Start Evolutionary Upgrade From Wild Monster Chapter 1361

Lu Chen and Mengxi entered the Divine Item trading area in full view.

“Mengxi, do you really want to follow them?”

“Lu Chen big brother, you don’t have to worry about it.” Mengxi smiled reluctantly, and she could see that she didn’t want to go with Yun Steward.

“Do you need…”

“No need!” Mengxi took Lu Chen and continued walking in, “Don’t talk about it, Lu Chen big brother, you have never had a handy weapon. I chose the gun for you. Today I’ll help you choose one more!”

Heavenly-Origin Continent’s Divine Item is naturally incomparable with Divine Spear, but it is no longer known how many times better than Lu Chen’s previous gun training.

Mengxi bought a scarlet long spear for ten thousand gold leaves.

So much money, if Lu Chen’s monthly money alone, he would never want to afford it for the rest of his life…

“Lu Chen big brother, give you this gun.”

Lu Chen brows tightly frowns, “Mengxi, I can’t accept such a valuable thing…”

“Lu Chen big brother, even if I beg you, take it!” Mengxi’s eyes were red, “There may be no chance again.”

“Remember not to throw this gun casually…”

After all, tears in the two lines of Mengxi couldn’t stop streaming down, “Actually, I hope you haven’t practiced the god of heaven and earth, so maybe we can find an old forest deep in the mountains to live in seclusion.”


Mengxi interrupted Lu Chen and looked at Lu Chen with clear eyes, “Lu Chen big brother, I know you have many secrets, and you are also impossible to be willing to be ordinary forever. You are destined to become a different person. “

“I’m leaving. From now on, I will cherish more…” After speaking, Mengxi lowered his head and walked towards the exit.

Lu Chen stared at Mengxi’s back in a daze, feeling lost in his heart.

The first time they met, they were both only ten years old. This girl didn’t look down on him because he was a temporary Honorary Disciple. She helped Lu Chen choose exercises and chose long spear.

In the next eight years, she was Lu Chen’s only friend in the West Holy Spirit Yard, and until now, Lu Chen understands that she is probably Mengxi’s only friend…

Just let Mengxi leave?

Lu Chen took a deep breath, this time, he had to make a different decision!

“Master!” Not far away, Yan Zhu hurriedly rushed to Lu Chen, “Dean Bai is here! He is looking for you in a hurry, it is your family’s business!”

Lu Chen’s eyes have been staring at Mengxi who is leaving, but at this time, something happened at home!

Although he didn’t want Mengxi to leave like this, family affairs were more important and he had to leave with Yan Zhu first.


Bai Xing was sitting at Lu Chen’s Inn, and when she saw Lu Chen coming back, she hurriedly stood up.

“Xiaochen, you just left the West Holy Spirit Yard less than half a month, a lame man came to you and said that it was your uncle. He gave me this letter, saying that the situation is urgent, so I must Hand it over to you!”

“I have rushed forward this month, and I finally caught up with you.”

Bai Xing handed a sealed letter to Lu Chen, and Lu Chen hurriedly tore open the envelope.

There are two letters in the envelope.

An unknown handwriting is written by who, with only one sentence on it.

“After two months, go to Dongfang Family to collect the corpse!”

The other is Uncle Tie’s handwriting.

The spirit vein tested by Wan’er is the three veins of nine stars, not only that, but also the three veins of gold, fire and wood.

Golden fire can refine equipment, gold wood can refine medicine, and Waner’s three veins are complete, and all of them are top spirit veins, which can be described as top grade in top grade!

Finally, Dongfang Family knew about this matter.

【Dongfang Family slaughtered more than 700 people of the Lu family at the beginning, but only let you escape. The Dongfang Family has been worried about this and has not given up looking for us all these years. 】

[Who expected Wan’er’s spirit vein to be so against the sky, after the news was released, but did not want to be known by Dongfang Family. 】

【Now they have taken Wan’er away. 】

[Madam left without saying goodbye and returned to Sky Martial Country. She specially left me a book, telling me not to go to Sky Martial Country, let alone tell you about it. 】

[But, since they found us, they will definitely find you soon, even if they can’t seize your spirit vein now, I’m afraid they will cut weeds and eliminate the roots. 】

【I have gone to Sky Martial Country, even if I fight this life, I must save Madam and Wan’er! 】

[Chen’er, go to Heavenly Might country as soon as possible, leave immediately, don’t delay! Don’t come to us, remember! 】

[Atie! 】

Lu Chen read Uncle Tie’s letter, and his anger suddenly became wide and his hands trembled.

“Dongfang Family, you actually moved Waner!”

“Master…” Yan Zhu had never seen Lu Chen so angry, even if he was abused and flogged by Ding Hu, he didn’t even hum, but this time, Master is like a different person!

“Xiaochen, what happened?” Bai Xing asked anxiously.

“Dongfang Family? You are talking about Azure Dragon of the East, one of the Sky Martial Country three great aristocratic families, Dongfang Family?!”

Lu Chen didn’t have time to explain, he looked at Bai Xing and said, “Dean, I may not be able to participate in the national swordsmanship this time. I must go to Sky Martial Country!”

“My enemy took my younger sister, and my mother and Uncle Tie are also at stake!”

Bai Xing hurriedly said, “Xiaochen, Dongfang Family is said to be guarded by Divine Beast! You, you are courting death by yourself!”

Lu Chen said, “Dean, no matter what Divine Beast sits in, they dare to move my younger sister and my family, I will let Dongfang Family blood flow into a river!”

Bai Xing still wants to say something, but now there is no compromise.

is it possible that, Bai Xing wants to let Lu Chen watch the tragic death of her biological younger sister, and stand by!

The letter was sent by Ah Tie a month ago and counted as the time on the road, which means that Lu Chen’s time is very tight, and may not even be able to keep up!

“This…” Bai Xing was also embarrassed. Although he admired Lu Chen, he couldn’t help Dongfang Family in Sky Martial Country.

“Xiaochen, do you insist on going?”

“I must go!” Lu Chen said affirmatively, “Time is running out, I am leaving now.”

“Wait!” Bai Xing grabbed Lu Chen with a difficult expression, and finally said, “Xiao Chen, I don’t know if I help you now, whether it is really helping you or harming you, but if I don’t help you, I won’t To be the dean…”

Lu Chen said, “The dean came all the way to deliver the letter. Lu Chen is already grateful. This matter does not require the dean to take action. This is my personal grievance of Lu Chen, and the dean does not need to blame himself.”


Bai Xing shook her head, “I can’t get past Sky Martial Country, but… my Tayun horse is in the stable downstairs, maybe it can save you some time.”

Lu Chen’s eyes widened, what he needs most now is to buy time!

Bai Xing, Yan Zhu, Lu Chen hurriedly went downstairs to the stables.

Bai Xing moved out of a one-horned white horse, “Xiaochen…hey, be careful, if, I mean, if there is no chance, don’t do it alone!”

Lu Chen heavily nodded, “The dean’s kindness, Lu Chen remembers it in his heart! This national argumentation, if I can’t make it in time, I will come back, if I can’t make it, I can only treat it as I owe the West Holy Spirit Academy!”

“Master, I will go with you! Many people always have more strength.” Yan Zhu anxiously said, “But you are alone, I am not at ease!”

Lu Chen patted Yan Zhu, this discipline is not in vain, “You still can’t help, follow the dean!”

After that, Lu Chen turned on his horse and stopped suddenly before leaving.

“Also, if you see Mengxi, tell him, if I can come back…marry her!”

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