Start Evolutionary Upgrade From Wild Monster Chapter 1358

Lu Chen satisfied nodded, stood up and looked towards Ding Shanhe, “Ding Shanhe, Ding Hu killed the man, who gave you the right to forgive Ding Hu?”

“In your eyes, those people are not people?”

Ding Shanhe was trembling with anger, but couldn’t say a word.

Lu Chen coldly snorted, “If someone like you becomes the dean, the West Holy Spirit Courtyard is afraid that there will be no peace.”

Later, Lu Chen walked to Ding Hu, “Ding Hu, you, die without regret, it’s a pity that my pet is not there, so I can only do it myself.”

After all, Lu Chen shot Ding Hu dozens of times.

Ding Hu still didn’t understand why he didn’t feel any pain. Suddenly, Ding Hu burst into continuous explosions all over his body!

Skeleton all over the body with a single head, shattered!

Ding Hu let out a scream. After undergoing such inhuman abuse, he was not dead. This is the most painful.

His body was lying on the ground like a mess of mud, his eyes looked at Lu Chen in horror, crying, “Lu Chen, please, kill, kill me! Please!”

People like Ding Hu are begging to die, which shows how painful he is now.

Lu Chen coldly snorted, pick up the rattan handle that Ding Hu dropped to the side, and insert it directly on Ding Hu’s top of the head!

Ding Hu rolled his eyes and finally breathe one’s last!

When Yang Yong saw this scene, Divine Soul was already shaking.

The child who had been beaten by them countless times and didn’t even say a word. He didn’t at all forget the hatred, but he knew better than anyone else.

For eight years, when he appeared, it was time to beg!

“Lu Chen, you, you are too terrifying! This is simply impossible, a temperament that a child should have…” Yang Yong fell to the ground weakly.

“So, you won’t let me go at all, right?”

Lu Chen is a bit surprised, Yang Yong investigating people observing their expressions is still a little bit.

“But, I confessed Ding Hu’s crimes anyway, you, can you give me a good…please…” Yang Yong knelt on the ground, his hands were blown away, only his head fell on the ground.

“You poisoned Grandpa Chen, logically I shouldn’t let you die so happy, but Grandpa Chen didn’t die after all, you just made atonement for your merits, but I am not cruel and bloodthirsty…”

Lu Chen flicked his sword and beheaded!

After killing Yang Yong, Lu Chen silhouette suddenly moved and flashed to the martial stage weapon rack of Xi. He took a wooden gun for practice at random and flashed in front of Ding Shanhe in a flash.

Ding Shanhe’s eyes widened, this guy is so fast!

“You will pay for the tragic death of the couple!”

The gun shot like a dragon, Ding Shanhe hurriedly blocked it with his sword.

However, the wooden spear is blocked, but the intention to be a gun cannot be blocked!

Ding Shanhe’s chest exploded directly, and his flesh became bloody!

“Are you…you are…the spirit emperor…” Ding Shanhe looked at Lu Chen dying.

Lu Chen turned around and threw the wooden spear away, leaving a sentence, “The Emperor is in front of me, there is no chance!”

In the blink of an eye, there were already three more corpses in the Xi martial stage of the West Holy Spirit Yard.

Yang Yong, Ding Hu, Ding Shanhe!

These three people include civilians and powerhouse Spirit King. However, in Lu Chen’s eyes, the damn person is damned, no matter what their rank or status is!

“Wait!” Bai Xing suddenly slowed down and caught up with Lu Chen.

“Xiao Chen…” Bai Xing grabbed Lu Chen, “Where are you going?”

Lu Chen looked back at Bai Xing. Bai Xing withdrew his hands in fright.

Lu Chen slightly smiled, “Dean Bai Xing, I killed these three people wrong?” Lu Chen asked.

