Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 768

Since it is a group of people, even if there is no one to take the lead, there will be someone who speaks on behalf of everyone, so as to avoid noisy, but can’t talk about anything.

As the special envoy of World Tree, this group of wood elves powerhouses take the transcender of the Wadwo tribe, Kalamaharang as the main contact. There is no other reason, just because Kalamaharang knows the magician best.

A strong body, telling others that you are a half-orc, will definitely be better than calling yourself an elf, and more people believe in the wood elf powerhouse, supporting the flimsy elf robe It will explode soon.

When Lin first saw this old friend, he couldn’t figure it out. Since the robes are all tailor-made, why should they be made into such a super tight style? Was Wadvor deliberately rectifying himself, or Kalamaharang awakened something?

In any case, Lin was quite happy to see the old friend whom he hadn’t seen for a long time. It was this friendship that made the wood elves of the other world tree tribe lose the job of dealing with this magician to Kalamaharang.

Of course, not everyone is convinced by this super-brother-level wood elf, and the magician who was called to meet by his own boss. It’s just that these thorns, on the first day and the first meeting, were taken off by someone using a flash technique, and they are still hanging on the front porch of the house. And it has also been made into a famous product of Earth South America, shrunk people’s heads.

For this, the World Tree behind it is just a successor sent and the recovery of the elves’ robe, as if nothing had happened. As for the dead wood elves, the only thing World Tree has to say is: please don’t consume too fast, the quantity is also limited.

Now all the wood elves understand, feeling that their boss has put this magician in the same position as them. All wood elves know very well that for World Tree, they are just tools, and they only care about quantity.

In some periods, except for certain objects, World Tree does not directly contact the wood elves at all, and even incarnation does not appear. Like today, all, once again, are all World Trees on the fascinating land, except those controlled by the Spirit King, all revolving around a human being. This is something that has never been seen before.

Don’t look at the Turtle Dove Alliance, which has been established for a long time. The High Seat Conference has also become a platform for World Trees to communicate with each other. But the World Trees have never been together, and it is not even known whether the meeting has been completed or not. At most, it is indisputable.

Now it is integrated by a human being. As long as you dispel your opinion and carefully consider the reasons behind it, it is not difficult to understand how much this human being is valued by World Trees is definitely far above them.

After recognizing the reality, as the special envoys of their own bosses, these transcenders or archdruids quickly set themselves up and stopped trying to challenge the magician. Anyway, that person was talking directly with his boss, he was just escorting the World Tree Avatar to run around. As in the past, people who follow instructions.

No matter how powerful he is, he is not qualified to be involved in such big bosses.

However, as a tool person, you still have to ask what you need to understand. Otherwise, if things are messed up, the boss doesn’t know what pity is. So Kalamaharang was pushed out by the elves again and asked the magician’s thoughts.

Look at the elf transcender walking towards him, who is taller and stronger than the average elf, holding an antler stick higher than himself, and sometimes dodges when he walks. Those deer branches look quite happy. Lin said with a smile: “My friend, I have always wanted to ask, Wadwo deliberately gave you such a big cane, whether he wanted to solve the enemy or his own person.”

He gave a dry cough, Kara Mahalang said, “Your Majesty, you should know that Your Majesty will hear these conversations. So how do you want me to answer.” He touched it back softly. Lin didn’t care, just slapped haha.

This is the expressionless antler stick, otherwise you can probably see three black lines. The tacit understanding of World Trees is that Avatar is outside, and they never speak when there are too many outsiders. Anyway, they can directly communicate with their holders.

If the identity is revealed, most of the coveters try to kill the elves they trust, and then steal this Avatar. People who can do this usually have a way to make their Avatar powerless. In the end, the Avatar produced with great effort will only become the magic material of others. The feeling of powerlessness is not very pleasant.

And the strong elf who greeted this human being couldn’t help feeling a little bit emotional. When we first met, except for the former Demon King-sama who made him feel threatened, it was true that everyone else used the word weak to describe it.

But to this day, this man is enough to walk shoulder to shoulder with the World Trees. No matter what the reason is, the person who can talk to his boss is impossible as an ordinary person. Not to mention what he did in Holy City has given the comrades of the Turtle-Dove League a lot of convenience, so Kara Mahalang still respects this one.

But you still have to ask. Kalamaharan stepped forward and said: “Your Excellency, I originally thought you would summon in the magic tower. I waited. Didn’t expect called outside the tower. This way, the ability of the flash technique is exposed, okay?”

