Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 771

Someone’s inaction, as it should be by rights, attracts the attention of other beings in the same situation.

But Lin didn’t explain too much. After giving Fen a look, he threw the temporarily edited large number of files into the opponent’s field of vision. Because it’s plain text, not encrypted files, Lin doesn’t know how the other world tree intercepts the file packets. Everyone knows it anyway.

World Trees are as always. Their values ​​are very different from the secular, so they rarely pay attention to things that have nothing to do with them. But as the main editor of the expansion of the underlying grammar of the P language, Fen can of course understand the benefits of such an improvement, and at the same time refresh his understanding of someone’s fatigue. This guy must be impatient with the calculation results one by one, so I thought of using this method.

However, since it is a good method, there is no reason to use it, even if it is to grind the gun. Lich, who is already familiar with various mathematical methods, is lacking but someone hints where and what method to use.

It was supposed to be a tedious and big project, but in this state of mind-excessive thinking, everything seems to be divinely helpful. With a glance of the question, the answer is clear to the heart. And the more progress they accumulate, the faster the improvement.

In the end, the two of them seemed to have abandoned World Tree’s easy-to-follow thinking and entered another realm. In this realm, everything moves fast.

Immediately, someone thought that things would be the opposite, and fell into an opposite realm. Taking a closer look, Lin realized that what he saw was the trajectory of particles everywhere, something that was originally impossible to see with the naked eye.

Immersed in the thoughts of overriding the Second Layer, Lin and Fen worked together to complete the revision of the P language in one go and renamed the P+ language. It seems that a hundred years have passed in the middle of this time? Or two hundred years? What surprised someone most was that he would not be hungry or thirsty during the process, and would not have any desire to eat, drink, shit and piss. The only explanation is that in reality, that long time has not passed at all.

When the P+ language was completed, Lin used to replace the bottom layer of the programming language that will be used in the Fleshy body remodeling ceremony. This is a calculation procedure one by one, and the calculation results are leaked out immediately like a torrential rain and flood.

In the overriding thoughts on the 1st floor, World Trees also found that the computing power of the two has been abnormally improved. And because all the beings in the Hetu Formation, it is not an exaggeration to say that they are one and the same, so they quickly learned the content of the programming language that the two had improved. You guys who have been fascinated for a long time, just use them without the slightest hesitation, and are not afraid of whether there are traps or the like.

While World Trees are able to acquire P+ language so easily and trust, this is also because it was agreed at the beginning that all knowledge in the process is open and interoperable. This is a condition for World Trees to join. And for Finland, the computing power of World Trees bring it up a level is also beneficial to their goals, so it is also impossible to deliberately cover the P+ language.

World Tree’s attitude towards P language, although they know how to use it, they do not deliberately. That is to say, when the other party provides P language-based file data or uses forums to communicate with someone, World Trees will use programming language-based tools.

In normal times, what they did in the past, they still do it now. Because using your own Old Fang method is not only a habit, it is also more efficient and faster.

But after the current calculation method replaces the underlying P+ language, the calculation speed is as different as heaven and earth from the past program. Even if for some reason, the thoughts that may enter when the World Trees are promoted exceed the realm, the output of the calculation result can also be described by the word’violent’.

So while they are doing a lot of calculations, they have also spent a little careful deduction on themselves. After all, in recently, what World Trees do the most is to modify their core magic array style. It’s quite rare to enter this wonderful realm, no one who doesn’t have a little Jiujiu in his heart, carries some private goods for himself.

But even if everyone is a little selfish and secretly doing their own things, it has no effect on Fen’s work. Because Lich is facing a situation that has not been imagined before, the computing power is redundant…Even if all the participants are devoted to their assigned computing tasks, the revised P+ programming language can still digest all computing needs in an instant, and then Be free.

As long as anyone is free, Fen, as the dominant player, will feel dazzling and want to find something to throw into the other party’s hands. If someone could speak, he would definitely say that the Boss’s uneasy attitude to employees is that he is sick and he can be cured.

It’s just that Lin has no idea of ​​gossiping at all under this kind of realm with overwhelming thoughts. Countless thoughts and thoughts in his mind popped out in this brief moment, vying for the redundant computing resources, striving to put himself into practice, otherwise he would have to perfect the plan.

This kind of statement seems to anthropomorphize the whimsical ideas that only exist in someone’s mind, as if they have all their minds and plan for themselves. But without any emotions, people who look at everything happening from a third party’s point of view really feel like this, as if they have nothing to do with all of this.

Lin is caught in a strange change. Of course, things are impossible to happen to him, but the magic tower of dreams is waveless, calm and tranquil. The fatty carrying a long sword is standing in the dream space raged by countless whirlwinds. The original 5-Layer magic tower has long been disintegrated, and every brick and every tile will follow the wind, blowing from all directions and heading towards all directions.

