Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 767

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It's winter in time. Holy City, the tower owner of Estali III Tower, Mahtab has long acquired magical equipment made of silk. Of course, it has become her regular equipment, and it can even be said to be the most luxurious set. Whether it is weddings or funerals, celebrations, show off, or go out to fight monsters.

For this whole set of robes, including the underwear, she hates to do a few sets of alternate dresses. It's a pity that the only magician capable of making is not willing to let go. Even the agreed remuneration hasn't been honored by them. Only a few days ago, the great Finni Tikal magician asked himself to borrow the energy pool of the magic tower.

For lending the energy pool of one of the six core towers of Holy City to an unrecognized outsider, other people who are also the masters of the six towers, and even some Elders who have lived in Holy City for a long time, it is Quite a lot of criticism. Even if it is loaned out, it is the least important third-floor energy pool in the 5-Layer Magic Tower.

But this is not important and it is only compared with the energy pools on the fourth and fifth floors. Putting it outside, being able to touch the energy pool of the magic tower, is an incredible thing. Not to mention ordinary people, overwhelming majority magician, may never have such an opportunity in a lifetime.

Whenever he thinks of this matter, Fashen Mahtab will faintly regret it; but as long as he puts on the silk robe, he hates to borrow more times and change a few more sets. The silk robe came back. Contradictory mood is difficult to tell outsiders.

Now that the other party really came to borrow, Fashen couldn't help but seriously consider the probability of renege on a debt.

Using the set of dealing with the devil, looking for loopholes in the text contract? ...No, no contract was signed at the beginning, it was just a verbal agreement.

Because it was a verbal agreement, you won't admit it to death? ...No, it feels like he will really be killed... Mahtab carefully analyzed the difference in battle strength between the two sides. In contact with the Demon King during this time, she was able to test the depth of the other person. However, the conclusion is desperate.

Find reasons for prevarication and delay? ...No, the reason is the same as before, you will be beaten to death.

Reject the request of the other party on the grounds that the other six towers do not agree? ...Very good, the number of people killed will increase to at least six. Should this be happy?

The most reliable way is to help the other party find a magic tower that is willing to lend the energy pool. That person once said that she just needs a lot of power to perform a ceremony. It doesn't matter where it is, and it doesn't have to be held in the six towers of Holy City.

But...As the most important part of the magic tower, one's own face is not so great that other tower owners are willing to lend it. The owner of each magic tower is like a local tyrant, and if he doesn't agree with him, he will enter the tower. If others want to attack or force them, they have to pay a price. The magic tower that Mahtab can really master is his own, the Estali III tower.

In the end, the Dharma Sage, who has already accepted the price first, can only choose to watch as much as possible during the ceremony to reduce the probability of the other party doing things. It's just that the other party really wants to make trouble. Does the speed of launching traps or attacking magic inside the magic tower have time to stop the other party's behavior?

The combat method of the Magic Tower has always been a defensive tactic that is easy to work, and it is not very good for handling internal emergencies. Although the Six Towers of Holy City had considered this tactic, it was uncertain whether it could deal with enemies of the same level as the former Demon King.

So in the panic, Fasheng Mahtab welcomed the agreed guests.

Because they were accompanied by other people, Fen and Lin did not directly use the flash technique to go to Tower III. Three apprentices and one Melson who thinks he is a slave happened to act as four drivers, driving four 732A cars, including the life priests of the three holy light churches, Finn’s helper in life classes, Go to Tower III together.

The student of Fasheng Mahtab, the demon-female magician with a noble status, was standing in front of the gate on the first floor, welcoming everyone. Also covered under the black gauze robe, the tight-fitting cut of the silk made her figure unreservedly revealed.

This one wants to ask Fen for a silk robe of the same level as his own teacher. It's a pity that she can't threaten people when it comes to strength; nor can she pay the price Lich might ask for when it comes to financial resources. So she herself can only get some ordinary silk clothes to wear, and she has a dry addiction. Especially the design of the intimate clothing, she loves it as much as her teachers.

So as long as she sees Lich, she is also very courteous. Whether it's useful or not, it's okay to have a familiar face and leave a good impression. This is the rule of communicative survival in the aristocracy. Fen is also not disgusted with this, although he did not let go, but also not to give some pointers.

After all, the magician in front of him is also a member of the imperial aristocracy. Even if the social occasions of men and women in the Gwana Empire are separated, it is still inevitable for women to compete for beauty.

Except for Finn is the focus of the entire group, the other few are nowhere to be sought after and flattered. Three holy light The great priests of life in the church, including all kinds of strange diseases, severed hands, broken feet, and resurrected from the dead. As long as the donation is in place, there will be impossible deaths in front of them.

Just look at where these white robe and beard elders go, all magicians or warriors retreat to the sides and bow their heads to pay tribute. You can know their status in Holy City Estali’s arena high.

