stronger. Therefore, only approved powerhouses are allowed to have inheritance qualifications. But this process is too slow. Perhaps there is no need for war between World Trees, but it does not mean that they are not threatened by war. The coveting from the outside does not stop for a moment. So the cooperation with you is to make the entire race stronger; the cooperation with Demon King is also the same “

Dare to say that you can’t play breed improvement and genetic modification anymore, you are still playing eugenics secretly, right? Sad fairy ~ Woohoo.

But in general, Lich and World Tree hit it off. Different from the cooperation between Lin and World Tree, it focuses on strengthening the overall strength of the World Tree group; the cooperation with Fen aims to enhance the strength of the affiliated group, which is to strengthen the group of wood elves.

But for this purpose, Lin has reservations. After all, what Finn is going to do is not to improve the breed, but to create a completely new creature. During the whole process, Lin Ke was not sure about how many places World Tree could learn from. Or maybe there will be barbarians? That means there will be wood elves extremely unlucky. But… seriously, it’s my shit.

Someone knows that he is not a hero who saves the world from fire and water. Too much compassion is just hypocrisy. It is already the best effort I can do to keep the science and technology of the weapons of war from leaking out. If you really want to worry about what you do, suicide as soon as possible is the solution. It’s a pity that someone doesn’t want to die yet.

So the first meeting with World Tree came to a successful conclusion after the two sides exchanged intent on cooperation. For these impatient World Trees, there is no direct reason to start work, because they need time to digest the information obtained from Finn.

Lich is the same situation. The information given by the two ancients is not a formal report of experimental data. I want to find out what she can use, but I have to sort it out. And she attaches great importance to the creation of a new fleshy body for Suture Corpse Shidong. Although it is impossible to achieve a perfect realm, she also wants to do her best. It’s not about complaining later, if you do something more.

Someone who had already appeared in the high-rise meeting did not get away after Lich and World Tree reached an agreement. Lin, who was left behind, of course continued to plan the next actions. Because there are more elements of Fen, the content has been slightly modified. At least, this time it is imperative to send special envoys of each World Tree to a certain magician, just like the Maier of Fasnas.

The focus of the special envoy is not on the content of cooperation with Lin. Someone who can freely enter and exit the high-rise meeting space does not need an intermediary to contact. But the former Demon King-sama is different. She doesn’t have the right to go in and out freely, so she can only rely on an agent carrying World Tree incarnation to communicate with the World Tree ontology. As for why Lich was not qualified… who knows.

At night, someone in Estali’s house in Holy City is not as peaceful as it seems.

The deacon of the Marquis of Balan, Adil, sent a piece of information to his master through the forum, but got a stern reply:

Your duty It’s about serving my granddaughter with all my heart, not doing chores like this. If you don’t understand, when someone replaces you.

Duke Ricardo Cavi

Adile’s status in the Cavi family is not as high as the old qualifications of the Duke’s cronies, and there is a youngster in his own family behind. Rushing to catch up, it can be said that it is not stable at all. So this time he was sent to this magician’s site, but it was an opportunity he valued very much.

Maybe the magician himself still doesn’t understand, but his every move has entered the eyes of the empire’s high-levels and has attracted much attention. So staying in this position, for the sake of the family, Adil certainly thinks that while serving the Marquis of Balan, he should also return as much valuable information as possible to seek benefits for the family.

But Kavi’s reply made him understand that his task was just to take care of the girl. If you can’t do this well, you can only be given up.

Belonging to the Cavi family, many small families that have served as attendants for generations, most of whom can replace themselves. So Adil quickly set himself up, concentrate on being a steward who manages the house’s internal affairs, and never dared to be nosy.

The other news that came back at night was the return of the team that collected materials.

Responsible for managing the schedule of their own teachers, and accepting various simple responses from black hair and brown-skinned girls. After reading the report sent back via webmail, they will pass it on to their teacher. It’s just that what the girl tells is quite her style:

“teacher, Uzov has sent a letter to inform that the materials have been collected and will be returned soon. Also, the road encounters the Earth Dragon and has been wiped out. “

“Oh.” Complied casually, Lin still buried himself in documents related to World Tree. Many of the things obtained from the hands of the two ancient men are not sure whether they are useful or not. Therefore, in addition to being a coolie, pulling someone in is also a different point of view.

But after hearing the key words clearly, Lin suddenly lifted the head, eyebrow raised, and asked: “Earth Dragon? What’s the matter? Has anyone been injured?”

