Start Evolutionary Upgrade From Wild Monster Chapter 1363

The spirit-shifting pulse-changing array has already started to operate. An old man walked to the wooden table and raised upwards at the table to select a suitable tool.

Lu Wan’er’s gaze passed directly through the old man, looking towards the grandfather kneeling in front of him, mother and Uncle Tie.

“Mother, don’t be sad…” Lu Wan’er was already shaking with fright, but she was still comforting her mother, “It’s a pity that I have a spirit vein, but I can’t avenge the Lu family…”

“Wan’er…I’m sorry, mother!”

Qin Gong is already in tears, “God, please open your eyes, why do you want to be so to Wan’er, she is still just a child!”

“Wan’er, Uncle Tie is useless, and Uncle Tie is useless! Master, I, Ah Tie, failed to protect the Young Lady!” Ah Tie was distraught, “The Lu family defended against foreign enemies , Desperately fighting outside, but ended up ruined!”

“Old Thief Heaven, is this your arrangement! Why!”

Dongfang Bai stood in front of the three, said with a sneer, “hmph hmph hmph, don’t you know, in Sky Martial Country, my Dongfang Family is heaven!”

“A small family like yours, the fate of the weak is the plaything in my hands. I let you live, you live, I let you die, a “collaboration with the enemy and treason”, not only will you annihilate your clan, but also bear infamy! “

“Remember, heaven, won’t shelter you group of ants!”

Wan’er suddenly angered, “no! Even if you kill us all, I believe my brother will not let you go!”

“Your brother?” Dongfang Bai said with a big smile, “You said that stray dog ​​Lu Chen?”

Dongfang Bai stretched out his arms and said loudly, “My Dongfang Family has more than 70,000 foreigners, 430 people above Spirit King, 123 people above Spirit Emperor, three immortal spirits, Spiritual God alone!”

“My Dongfang Family is known as the Blue Dragon Clan, guarded by Divine Beast, the family is prosperous, and the power is overwhelming. Why do you say your brother fights with our Dongfang Family!”

“I tell you, even if he can’t transplant his spirit vein now, I will definitely catch him and hang his body in public!”

“Oh, yes, this is how I treated your father, so naturally I won’t neglect your big brother!”

Qin Gong burst into tears, roar said, “Dongfang Bai, you frantic beast! You, you are not human!”

Dongfang Bai walked up to Qin Gong, his eyes were cold, and then he slapped him up!

Qin Gong could withstand Dongfang Bai’s slap, he vomited blood all at once, and fell to the ground…

“Father!” Qin Yueqin was trembling at the sight of father’s life or death, already on the verge of collapse.

“Remember! My Dongfang Family is heaven, submit to me and prosper oppose me and perish!” Dongfang Bai looked at Lu’s family with a cold eye, “It’s time for good luck, ready to dig the spirit vein.”

The old man responsible for digging up the spirit vein has selected the tools and is walking towards her.

However, all Wan’er’s strength has been exhausted, and the tears just slipped silently.

I don’t know when the sky will dim, it seems…it’s going to rain.

Heaven and Earth is dim, just like this world without any hope!

At this time, Lu Wan’er also understood that struggling was no longer useful, and now all that was left was to admit his fate.

The only good news is that the big brother has not been caught yet.

When I was very young, my big brother always took her to the forest to show her her cultivation. Unfortunately, at that time, I was too young and I only knew how to make trouble for the big brother and wanted the big brother to play with her.

At that time, if the child in the village bullied himself, no matter how strong or strong the other person was, the big brother would stand in front of her to protect her. As long as there is delicious food at home, the big brother would secretly give away his share. Give her…

The big brother said that he will always protect himself.

“Brother…” Lu Waner’s face was full of tears and blood, with a smile of relief, “Fortunately, you broke your promise this time…”

“Brother, don’t avenge us, Dongfang Family is too terrifying. Wan’er only hopes that big brother can survive.”

“Brother, Wan’er missed you so much…”

The rain is pouring down!


A thunder in the sky illuminates the entire Martial Practice Stage.

This lightning also illuminates the entrance of the Martial Practice Stage, an extremely hideous face!

angry roar, resounding through Heaven and Earth.

“Today, in your Eastern Mansion, up and down, from patriarch to domestic animals, there is each one, all…”

“die for me!”

Hearing this angry shout, everyone looked towards the entrance of Martial Practice Stage.

At this time, one person, one shot, is standing at the entrance of Martial Practice Stage!

“Lu Chen?” Dongfang Bai narrowed his eyes slightly, “Am I right? There is such a stupid…”

Dongfang Bai hasn’t finished speaking yet, that silhouette has suddenly disappeared in place.

In an instant, there was a scream from behind!

I don’t know when, Lu Chen has arrived in front of the old man who is walking towards Wan’er!

The old man is facing a terrifying face.

“Dare to move my younger sister!” Lu Chen roared, holding the front part of the gun body, a shot directly into the old man’s heart.

This spear is not “stab” but “smash”!

a loud explosion sound!

Due to the excessive force, the old man’s body came across in mid-air. While the long spear came out through the body, the old man was directly blasted to the ground by the huge impact!

His injury is too serious. At this time, I am afraid that only immortal physique Dan can save him. Unfortunately, in Heavenly-Origin Continent, where is the Immortal Pill!

“Chen’er, take good care of…Your mother, Wan’er…” After that, Qin Gong was already breathing.

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