But don't think that they are respected only because of their ability to save the wounded. Sometimes the enemy who is rescued will come across when the enemy comes to the door. At this time, these great priests of life can put on heavy armor, hold a mace, and hammer until no one dares to have any opinion on who they save. By the way, ask people if they want to convert to the Lord of Life. This is the real reason why they are respected.

God of Life's shelter allows these high-ranking priests to remain vigorous even when they are old, and have the ability to spawn tigers and leopards and tear bears. So no one dares to despise them, and there is no medical treatment if they are torn.

However, a person of such a high status is just a small attendant who walks behind Fern, and he dare not have any emotions. Because not only the knowledge part is crushed, the strength part is crushed, and it is crushed as much as age. Especially those who mentioned the last point will suffer misfortune. Fern showed her best to tell these people that she once had the title of'Demon King' but it was not fun.

As for wearing an all-black Black Tortoise gown, Gabrach ‧ Tripwood, who looks like a living skeleton, looks like a marginal man. Head down, walking at the outermost edge of the queue, without saying a word. If it is seen by someone who doesn't know it, they will think that it's all that's just the same way.

But the magician in charge of the reception knows very well that the energy of this man in the team is definitely not as low as outsiders imagined. Even the technique of making silk robes, this man also mastered a very important part.

It’s’s not so easy to get close to him, the most important thing is the respect. To an aristocratic daughter who followed the Dharma and learned magic, although she knew that for a real powerhouse, appearance was really not a matter. But from a physical level, this Heaven's Proud Daughter really can't stand in front of the other party and say a word.

So every time I see this magician, the students of Fasang Mahatab will always turn their faces away, just to avoid staining their eyes a few times. But just this dazzling, there seems to be a lot of people behind the magician...

Isn’t it?

But I missed more than 20 elves at once, this is blind. The female magician couldn't help rubbing her eyes, wanting to see where the twenty-odd elves that appeared suddenly came from.

First of all, impossible is delivered by the most popular car in Holy City recently. Four cars cannot carry that many people. If there is a truck from a technical guild, it's okay to say that there is no problem with that kind of truck that has 20 or 30 people.

As for who came here? For more than twenty elves wearing holy robes, it is possible that it is the focus of everyone's attention. Especially the things they carry exude an extraordinary imposing manner. Whether it is an antler stick, a colorful parrot resting on a certain elf's shoulder, a white lotus with water in his hand, a willow branch in a bottle, etc., they are definitely not ordinary things.

How could such a team be overlooked. But they appeared out of thin air suddenly in front of Tower III.

A closer look reveals that these twenty-odd elves wearing holy robes belong to the high seat of the more than twenty Turtle-Dove Leagues. That is to say, there are more than 20 kinds of three feather bird shapes on them, and it is estimated that all the high seats of the league are available.

Why are you here? The female magician's forehead under the veil couldn't help but sweat.

In fact, what she didn't find was that the magician she didn't want to see also had the logo of the three feathered birds, and the gold thread on the black background. It is very similar to the silver thread on the black background of Fasnas, but as long as there is one difference, it represents a different meaning in the alliance.

The most special thing is the three feather bird logo belonging to Lin. The dots on the eyes are water blue mixed with little brown. That's what Earth looks like, and brown is the land in Asia.

It is precisely with this eye embroidered that the three feather bird logo can be stabilized on the Black Tortoise robe. Otherwise, I asked those two girls to embroider the three feather birds with pure black gold threads, and wake up after sleeping, the bird will be gone. If you don't know, you might think it was eaten by that snake and turtle. After all, this dress can no longer be treated with common sense.

This group of elves are the wood elves who have quietly disappeared from the maze. Relying on the coordinate parameters provided by Lin Temporary, use flash to teleport here from their respective World Tree tribes. This set of practices is also the tactics that will raid the Spirit King kingdom in the future.

The group of wood elves as the forerunners are not only well-known figures in their respective tribes; they are also fascinated by standing in the sequence belonging to the powerhouse, overlooking most people. Among them, the overwhelming majority are transcenders, and a few also have the status of archdruid.

This is the student of the Dharma sage who has clumsy eyes and did not recognize this group of famous elves in the mysterious adventure circle. Otherwise, with their battle strength and the incarnation of World Tree in their hands, they will attack a 5-Layer magic tower in a surprise attack, and it is not impossible to defeat them. If you really recognize this group of elves, it can't be solved with a cold sweat, you have to prepare for battle immediately.

But they are here, of course, not to attack the tower. Instead, they came here to assist Lich on the instructions of their respective owners. But if it is assistance, it has nothing to do with them. Their most important job is to put the incarnation of World Tree in the right place, and then they can wait aside. In Fen's statement: You are too stupid to be useful.

The elves grind their teeth.

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