Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 770

The music is in a violent, conflict-filled climax, and the head of Shi Dong in the center of the formation floats up into the air. Suddenly a strong light flashed, like a star exploding, a disc-like blast with a little blue light spewed towards all around, and then it converged to one place.

The Dharma saint who was watching saw this, thinking that he had failed. But for others, this is just the beginning. Several life priests unfolded their respective water mirror screens, using a new method to monitor the situation where their heads disappeared. Their duty is to report all situations to their biological mentor, the former Demon King-sama, so that Fern can make the most correct adjustments in real time.

Above the twenty-five stations, each condense a ball of lightning, constantly moving towards the center, lasing a stream of plasma. In the stimulus of plasma collision and sparks, the most primordial life matter gradually takes shape.

Dragon Language music ensures that everything is in accordance with the original arrangement. Amino acids and carbohydrates in the air form synthetic precursors, which are then transformed into four-helix nucleotides. The process of the birth of life is presented in front of everyone at an unimaginable speed under the acceleration of magic.

Unfortunately, Lin has no time to appreciate all this. The responsibility of World Tree is to calculate all possible changes and pass the massive results to the first coffin that is also in the calculation.

In addition to calculations, Fen is also responsible for adjusting the primordial design based on the data in the first coffin and the status of return given to her by the life priests.

In addition to calculations, Lin also adjusted the Dragon Language tones emitted by the thirty lampstands to echo the adjustments made by Fen. A simple analogy, Lin is like the conductor of a symphony orchestra, controlling the strengths and changes of all instruments. But the composer sits next to him, handing out new scores from time to time, which may be the next chapter or the next measure, and he has to make changes immediately.

There is no free complaint at all. Just trying to follow the rhythm of other existence, Lin can be said that there is no room for thinking. All operations are like mechanical actions. When something is in your hands, you must immediately make corresponding changes.

At this time, the kerosene placed in the sesame oil lampstand plays a considerable role. This is used in the magician primary level meditation ceremony, so that meditators can concentrate one’s mind. It is the most commonly used magic material. Of course, it will be used in such a place, and it will not be a secondary product with impurities. But Lin now needs concentration one’s mind more than during meditation.

The melody theme intersects with the first theme as the chord volume gradually decreases. Where everyone is subtle and invisible, the initial life form has been synthesized in the disappearance of Shi Dong’s head, and it is also the location where several plasma streams are hitting. The timing is in the rhythm of reappearance, but there is an inconsistent way of reiterating.

The scene in front of you, accompanied by the sound of incantion, is so beautiful, this is something the audience would never have thought of. They couldn’t help but indulge in it, acting as if drunk and stupefied.

But this is not about enjoying magnificent music in a concert hall. This is an out-and-out incantion, and it is also Dragon Language magic. The first discomfort was not the few apprentices with the lowest rank, or even the magic skills that could be considered unqualified. Leonardo, who was impossible to pass the first apprenticeship test, was the one of Fasa Mahtabu. That female noble student.

Becoming an official magician female nobleman, of course, has a certain level of knowledge and strength. But it does not mean that she is not protected by other people, and has a way to bear wind and rain alone. She has never faced all kinds of strange attacks in magic. So, like Dragon Language, Leyin’s honey wrapped in poison, she was caught.

Fortunately, this magic is not about killing, so the female nobleman magician is just unwell. Her teacher found out and immediately sent someone to take her to rest. Mahtab approached the wood elves he knew well, and asked, “Kalama, do you know what your Majesty and those are doing? How could there be such…similar to music? Voice.”

“Ha, Mahu, if you don’t think I know, you don’t have to stop here.” Pointing to the man who is waving his hands and directing everything, the wood elf Karamaha Lang said: “That’s a circle I am not qualified to intervene.”

Fasheng Mahtab also looked back at the ceremony scene. With her insight, she couldn’t understand anything.

To be named “Sage of Dharma”, you must be recognized by enough magician associations and their divisions on the magic land. If you have enough places to walk, it means you have enough knowledge. Only those who can effectively convert these things into battle strength are qualified to be called Dharma sages. This is the reason why Dharma is at the top of the magical world.

So every Dharma saint must be a scholar. Even if you can’t use some kind of magic, you can still tell the general history and find a way to counteract it. But for the ceremony in front of him, Mahtab had only a feeling of inability to start. Whether it’s for sabotage, help, or emergency handling in a critical situation, this sage cannot find a suitable entry point.

