Start Evolutionary Upgrade From Wild Monster Chapter 1357

All the bones of Ding Hu’s arm were broken into powder, and his right knee was shattered.

When everyone around saw this, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Yang Yong is stupid, Ding Hu asked him to call his uncle Ding Shanhe, but he stood there like a wooden person.

“This Lu Chen, crazy, crazy!”

Lu Chen walked to the pyre without anyone else, picked up two axes on the ground, one in each hand, and instantly flashed in front of Yang Yong who was still in a daze, and an axe slashed directly on his shoulder!

Yang Yong hadn’t reacted yet, there was a sharp pain in his shoulder, and he let out a scream like a pig, “Ah! Lu Chen, you…”

Lu Chen dragged so hard, Yang Yong held the axe and was afraid to let go, so he followed Lu Chen and was dragged to Ding Hu.

Lu Chen looked at Ding Hu with a horrified face, sneaked, and suddenly another father and son slashed on his shoulder.

The screams of Ding Hu and Yang Yong were endless, but Lu Chen didn’t seem to hear them.

“Aren’t you going to see your uncle? Go, I’ll take you there!” After that, Lu Chen dragged the two to the martial stage of the West Holy Spirit Courtyard.

From the house to the martial stage of the study, a long puddle of blood was left on the ground. All those who saw this scene followed Lu Chen in both horror and curiosity.

Even those Academy dísciple were scared to face pale by such bloody scenes.

Lu Chen dragged the two to the Martial Practice Stage before letting go.

He didn’t rush his hands, both hands crossed near chest, as if waiting for who.

Sure enough, the entire group hurried to the martial stage of Xi’s.

A middle-aged man furiously shouted, “Who would dare to commit an attack in the West Holy Spirit Courtyard under the broad daylight?”

The visitor was Ding Shanhe, Ding Hu’s uncle, and his face turned green when he saw Ding Hu’s miserable condition.

Almost at the same time, Bai Xing also hurried over.

As soon as I saw the two people wailing in a pool of blood on the court, and then at the young man standing behind them, my brain buzzed.

“Xiaochen? You, what are you doing!”

More and more people have gathered around, and the martial stage of Xi has been completely enclosed.

Yan Zhu now has six gods and no masters, pulling Mengxi, “Mengxi, hurry, find a way to save my Master! You know that he was bullied by Ding Hu, that’s why he made such a reckless move.”


Mengxi browses tightly frowns, very anxious, “I, I don’t know he will bring people here! Dean Bai and Dean Ding are both Spirit Kings, me, how can I save him!”

“By the way, where’s his gun? He doesn’t seem to bring that long spear!”

Lu Chen didn’t even bring a gun, so I’m afraid it will be more difficult to stand out.

While speaking, Ding Shanhe has been violent, how could he watch his nephew die tragically in front of him?

In an instant, Ding Shanhe exploded with energy all over his body, like a sharp sword, pounced on Lu Chen, “Dare to hurt Dinghu, the old man will kill you!”

Bai Xing’s eyes widened, and at the same time he shot at Lu Chen, “Dean Ding keeps people! At least wait for the words to be clear!”

In the past many years, Bai Xing still attaches great importance to Lu Chen.

“Lu Chen! Flash!” Mengxi screamed, and threw away a sword energy to help Lu Chen stop Ding Shanhe temporarily.

The three powerhouses, shot at the same time, and Lu Chen is at the core of the competition…

Suddenly, Lu Chen silhouette was in a trance, and then two Qi Jin shots at Ding Shanhe and Bai Xing at the same time, and then turned back and pointed, instantly dissolving the sword energy of Mengxi.

With a loud bang, Ding Shanhe was directly blasted by a powerful force, and fiercely hit the stout stone pillar of the martial stage great hall of Xi’s martial, and the stone pillar that could be hugged by five or six people was directly penetrated. !

At the same time, Bai Xing’s side did not suffer severe damage, but a gentle force pushed him away, preventing him from getting close.

In an instant, the moves of the two Spirit Kings, a nine-star Spirit Venerable, were directly and casually resolved by Lu Chen’s move.

