Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 769

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Because he saw the big elves at first glance, Fasam Mahtab did not think much when he saw a large group of elves in traditional robes walk in. But when she dazzled her eyes and saw that all the holy robes on the elves had different three feather bird signs, she couldn't help but complexion greatly changed.

After reconfirming the correctness, Mahtab looked towards his student in annoyance. The appearance of a large number of wood elves powerhouses from one tribe, together with the appearance of wood elves powerhouses from multiple tribes, has absolutely different meanings. This kind of thing, she should tell herself first. So he wouldn't face this kind of lack of preparation and run into the place where the powerhouse got together, even in his own magic tower.

But now that he has run to the other side, it is too late to do any more actions. If there are too many small movements, and the opponent is regarded as hostile, it is not impossible to get started first. After all, the power of life and death in the magic tower really threatened everyone who entered the tower.

But for the people who enter the tower, their psychological activities are not as complicated as that of the Dharma Sage. Lin and the others have a very clear purpose, to take advantage of the energy pool to fix Shi Dong's body and finish work, without thinking about any small actions.

Don’t say that the saint is worried about whether the guests entering the tower will seize the tower. Lin and the others are also worried about whether the senior’s brain blood vessels will be blocked suddenly, making a judgment that is different from ordinary people. , Open all the traps of the magic tower, and everyone is finished together. Therefore, when everyone did things, they kept their duty and looked steadily forward, for fear of causing any misunderstanding.

This is a situation in which both sides are afraid of wolves. In all fairness, a certain magician doesn't want to get involved in this muddy water. But if you want to shape a Fleshy body, this indeed seems to be the only opportunity.

Fen’s previous situation, but in the case of skeletons, it only created flesh and blood, and ate a whole vein of magic stone. Although he didn't know whether that vein was rich or poor, Lin didn't think he could find a second vein so lavishly.

As for why not use this only opportunity to shape your own body, but to help the stitched corpse of Lich make a more ideal body, this is purely because someone does not want to be an experimental white mouse. . Lin has to wait for this method to become more mature before he can consider it. But there may not be many opportunities to be able to play this way, which means that there is basically no need to consider it.

However, with such persistence and gaining this opportunity, Lin still offered to help. It's better than watching her go around digging graves, to gather the materials to reorganize Shi Dong's body.

Since we have to do it, we should try our best to do our best instead of being half-hearted and overwhelming. This is someone's belief. So after the intervention, as long as it was a task assigned to him, Lin always did not hide his selfishness, and took out all of his unique skills to complete. Of course, Fern squeezed someone to his heart's content.

It is different from the simple array of demons arranged in the magic stone mine in the first round. This time led by Lin, there was no engraving of magic array runes on the floor of the magic tower, but only commanding 21 wood elves, carrying their respective boss's Avatars, and standing to the designated position.

Then let the three apprentices who are holding the big box of things bring themselves, and put the specially made sesame oil lampstand in the designated position. According to one person in the north, six oil lamps; six in the south, two oil lamps; three in the east, eight oil lamps; seven in the west, four oil lamps; four in the middle, ten oil lamps.

Next time, I will let Fen and the first coffin, one person and one thing fill the seat in the West; move the envoy of Uktrahir to the center; Lin himself booked the seat in the south. In the center of the formation, a wooden box with Stone's head is placed.

This form of stance is unprecedented. The magical array of the maze emphasizes balance and symmetry, but the array in front of me has a hidden balance and no symmetry, so the Fasheng Mahtab on the side can be seen in the mist.

Removing Shi Dong’s head from the wooden box, Lin shook it and asked, "Hey, are you awake?"

The dead head opened his eyes and used With inexplicable and inexplicable eyes, he looked at the person who was holding him up. Of course Lin didn't care. In this situation, Shi Dong couldn't even swoop and bite. Unless someone is stupid and puts something like a finger or a third foot in his mouth.

Seeing the head open his eyes, Lin said, "Just follow what we practiced before, remember." Without waiting for a response, he put down the head and threw the empty wooden box to the station. In the hands of the apprentice outside.

moved towards all around a nodded, after all the wood elves knowingly put the things in their hands on the ground, they withdrew from the formation and stood by the wall with the great priests of life. I saw that all World Tree Avatars stood firm and faintly echoed each other by resisting gravity.

From the very beginning, the Sage Mahtab knows that the things in the hands of the wood elves are extraordinary. But I didn't expect it to be such a degree of divine object, World Tree's Avatar. This is also what they started to contact each other, only then let the Dharma Sage notice it.

Is this the twenty-one high seats are all here? The second question of the Fashen is, does the Turtle Dove League have that many high seats? What happened to this World?

When everything was ready, Lin came to the stupid Fa Sage. Bowing a bow, he said, "My Lord Dharma, I want to temporarily borrow the control of the three-layer energy pool from you."