“No! Hey, it’s because I can’t manage it. Even in the West Holy Spirit courtyard, this kind of thing happened. I, the dean, can’t escape the blame, but you helped me clean the door…”

Lu Chen nodded, “The dean is indeed at fault, but you have not managed the affairs of the Academy much in recent years. The main problem is Ding Shanhe.”

Bai Xing sighed, “Ding Shanhe is shrewd and capable. I know he has some shortcomings, but he didn’t expect that he will do that.”

Lu Chen is also sighed. Dean Bai Xing is old after all, so let the past pass.

“President Bai, you saved Grandpa Chen and gave me the Honorary Disciple Order. Lu Chen remembers this kindness.”

“This time, I will do one last thing for the West Holy Spirit Yard. When it’s over, I will leave here. Now I want to pack things up when I go back.”

Bai Xing asked strangely, “What do you mean?”

“This time the nationwide discussion on the sword, I will represent the West Holy Spirit Hospital in the battle.”

Bai Xing froze for a moment.

He has already seen Lu Chen’s hand just now, Spirit King Ding Shanhe is in Lu Chen’s hand, and he can’t make a move!

Directly kill!

This kind of strength is worthy of being the strongest battle strength in the West Holy Spirit Academy!

“You, would you like to represent the West Holy Spirit Academy? Well, that’s very good! This time the strongest newcomer is none other than our West Holy Spirit Academy!”

Lu Chen slightly smiled, “I’m not going to participate in the competition for the strongest newcomer, I want to participate in the battle of the most powerhouse in the Kingdom of Heaven!”

As soon as this was said, the scene was exclaimed.

“The battle of the most powerhouse? No way, there are countless experts in the battle of the most powerhouse. Spirit King and Spirit King are not the strongest!”

“How old is he? Eighteen? Eighteen to participate in the strongest contest? I have never heard of it!”

“This is equivalent to the freshmen who have just been admitted to the hospital to play the general competition!”

Bai Xing browse tightly frowns, “Lu Chen, your strength is indeed very strong, but, but the strongest battle is not as simple as you think. There are countless experts in the Kingdom of Heaven. Now you are going to fight the rookie battle and you are already pretty sure, why bother Go adventure again?”

Lu Chen said, “The reward for the strongest battle and the prestige that it brings to Xisheng is not comparable to the rookie battle. This time, I will be the favor of Dean Bai.”

“Besides, I don’t want to meet Mengxi either.” Lu Chen finished speaking, looking towards the woman in the crowd.

Mengxi is still in a downtime. She knows that Lu Chen is strong, but she doesn’t know that Lu Chen can be so strong!

Kill Spirit King in seconds?

My own nine-star Spirit Venerable, in front of her, I’m afraid it won’t last for half a second.

Beside Mengxi, Yan Zhu has been weeping bitter tears.

Yan Zhu is probably the most aware of how many grievances Lu Chen has suffered. That many years of forbearance has finally been exchanged for today’s outbreak!

“Master, you have finally got your revenge! Killed well! I wanted to kill them a long time ago! What a delight!”

“Just, Master, are you leaving…”

Lu Chen walked over and put his arms around Yan Zhu’s shoulders, “The boss is not young anymore. Why are you crying? What a shame.”

“Master…I, I can’t bear you…” Yan Zhu cried with a rustling sound, his voice was like a mosquito, the pitch was inexplicably high, and he didn’t know how he made the sound.

Lu Chen was also a bit sentimental. After thinking about it, he said, “Let’s go with me.”

“en? Really?!” Yan Zhu stopped crying immediately and looked at Lu Chen in surprise.

“Do you think I am like someone who doesn’t count?”

“You are! You killed Yang Yong just now!”

“This…” Lu Chen was speechless for a while, “Forget it, you should stay here.”

“Don’t don’t don’t, Master, even if you lie to me, I will follow you!” Yan Zhu clung to Lu Chen’s thigh.

“Hey, you two are waiting for me!” Mengxi finally came back to his senses, and hurried to catch up.

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