“You mean, afraid of being seen by others.” Lin thought for a while and said, “Actually, I don’t think you need to worry too much. Because we have to use the same trick to deal with the four Spirit King nations, unless we Kill people and kill the mouth, otherwise this tactical leak is something that will definitely happen. If this is only a lore that can only be used once, then it is of no value to us. So violence or exposure, I think it doesn’t matter. even more how Don’t take too much of the people you see around you. Overwhelming majority people will only choose explanations that are beneficial to them, rather than choosing the truth. So it doesn’t matter how much they see, they will naturally make up for other situations and guess the right answer. There may be none of them.”

“Well, how can I say, are you really confident in human nature?” Kalamaharang couldn’t help taunted.

Lin didn’t take it seriously, so he called haha ​​and said, “Discussing those is not our focus today. Let’s go, let’s go, we can be busy today. And this start of work, it’s not I know it will take a few days. Last time it was more than ten days.”

“Oh, has this kind of ceremony been done once?” Kalamaharang raised his brows and asked. : “Can you know who it is?”

“Who else can it be, that one. Didn’t you even notice it?” Lin asked puzzled. Transcender or something, shouldn’t it all be sharp, eyes flashing from time to time, sixth sense erupts, you can use your fingers to get out the murderous fingers.

“It turned out to be the Your Majesty. I said that there was a considerable gap between her impressions of the first time I met, so that’s how it is.” Kalamaharang rubbed himself full of Hummer’s chin. Suddenly he asked: “Since we have already succeeded once, why do we find that many helpers for such a big battle? Well, this question was not asked by me, but…you know.”

The antler stick in the hands of the sturdy wood spirit Spirit General, slightly pushed forward, Lin knew that this question should be asked by World Tree Wadwo. So explained: “I also asked Fern about this question. She said that the first time in the process of reshaping Fleshy body, because the dominant person and the person being reshaped were both herself, so in the whole ceremony process In it, she is constantly making adjustments to the design flaws. The final result is actually quite different from the original plan. But these are flaws, and only one can feel it. Perception needs to be instant at the same time. Calculate the adjustment method. Today’s protagonist does not have this ability, so we must rely on the help of external forces, which is us.”

“so that’s how it is.”

Seeing that the old friend had no other problems, Lin urged everyone, and said, “Let’s go, let’s go, that person will be very busy today, don’t delay her time. Otherwise, I can’t stop her if she starts rushing. .”

Fen, who was walking in the front, could not help turning his head and throwing a stab at him when he heard someone ranting in the back. It’s a pity that this level of damage can be resisted by someone’s cheeky. Seeing that he was okay, Fern just gritted his teeth and didn’t stop, and of course he didn’t look back to find someone to settle the account. As he said, she will be very busy today.

Stayed on the third floor to greet the Fasheng Mahtab, wearing a silk Hanfu made by Lin and the others. It was a set of costumes with azure as the main axis, and Hefen’s body was mainly red. The four spirit suits are in sharp contrast. The two met in a harmonious atmosphere and exchanged greetings with each other.

Basically, magician’s politeness will not take too long to get into the topic. Fen said: “Your Excellency, today I will borrow the energy pool on the third floor of your tower according to the previous agreement. The relevant requirements have been notified to you the day before. However, during the ceremony, there are things we need to pay attention to. , Please clarify.”

“It’s just like the previous agreement. It’s just the ceremony process, can it be convenient for me to watch?” Fasheng Mahatab asked.

Fen just shrugged and said: “You are curious, and if you are okay, just take a look. As a boring time. I hope you won’t be bored.”

After the two routine greetings are over, Fasheng, as the owner of Tower III, must of course greet the group of three holy light churches and priests of life behind Lich. When it comes to their status, no matter whether the other party is useful or not, one more friend is one more way, this sentence is also fascinating.

After greeting the great priests, Fasheng Mahtab saw a large group of elves wearing traditional holy robes walking into the third floor. Considering that the lifespan of the elves is longer than that of human beings, even if Mahtab is already at the age of graying her temples, all the elves in this group of elves that she recognizes must call Senior. Even if she has been canonized, and conflicts with any of these elves, it is still uncertain who will die.

Moreover, there are many familiar faces in it, especially the elf who is more like a half-orc than a half-orc, and a man who has never seen it and forgotten it. “Kala Mahalang, what are you guys?” Mahatab asked with a complicated expression on his face.

“Yeah, this is not Mama, long time no see, is there a hundred years?”

“Damn! Only fifty years. You goddamn people Longevity, what do you do in my magic tower?”

“Huh~, don’t be angry. The journey of our adventure together at the beginning can be said to be a seamless cooperation. Have you forgotten it? “

“Yes, I haven’t forgotten anything.” He sighed softly, as if he had left many things. Fashen Mahtab said: “I came to see me after such a long time, it’s not for reminiscence. And also brought such a large group of people, dressed so formal.”

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