Start Evolutionary Upgrade From Wild Monster Chapter 1359

Before Lu Chen left the West Holy Spirit Academy, Bai Xing had prepared the registration form and badge. These all are tokens of the West Holy Spirit Academy.

For the rest, Bai Xing will naturally go to Zhang Luo.

After preparing to stop, Lu Chen, Yan Zhu and Mengxi embarked on a trip to Heavenly Might City.

Yan Zhu used a pole to carry two large frames and belongings, and followed Lu Chen.

Lu Chen and Mengxi saw his hard work, and after some condolences, they put their salutes into his basket together…

“Master, Mengxi, you two are too welcome…”

Lu Chen said, “You have to carry it all, it doesn’t matter if you carry it a little bit more, it is inconvenient for us to carry something on your back. Besides, is it too demanding to help you carry something for Master?”

Yan Zhu took a deep breath, looked towards Mengxi, “I will help carry the things of my Master, even if I help, Mengxi Eldest Miss, you are…”

Mengxi looked at Yan Zhu, blinked, and said, “I will help you keep your balance back and forth, so that you don’t have to keep the pole high and the other low.”

“Furthermore, now the war has been going on for years and bandits are rampant. I originally met bandits and bandits and so on. I just ran away. Now that the luggage is with you, then I won’t leave you behind.” Mengxi The more it makes sense, the more it makes sense.

Yan Zhu almost squirted blood out, cooperating with Mengxi to add weight to him or to help him.

With the two rogues together, Yan Zhu can only be obediently and honestly as a coolie.

After freeing his hands, Mengxi quickly caught up with Lu Chen, “Hey, Lu Chen, tell me honestly, how many spirit vein are you?”

Lu Chen thought for a while. He didn’t have anything to hide from Mengxi, so he said, “I don’t know. The two Tianyuan Orbs tested at the beginning were exploded.”

“Huh? It exploded?”

Lu Chen nodded, “So I am not quite sure that I have a few-star spirit vein, I guess it should be a nine-star.”

“My nine-star double spirit vein didn’t blow up the Tianyuan Orb.” Mengxi looked shocked.

Lu Chen shook his head, no one believed the truth.

“Hey, it doesn’t matter how many stars are the spirit veins, you can use it.” Lu Chen brought this topic casually.

Yan Zhu chased after carrying a load, “Master, it seems that you are near your house. Don’t you go home and see? Every time you ask me to send money, I never see you go home to visit. I don’t know when to come back from a long trip, so let’s go home and have a look.”

Speaking of going home, Lu Chen thought of grandpa, mother, Uncle Tie, Wan’er, he really missed them.

By the way, Wan’er has already participated in the initial test of the spirit vein, and the results are very good. Maybe she will go to the spiritual institute to study in the second half of the year…

Lu Chen couldn’t help but stopped and looked at the direction of home.

Long silence, Lu Chen finally shook the head, “No, they are living peacefully now is more important than anything else, I don’t want them to worry about me.”

“Let’s go…” Lu Chen sighed, continuing on the road.

Mengxi froze for a moment, she seemed to understand Lu Chen.

Although she doesn’t know the reason, from the look of Lu Chen just now, it’s not that he doesn’t want to go back, but that he can’t go back.

This person must have an unknown story…


The journey is long and it will take more than a month.

The entire group walked for most of the day, until they reached a larger city nearby, Mengxi bought a carriage.

The three of them took turns driving and continued on the road.

At this time Mengxi was in charge of driving the car. Lu Chen looked at Yan Zhu and suddenly said, “Zhu Zi, do you want to cultivation?”

Yan Zhu froze for a moment, then shook the head again, “Master, who doesn’t want cultivation, but I only have a two-star spirit vein, and my family is poor.”

Lu Chen slightly smiled, “The two-star spirit vein is not completely incapable of cultivation. A good mentality can make up for it.”

Yan Zhu helplessly said, “Master, I also know, but I am not qualified to get advanced mentality.”

Lu Chen slightly smiled, “I heard that there is a book of Superior Mind in the reward of this most powerhouse battle. If I can get it, I will give you a cultivation.”

“What? Really?”

“Here again?” Lu Chen looked at Yan Zhu angrily and funny, how distrustful of his own Master.

Yan Zhu hurriedly said, “Oh oh oh, I know I know, Master is the most trustworthy person!”

Lu Chen was satisfied and nodded, “This is pretty much the same.”

After knowing that he has hope for cultivation, Yan Zhu seemed to be beaten up in blood, and he was very excited after all day’s fatigue was gone.

“Hey, Master! You said that Miss Mengxi would not go to Heavenly Might City with others, but would rather go with us. Is there a possibility that Miss Mengxi is interesting to you?”

“Meng girl has a distinguished family background, outstanding strength, and the key is so beautiful. Go and see the entire West Holy Spirit Yard. There are many beautiful women among the thousands of people, but you can’t forget it just by looking at her! You look at the long road Long, don’t you cherish this opportunity?”

Lu Chen is slightly frowned. He has been single for hundreds of years. Although he has two children, they are both unmarried.

Not only the unmarried child, but also the child without “breaking”.

Others use raw rice to cook mature rice. He didn’t even have the process of cooking rice, and he came out directly with two pots of rice……

The ancient world is a lifetime, and it’s normal to marry a wife and have children here.

With such an almost, Lu Chen will naturally not let it go.

It’s just that, unfortunately, he knew Mengxi’s motives!

“Don’t think about the pillars, we are just walking together…”

“It’s really that simple?”

“Well, I know the girl’s psychology very well, you think it’s a novel, you will fall in love at first sight at every turn?” Lu Chen said confidently.

Looking at Master so sure, Yan Zhu blinked his eyes.

Master is so powerful, he never said how strong he is, but just now he said that he knows the girl’s psychology very well, so he must be an expert in this area!

Maybe I am so worried…

After three or four days of driving, the three of them went to a small town to rest.

“The three guests are also going to participate in the national swordsmanship. There are more guests in the store now, so you are right, there is only one room in the city now.” Boss said with a smile.

“How do I live in one room?” Lu Chen frowned.

“Can live!” Mengxi said suddenly, “There is still one person sleeping on the carriage!”

Slap, Mengxi has already pressed Silver Leaf on the table, “I can’t find other rooms anyway, Boss, we want this room!”

“Okay, I will open a room for two guests.”

Before Lu Chen had time to speak, the room was settled.

Yan Zhu has already realized that he has gone to sleep in the carriage. Before leaving, he winked at Lu Chen, not knowing what to express.

The guest room has only one bed, Mengxi said, “I sleep on the bed, you sleep on the floor, is it okay?”

Lu Chen slightly frowned, the traditional concept of Heavenly-Origin Continent is still very strong, men and women should not touch hands when they give or receive things, let alone spend the night in the same room.

“I, I’ll squeeze with Yan Zhu…”

“The carriage can’t be squeezed. Forget it. It’s not that many when you go out. It’s just that at night…you can’t make any bad ideas.” Mengxi said, pretty face slightly red, afraid to look at Lu Chen.

Looking at Mengxi’s blushing and shy look, Lu Chen also moved in his heart.

He is now at the age of full of vigor, a big beautiful woman sleeping next to him is really a bit dangerous.

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