Start Evolutionary Upgrade From Wild Monster Chapter 1362

On the streets of the King’s Capital of Heaven, a fine white unicorn ran wildly on the streets, welcoming many passersby cursing.

However, Lu Chen no longer cares about that many, so he rushes out of the Kingdom of Heaven!

Since all of Lu Chen’s nine-day equipment is ineffective, there are not many pure techniques he can use. The only ones that can be used in the displacement are the nine steps of the void and the ghost shadow.

But the problem is that he can’t use the spirit strength storm, so he can’t keep moving.

As a famous Tianyuan horse, the Tayun Horse does not really fly on the clouds, but it is extremely fast, and the dangerous roads on the mountains are like flat ground.

Originally, after more than two months of journey, Lu Chen arrived in Sky Martial Country in 20 days!

I just arrived in the Sky Martial Country. I didn’t sleep for the 20th. Even Tayunju was overwhelmed, and the speed dropped drastically.

“Treading Yunju, I know you are tired, but please hold on, you will be here soon!” Lu Chen said anxiously.


5 days later.

Sky Martial Country Sky Martial City!

As the Dongfang Family of the Sky Martial Country one of the Three Great Families, it owns one-fifth of the city on the east side of Sky Martial City!

This area alone is already breathtaking.

Half of the officials in Sky Martial Country who hold military and political power are Dongfang Family members. Even the mother of Sky Martial Country is Dongfang Family. This shows how terrifying the Dongfang Family is!

At this time, in the huge Martial Practice Stage of the Dongfang Family, tens of thousands of Eastern clansman gathered in the Martial Practice Stage, waiting for a ceremony.

The entire Martial Practice Stage ground is covered with spells of red blood.

There are two formations in the formation, with a huge iron pillar tens of meters high and a crystal bed.

On the iron pillar, a girl was nailed with thick and long iron nails.

The girl’s hands, arms, legs, and feet are all nailed to the iron posts, unable to move even a little bit.

In front of the girl, there is a wooden table. On the wooden table are various horrible to see knives. They are of different shapes and exquisite workmanship, but most of them are quirky in shape, making people unable to guess their purpose.

At this time, the girl kept crying, but her tears seemed to have drained, and now there were two lines of blood and tears flowing out.

“What on earth do you want to do! Let me go! Mother, Uncle Tie, brother!”

At the same time, a seven or eight-year-old boy, accompanied by a middle-aged couple, walked to another hospital bed. He was about to take off his shoes and climbed up, and he heard Lu Wan’er here. Roar sound.

The boy suddenly walked up to Lu Wan’er, picked up a long sharp needle-like thorn on the table, and pierced Lu Wan’er’s shoulder blankly.

Wan’er is also a girl less than ten years old, and the pain in her heart makes her wailing.

The boy remained unmoved and looked at Lu Wan’er indifferently.

“I heard that your big brother escaped from our Dongfang Family, but unfortunately, your Lu family owes us after all, so you showed up!”

“Trash, it is your honor to provide me with a spirit vein. Don’t tell good from bad!”

At this moment, the boy’s parents hurried over.

“Yu’er, what are you doing with her, don’t get your hands dirty!”

“Lu Wan’er’s spirit vein is quite rare. As long as her spirit vein is transplanted, you will learn martial arts, refining tools, and refining medicine in the future. Don’t kill her now!”

Lu Waner’s eyes widened and stared at Dongfang Xuanyu, “What did you say, your Dongfang Family is the murderer of our Lu family?!”

Dongfang Xuanyu looked at Lu Wan’er with a faint smile, “What? Don’t you know?”

“Oh, by the way, you didn’t seem to be born at the time. It seems that your family protected you very well. I didn’t tell you these things in detail.”

“Yes, it’s my Dongfang Family who slaughtered your Lu family, so what? I just hate being born too late, not catching up!”

“Speaking of that extinguish sect, I’m angry! Let Lu Chen’s waste run away? Think about it, a person with a nine-star chaotic spirit vein has no news for eight years and wiped out all beings. This perception How bad is it?”

“It is better to offer the spirit vein obediently at the beginning, and save these many years of drifting.”

“Yu’er, okay, it’s about to start, why waste words with this person.” The man took Dongfang Xuanyu and walked back.

Dongfang Xuanyu looked back at Lu Wan’er with the same bloody eyes, “Don’t worry, your family will be reunited soon. Whether it’s your mother, your watchdog, your grandpa, and your trash big brother…we will not let it go!”

Although Lu Waner is not very old, she has become more and more sensible since the big brother left. She is already smart and smart. From the words of Uncle Tie, mother and grandpa, she knows what happened back then, and now she understands it thoroughly.

“Dongfang Family, I’ll be a ghost and I won’t let you go!”

However, among the tens of thousands of Dongfang Family members present, none of them took Lu Waner’s words seriously.

The one who should be busy is still busy.

A group of experts from Dongfang Family are sitting in the banquet, waiting leisurely.

“Yu’er luck is really good, nine-star three spirit veins, or gold fire and wood three spirit veins, this kind of spirit vein is definitely a top-level spirit vein.”

“The Lu family did not know that they had accumulated and so on in their previous life. Lu Chen has nine-star chaotic spirit vein, and Lu Waner nine-star three spirit vein.”

“What kind of virtue can their Lu family accumulate? In the end, it is not our Dongfang Family? It’s just a pity that Lu Chen that little bastard didn’t get the spirit vein. It’s a waste.”

“Poor culture and wealth, not having a good spirit vein can become a powerhouse, Lu Chen and they are poor in the Heavenly Kingdom, how can they have financial resources to supply Lu Chen cultivation, it is a waste of excellent spirit vein.”

At this moment, some subordinates hurriedly walked over, “patriarch, all Elders, Qin Yueqin, Qin Gong, and Atie have all been caught, what should I do?”

“oh?” A middle-aged man stood up with great interest, “I haven’t seen it in eight years, and finally caught it today?”

If Lu Chen is here, he will definitely know this person.

It was Dongfang Bai who killed his father back then!

“Yes, they didn’t know that we had already followed them. They wandered outside the house for a few days. After Ah Tie arrived, they were caught in one fell swoop.”

“en.” Dongfang Bai nodded, “Then it’s fine. They are all acquaintances. Why don’t you let them come together to see how we dug out the spirit vein of Lu Wan’er and kill it again? What do you think?”

“hahaha.” A strong man in the main seat laughed.

This person is a burly figure and looks about forty years old, but the imposing manner is overwhelming, and the surrounding Elders cannot compare with him.

“Elder Bai, you know how to play as expected, this method is very clever, hurry up! Go and bring people up”

“Yes, patriarch!” The servant hurried down.

This person is impressively Dongfang Family patriarch, Azure Dragon of the East!

Not long after, someone pressed the three into the big formation.

“Wan’er!” When Yueqin saw Lu Wan’er, she couldn’t help crying, shaking her whole body.


A Tie glared at the Dongfang Family, “You worse than a pig beasts, you are so conscientious!”

bang, an oriental clansman next to him slapped up, “Pipe down for Laozi!”

Dongfang Bai stood up, “Come here, tie this family to the opposite side of Lu Wan’er, and put their eyelids open for me. I want them to see Lu Wan’er’s spirit vein be dug!”

[Author’s digression]: Four more to come

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