"Ah, yes." Mahatab was awakened from a dream. , Hurriedly took out the things that had been prepared from the diagonal brocade bag. It was a small statue, an accessory mark at the core of the magic tower. "I only have the ability to use the energy pool and cannot control the magic tower. Is this okay?"

After all, facing a Senior, Lin carefully took the statuette with both hands. At the same time, he said: "It's enough, we only borrowed the energy pool."

Someone who was once the tower owner knows that this kind of control authority is divided into several levels, and the specific levels are all According to the meaning of the tower master. But as he said, he just needs this nearly infinite power, and the goal is not the magic tower.

Receiving the statuette, Lin said, "Thank you." Basically, the control core is used in the same way, so Lin will be able to grasp it quickly. The reason for using such a convenient design is actually the selfish intention of the Magician Association, allowing them to master the magic tower in the fastest time after the death of the original tower owner, without becoming a tool of resistance for others to occupy it privately.

But on the other hand, this also allows other magicians who know how to use it, as long as they touch the core mark, they may quickly take over the magic tower. Therefore, most of the tower masters will give them to their students, they are like the subsidiary mark of Lin's hand, and only have partial control ability.

For Lin, the ancillary mark is sufficient.

Feeling the power flow of the statuette in the palm is closely related to the energy pool in front of you. Lin Suishi opened his hands and shook his hands violently, and the energy pool abnormally spilled out a large amount of silver and white liquid power, like a net, to cover the entire demon array and the people in it.

This extremely concentrated liquid power is harmful to the human body. Therefore, as long as it is a normal creature, no one wants to enter the energy pool or the like to take a bath. The mutation caused by Lin made all the onlookers criticized out in surprise. Fa Sheng Mahtab wanted to stop it forcibly.

But in the end, no drop of power can splash on anyone. They only did two things. First, they clicked on the wick on the Dipankara stage to emit a bright and warm yellow orange fire. Second, it is divided into several snake-like currents, which flow continuously, and surround the object, connecting the Avatars of World Tree, Lin, Fen, and the others in groups.

The lampstand, with the World Tree and the people in the station, hides the strange array ─ ─ Hetu. The reason for setting up this formation was to not only do a preview for the Vena book that World Trees will use in the future, but also to find that it was helpful in the calculations of everyone in the process of previous tests, which allowed Fen to agree to use it.

In the formation laid out, the number of days is World Tree and several alternatives, and the number of land is the thirty special lampstands. As the center of the core, it is the main target of this time ceremony, Shi Dong's head.

Don’t think that the lampstand is just used to collect land. They have another important function, which is similar to Lin's enchanting method when reeling silk, using Dragon Language resonance, which is actually the way of sonic resonance, adding magic effects to the item.

The process of manufacturing the entire body from amino acids requires a large amount of plasma flow stimulation, which is very easy to cause damage to the outside world, and the scope is difficult to control. This was also the case when Fen was practicing in the past, the magic stone mine was almost emptied, and there was no way to keep people in it.

Dragon Language resonance can play a stabilizing role, limiting the scope, limiting the destruction of formidable power, and controlling the entire process, which improves the safety of ceremony. This is helpful for personnel to monitor on the sidelines and make appropriate adjustments in real time.

At the same time, the use of Dragon Language resonance is also very important, which is to induce the original stem cells to transform into the cell types required by various parts of the body. This set of techniques was named'life shaping technique' by Fen. For the naming right unfathomable mystery was taken away, someone can only touch his nose and recognize it.

In the past, Finn is relying on his willpower and knowledge to do this hard. And there is already a complete skeleton as a reference, and the difficulty is not that high. As long as Shi Dong gave it orders, willpower was absolutely fine, but... he didn't know what to do.

It is too difficult for a dead warrior to understand DNA, cells, organs, etc., who can’t fight the magician, and who can understand DNA, cells, and organs, and even control his power and shape it. . Therefore, external guidance and control are very important.

In the process, you can also perform cell-level enchanting operations, making Stone's whole body further into a purer magical creation. From the very beginning, Fern did not intend to create a pure fleshy body.

Because the whole procedure is not complicated, it is not necessary to express it in high-frequency rush sounds after being translated into Dragon Language. Instead, it is necessary to slow down the sound frequency to be suitable for this ceremony that reshapes the fleshy body.

Just after Finnodded signaled to activate the magic array, the thirty lampstands made a majestic unison sound at the same time. Then came the broadly decomposed chord bass, and then there were repeated high-pitched ambiguities. After a pause, the voice that came out again seemed peaceful and melancholic, but still solemn. The main axis of the entire first part is brisk and dynamic.

Under the compilation of Fen, the Dragon Language used in the whole ceremony process is actually like a piece of music. And it's a classical symphony that someone is a little familiar with, Beethoven's No. 3 Symphony-Hero.

Is this a coincidence? Or some kind of different routes to the same goal?

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