Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 772

But if the energy pool is dumped, liquefied power, such as mercury, is pumped from the pool, and directly in the magic Array, which shows the meaning behind it, as long as it is a tower owner Trend. Because this means two things, it is not a big enemy, the magic tower is full of attack, which is a precursor to the energy pool.

At least Fa Mahaha Tab is in her birth, and she has never seen such a scene. Whether it is another magic tower, or Holy City Estha II, whether it is the third floor, four or five floors, never have such a scene.

If the energy pool is not at the edge of the out of control, will it be dried? Half-infinite energy represents it still has its limit. If you extract a lot in a short period of time, it is theoretically likely to give the energy pool to be dried. And the reason why ‘theoretical’ is because this kind of thing has never heard.

explodes a energy pool, which is much easier than the dried dry. So, this is recognized in impossible what happens, is it going to be in front of you?

Fortunately, Fa Sheng’s worry is not true. The energy pool consumption and natural recovery are in someone’s master. Someone who is used to reading dataization information, I touched the energy pool of the third floor of the III tower in Immediately, including the total amount, recovery. The power consumed now, it is far from the level of the pool natural recovery.

Secondly recombinantly the body of Shidong, how fast, there is also its limit. Because this is not mathematics, it is good, how fast is it fast. The process of shaping the body, there are many essential waiting. Waiting for the creation of cell activation, waiting for the establishment of good tissue bond, waiting for the organ to play its own role.

This is why it will appear in force redundancy under the dominance of Fen. It’s not that she doesn’t want to speed up, but I want to come soon, the hard speed will only have problems.

Fin’s dominated, plus the forest control, the two people cooperate, and the entire CereMony will be smoothly carried out, no obstacles. As the classical symphony, the Dragon Language is so smooth, coordinated, melodious and pleasant.

Third movement, lively allegro.

Internal Organs plus the brain, brain dry and ridge, is completed one by one in the second movement of solemn. The whole process is not a fine crafting.

But starting from the third movement, the weakness of the weak, the characteristics of the harmonious song are strongly pushed throughout Ceremony. In the progress of the body, it is scheduled to start reconstructing Skeleton for Shi Dong, covering muscles and skin.

These organizations are unlike internal organs and brains, each has their own functions, and the status that cannot be replaced. Skeleton, muscle and skin tissue, from the cell level, saying, is the same thing, just the shape and position of aggregation.

Since it is the same thing, the demand is large, then there is no need for single-wire job. Anyway, everyone is in the state of touching the fish. This thought is just that Fen is like a heart, and allocated multiple tasks to everyone immediately. The same needs, different parts, let everyone divide several groups, shaping different parts of the body.

In the eyes of the people, I saw the human body originally an internal organ, an internal organs showed a human body; in the part of the bone and meat, it was the limbs, torso, and skulls.

When the song comes to the end of a session, Fast As Lightning’s music suddenly slows down, after bass and sound outline, it is a series of dazzling skills, direct access to a small climax. A soft, calm melody alternate, gradually welcoming the epic of Surging Forward With Great Momentum. So, it is so derouped, as if it is said that heroes have a magnificent process, and finally is the end of a gloomy eye.

In this final chapter, it is the establishment of cycling, lymph, and nerve three system. Just see the tissue part weaving, from the eye, nail, nail gap, and even the capillary holes on the body into the body. Continuously, as if endlessly.

On the occasion of the last tone, floating in the river chart, the center of the river, has a complete human body, double eyes! In the eyes, the double is actually different ways to LOOKED TOWARDS.

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