” No one was injured or injured by tripping and bruising.”

“William shot? He doesn’t have a good weapon. It is difficult to break through the defensive power of Earth Dragon.” Lin thought of the white sword saint William. Greco said so. At his level of powerhouse, if there is no weapon or tactics to take advantage of, facing the giant, rough-skinned creatures like Earth Dragon, it can be said that it is more than self-preservation and insufficient offense.

“Sister Wheat solved it with a little cricket.”

“Little…” Lin choked and said: “When will you give her that thing? That’s it.”

“Before setting off.” The girl kept talking as she always did.

With a sigh, Lin said, “Forget it, use it to deal with Earth Dragon. It’s just a bit of a good deal. It’s just a bit of a waste.” After sighing, Lin no longer struggled. Now he has taken on two big projects, so he can’t be idle. Besides, the trial product was originally eliminated, and it was ready to be consumed. Uzov and the others had no casualties, it was the best result, and could not be extravagant.

In the next few days, the progress of Finn’s subject development was just like her worry. After adding different levels of scrutiny, Shi Dong’s original body shaping plan became a weak spot. Many defects that were not expected before are due to the excessive pursuit of perfection in a small place, which leads to a disaster in the overall coordination. Although I haven’t seen that kind of fatal level defect for the time being, I can’t get a piece of this level of work.

You must know that no matter which Lich it is, making stitched corpses or even various undead creations is not fun or sad. One of the most important purposes is to protect body protection as the producer’s own. If all creations are powerless to defend himself, how can I protect the owner?

Someone still can’t help much with Finland’s main subject. However, in the past few days, I was also busy with her related matters, that is, arranging special envoys for each World Tree.

In view of the West Building under construction, more than ten people have already booked to move in. The room that had been vacated was divided up happily by another group of people and became a single room. If more than 20 people were squeezed into this home in one breath, and everyone had to squeeze another room, then everyone would be dead.

So the way to compromise is to establish a two-way transmission array. Let the two parties freely communicate and communicate.

Moreover, it is not a traditional form. The cost is very expensive, and the more expensive one is used. Instead, it creates a new teleportation array based on someone’s flashing technique. The characteristic is that ordinary people can’t use it. The result of forced passage is that it is normal to vomit up and down, and go crazy; the worst is Evil Godization, where the whole person’s mind is taken away by a high-dimensional unknown existence.

So if you want to use this teleport magic array, you must prepare your own protection measures. For example, it is equipped with equipment to protect high-dimensional energy from eroding magic, or it has the ability to resist.

I deliberately chose this insecure magic for training.

In the predetermined plan, all Wood Elf tribes will organize coalition forces to subdue those Spirit King nations that are still enslaving World Tree and force them to liberate World Tree. Using Lin’s flash art to transmit a large amount of troops and launch a surprise attack is a very important part.

If this move doesn’t work, you will have to pay dozens of times, or even hundreds of times, to achieve the original goal. Therefore, World Trees attach great importance to this link. In addition to a large number of weaving equipment called the “Elves Saint Robe” in the Wood Elf tribe, it is necessary to select the same number of elite warriors as the Saint Robe, and they are used to being teleported by the flash technique.

They know better than anyone what effect the energy from higher dimensions will have on the creatures in the lost ground. But this kind of influence can be alleviated through training and adaptation.

There was a period of time when certain World Trees that no longer existed were rather enthusiastic about sending their affiliated wood elves to explore the high-dimensional world. I thought that by doing so, I could find something valuable to strengthen myself or the tribe I belonged to.

As a result, I couldn’t find any useful item or knowledge for World Tree promotion. A few rare materials can be transformed into props and equipment that the wood elves can use, but compared to the amount of damage to the wood elves, these rare materials are nothing at all.

Those World Trees that are keen on this are also damaged too much due to the battle strength of the affiliated tribes, and eventually turned into ashes and become the basis for the promotion of the other world tree. Such a lesson, of course the other world tree takes a lesson.

But if it does, it makes sense, and World Trees will not spare the life of the wood elves. In their hearts, to train such a group of fighters, they must be in order to contribute their own strength, and even make sacrifices when necessary. And now, it is when it is necessary.

Of course Lin knows the thoughts of these plants, because they have nothing to hide. What someone can do is to tell the wood elves as much as possible the way of self-preservation that must be paid attention to in the passage of high-dimensional space. As for improving flash art is impossible, to make flash art more friendly to the teleported person, it is better to use the traditional magic array.

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