The long sword being carried is naturally stubborn, and it said worriedly: “James Fat, are you going to die? Otherwise, how can you make such a big battle.”

“Don’t worry. The so-called good person doesn’t live long, bad people live for thousands of years. Although our house is not bad, but also not good people will not die so soon. As for the current situation… …You also know that the number of times that the original version almost killed oneself is not bad this time. So whether this time can pass the level, it’s really hard to say. “Fei Zhai incarnation dialed the wind-blown board. Said with self-confidence.

“I am not worried that no one will take me to fly in the future. Then I will be beaten back to the original shape, helpless.” Xiaqie said regretfully. Suddenly he said: “Are we able to help?”

“Want to help, okay, let’s add another fire.” The fat house incarnation cuts his hand to the top. , Use the flashing technique summon to enter the dream space. After it fell steadily into his hand, the greasy palm of his hand touched the sword. The wiped place seemed to be corroded by strong acid, eroding the holy sword Anduriel’s sword body to the point of eroding.

Cry out in surprise: “What are you?”

“Boy, without destruction there can be no construction. Use your whole heart to experience it. You How much you can get from it depends on your own chance. haha ​​haha.” As he said, he tossed the box-cut into the wind.

Amidst the laughter, the fat house turned Body Like Wind sand, blown away by the wind from top to bottom, and caught in it. But the laughter continued, and the wind scroll faintly formed a huge human-shaped silhouette, standing upright, touching this seemingly boundless, but in fact, the boundary of the dream space.

At the moment when the wind giant touched the edge of the space, this boundary also seemed to be corroded and began to disintegrate, revealing the appearance outside the dream tower space. It was a colorful dream realm, sometimes very magnificent, and sometimes strange and gloomy. Suddenly the sound of heavy rain and thunder, the next moment turned into a bird’s crowing again, and Insect Cry echoed.

There is also a bubble world that belongs to countless people’s dreams, one after another, floating in it. There is a beautiful world like a fairy tale, and there are scenes like hell; some people sing softly or sing loudly; some have demons, going to the world, chasing and killing the people in their dreams.

Outside these bubble worlds, the inhabitants of dream realm are a group of demon species prefixed with the word “dream”. Nightmare beasts, dream monsters, etc., these demons that can travel through the lost ground, abyss and dream world, saw the burst of a bubble world, and thought it was an extremely rare opportunity, and they all displayed their shuttle instincts, moved towards Shattered Come everywhere.

But what awaits them is a flood of power, which in turn drowns and swallows them. At the forefront of this torrent, there is a box cut that has been corroded to the point where only half of the sword is left. Broken, it is still sharp that no stronghold one cannot overcome, piercing through all the dreams and nightmares, piercing all the demons blocking the front, and even breaking the boundary between the dream realm and other dimensions, and escape into it. .

The surviving demons don’t understand what happened just now. They only know that those who block them die, those who block them swallow, and none is spared. The only thing to be thankful for is that the strange wind seems to have ran away on its own, and ran into the place that no one can chase.

The wind of power that enters the gap of dimension, no longer has the Only I Am Supreme posture like in the fascinated ground and the abyss, but hardly resists the ubiquitous multi-dimensional and multiple violent turmoil in the environment. energy. It is constantly compressed and weakened, and the free part will be eroded and assimilated in an instant.

Under this kind of external pressure, the eight powers deliberately guided did not escape, but were constantly tempered.

Compared with the wind of power, it is hard to maintain its own existence. On the contrary, it is like a fish back in water. It absorbs the chaotic energy here to its heart’s content, but is not in a hurry to reshape Anduriel’s appearance, because it still remembers what that fatty said.

The corrosion of the blade before was not caused by external forces. But after the theory of quantum computer is taught to it, it has been able to change into a single-molecule cutting edge, trying to further change its own characteristics, find controllable elementary particles, and find a method of correct observation.

But to do this, its own consumption is unimaginable. It can be said that even if Xiaqi sleeps for a long time, as long as it is still trapped in the lost ground, it will never be able to try to contact this realm.

Even if he followed that man for a long time, he accumulated enough capital for himself through his flashing technique. However, to achieve its own quantum architecture, it is still necessary to obtain sufficient energy and change its own architecture by detracting from itself.

Now that it enters the gap in this dimension, it does not take this opportunity to make up for the previous deficit. It is precisely because there is a powerful vacuum cleaner-like box cutter that is pierced by the side, so the pressure is slightly reduced after being free from the power of dream realm. A planned change is quietly taking shape.

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