Recall that Lich’s attitude before the ceremony started. Not even think agreed to his request to watch. In retrospect, it was not that this person was generous enough; it was that the other party was very confident, even if I let myself see it clearly, I would definitely not understand it.

The episode next to this paragraph will of course not affect everyone in the formation. The processing of huge amounts of data makes them all fall into a state of hard to describe.

The calculation work that was originally completed in a few nanoseconds, the time seems to be extended indefinitely. All the calculation processes appear in front of my eyes and are completed step by step. Each step is extremely clear. But this is not because the processing speed of data has slowed down, but because my thoughts have become faster. And it’s too fast that my body can adapt, even if I just want to blink, I feel like a slow motion movie.

The same situation does not only happen to me. The two people in the same river map and the World Tree all noticed this abnormality. The advantage of this change is that everyone has more room to process this massive amount of data, and can do more things at the same time, and the efficiency has more than doubled.

However, there are still people who are not satisfied.

The taste of using programming language is to see complex work done in a flash in front of your own eyes. If you want to read it pen by pen, just use your hand or press the calculator. What programming language should you write? If your thoughts have caught up with the speed of the program, it means that the latter must be improved.

So at this time of distraction, Lin did not choose to do more work at the same time, but picked up a problem that he ignored for a long time. That is, the eight-digit mechanical language designed on the basis of eight powers is actually not efficient at all.

The reason why Earth’s calculator uses 0 and 1 as the most basic unit of calculation, there are actually many considerations. One of them is efficiency, and the other is limited by hardware logic circuits. Open and closed circuits are the simplest judgment design.

And a certain traversal crowd is in the maze. The maze version of the programming language designed with eight capabilities is actually the binary set behind it. There is or does not have a certain power, and then a byte contains eight bits, that is, eight powers.

To do this, in fact, one more conversion is done at the level of machine language, so that the result can be calculated by the method of the Earth version. The result is then converted into a recognizable programming language version of the puzzle, and finally presented. In the program, each additional step means that the calculation must consume more time. The more unnecessary calculations, the more time is wasted.

That is to say, in fact, until now, a programming language that is proud of everyone uses very inefficient methods to do calculations. Just because Midi does not have a so-called computer host and is not limited by hardware, the general processing speed gap is only the distance between nanoseconds and microseconds. From the data level, there is a difference, but the actual experience of general use will not feel.

But when the amount of information is large enough and the calculation steps are quite numerous, the speed of being caught up by one’s own thoughts in front of me makes it difficult to satisfy the people of Earth in the 21st century. It is necessary to think of a better method, a more concise program syntax, and speed up the process of homework. A good life should not be wasted on’waiting’.

The solution is that Earth has already had related theories a long time ago, but there is no way to achieve it technically, and that is a quantum computer. What restricts Earth’s progress in this area is not actually the theory of calculations, but how to design a circuit that controls and transforms the quantum state, and reduces errors in order to observe the quantum state.

The theory of quantum computing is actually not complicated at all. That is, each bit is no longer just 0 and 1, but a matrix. The processing basis of all operations is not a binary method, but a direct matrix operation.

Of course, there are more and deeper theories behind quantum computers, and someone does not want to discuss them at this time. What he has to do is to take one of the concepts and completely complete the basic machine language of the P language in a matrixized manner.

This matter is simple and not simple to say, but it is not difficult to say that it is difficult. Because in Earth, machine language is limited by the Innate limit of integrated circuits. It is most convenient to do it by opening and closing, that is, 0 and 1. But in mystery, the hardware…is there this thing?

At the beginning, the most primordial version of the magic programming language was made in the Great Sage Tower. The main access and calculation medium is not the magic tower itself, but the energy pool in the magic tower. Why the energy pool can do this kind of thing, someone still has no final conclusion.

Outside the energy pool of the magic tower, only World Tree can be used as a carrier of programming language. But no matter how someone and Fen leave a back door on World Tree and secretly borrow their computing power, World Tree is still at ease, so they have never complained to someone.

This does not represent a programming language that someone is proud of. For World Tree, it is a small thing to dismiss. This also shows that the calculation method designed by Lin has considerable room for improvement.

So someone who has made up his mind puts 10% of his mind on the ceremony, which belongs to his own computing task. Use 20% of your mind to direct and coordinate all World Tree and the lampstand that emits Dragon Language music. Finally, with 70% of the attention, this is a super big revision of the P language, which can be said to be drawn from the bottom.

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