After Bai Xing landed, she looked at Lu Chen incredulously, “Xiao Chen, what is your realm!”

Lu Chen smiled slightly to Bai Xing, “Lao Bai, my realm is not important. The important thing is that you may be the dean for a while.”

“Huh?” Bai Xing was puzzled.

Over there, Ding Shanhe got up from the gravel and looked at Lu Chen in horror.

Although he didn’t try his best just now, but the opponent, the little Honorary Disciple, actually repelled his Spirit King with one move?

What a joke!

“You! Who are you?!”

Lu Chen looked at Ding Shanhe indifferently, “I am a temporary Honorary Disciple in the West Holy Spirit Hospital, and of course, I am also the chef in the room.”

“You bullshit! How can you be just an Honorary Disciple with your strength?”

Lu Chen slightly smiled, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t know me. I have been in the West Holy Spirit Courtyard for eight years, but I already know what your relationship is with these two beasts.”

Lu Chen walked to Ding Hu leisurely and said, “Ding Hu, do you want to survive?”

“I, I…”

“Why? Still counting on your uncle to save you? You saw it just now. If he comes to save people again, I don’t mind killing you first!”

Ding Hu is breathing fast, don’t look at Lu Chen. He is not fierce at all, this guy is fierce in his hands!

He said he wanted to kill, then he wanted to kill!

“I, I, I want to live!”

Lu Chen satisfied nodded, “Don’t be nervous, you want to live, such is human nature. Since you want to live, now tell everyone that six years ago, a female worker in the house was polluted by a traitor and died in a dry well for four years. Before, the same situation happened again…”

Ding Hu’s face has changed.

Lu Chen continued, “Come on, tell everyone, who did it?”

“I, I don’t know. At that time, the Academy ordered someone to check and find the murderer!”

Lu Chen slightly smiled, turned his head and said to Yang Yong, “Yang Yong, now the chance to survive is yours…”

Yang Yong is not Ding Hu, he does not have an uncle who wants to be the dean.

Seeing Lu Chen smiling at him now, it feels like seeing a ghost…


Lu Chen moved his sword and Yang Yong’s arms seemed to be lightly tapped.

But after a while, his left and right arms exploded directly, and suddenly flesh and blood flew!

Yang Yong let out a scream, burst into tears, “Lu Chen, you, you are not human…Ah!”

Lu Chen, regardless of Yang Yong’s wailing, he squatted to persuade him, “Yang Yong, you wouldn’t be naive to think that I didn’t do anything for the past eight years? There is only one opportunity, missed it, tsk tsk tsk, guess I will show mercy next time?”

Does this still need to be guessed? This guy exploded his arms directly in front of thousands of people!

“I, I said…”

“It’s Ding Hu! Ding Hu did it! Rape and murder two female workers. In the second year, the female worker’s husband was also beaten to death by him, but he used that handyman’s health as a reason. Shanhe pardoned his responsibility!”

“Also, Ding Hu has more than three lives in his hands. In the past eight years, four people have died because of him, leaving more than ten disabled people!”

Lu Chen was quite surprised, Yang Yong is already ready to answer…something he doesn’t know.

“Also, also, the terminal illness before Chen Si was caused by Ding Hu’s long-term medication. Originally, Chen Si was bound to die, but was later saved by Dean Bai Xing!”

In order to survive, Yang Yong gave out everything he knew.

Ding Hu shouted angrily, “Yang Yong, you are spitting blood!”

Yang Yong shouted angrily, “I’m bloody? Which one of these things didn’t I see with my own eyes?! Following you in the past few years, has there been less blood on your hands! This group of houses is about to become your world! “

Now, everyone is in an uproar.

“Ding Hu, a young man in charge, actually human life as grass?”

“It’s too bad to rape and kill father and daughter, and beat her husband to death.”

“Relying on the relationship of my uncle, it really has been regardless of the law and of natural morality!”

Bai Xing was shocked. It turned out that there was such a dirty corner in the West Holy Spirit Courtyard under his hands!

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