Start Evolutionary Upgrade From Wild Monster Chapter 1364

“Grandpa!” Lu Chen wailed, tears streaming down uncontrollably, mixing with the rain.

“hahahaha, Lu Chen, are you sad?” Dongfang Bai said with a big smile, “Ah, I should be a little lighter just now, so that your grandpa can say a few more words to you. It is my fault. My fault.”

Lu Chen turned his head sharply and stared at the speaker.

“Dongfang Bai, I will smash you into pieces!”

“Oh, isn’t it? I’m so scared.” Dongfang Bai said so, but he smiled.

“But Lu Chen, I really didn’t expect you to have the guts to break into my Dongfang Family directly? tsk tsk tsk, I said that it would take some weeks to catch you. Now it’s okay, this idiot will deliver it himself Coming.”

Lu Chen ignored Dongfang Bai, picked up Qin Gong’s body, and walked to his family.

Uncle Tie peeled off Wan’er’s iron determination one by one. Qin Yueqin was distraught when she learned that father had passed away, but on the other side, she picked up Wan’er who could not stand.

“Grandpa!” Wan’er looked at Qin Gong’s body sadly.

Although the old man is only a mortal, he gave all he can to siblings…

Lu Chen gently put down Qin Gong’s corpse, squatted and touched Wan’er, “Wan’er, I’m sorry, brother is late.”

“Brother…you, you’d better go, they are too good…” Wan’er cried and looked at Lu Chen.

Lu Chen’s eyes are full of tenderness, “Silly girl, take a good rest here and leave the rest to brother!”

“Dongfang Family owes us what I owe, I want to take back the principal with interest!”

“Chen’er!” Qin Yueqin grabbed Lu Chen, Uncle Tie wanted to say more, but Lu Chen did not stop.

“Mother, Uncle Tie, Chen’er knows that, today I came to settle my grievances!” After that, Lu Chen stood up and looked at Dongfang Bai coldly.

“Dog stuff, you led people to slaughter my Lu family, but I ran away. Today, I am in front of one’s eyes to save people. What use do you say you have? What face is there to clamor ?”

Dongfang Bai hates Lu Chen so much, most of the reason is because he let Lu Chen run away, which made him lose face.

Adding to his carelessness just now, he was hit by Lu Chen’s plan and was plotted against by a little fur boy, and Dongfang Bai felt even more dull.

At this time, being stimulated by Lu Chen again, Dongfang Bai suddenly became angry!

“Okay, dare to talk to me like this, and later I will make your whole family better than dead!” Dongfang Bai angrily said.

Afterwards, Dongfang Bai looked towards everyone on the banquet, cup one fist in the other hand said, “patriarch, all Elders, Xu Lao is dead, today’s spirit vein transplantation may be postponed.”

Azure Dragon of the East sat indifferently on the table, “If you postpone it, let’s postpone it. Dare to break into my Dongfang Family. This person should not let him die easily.”

Dongfang Bai slightly smiled, “Yes, patriarch.”

After receiving the patriarch’s instruction, Dongfang Bai no longer had any concerns, and screamed, “Come on, take this person! Remember, don’t kill, his life is mine!”

The surrounding people responded, “Yes!”

The Shifting Spiritual Transformation Array no longer needs to be maintained. Thousands of people have gathered around.

Lu Chen stood in front of his family and stood with a gun!

“Kill!” A large number of dark shadows came over like a tide.

Lu Chen kicked the gun body with the toe of his right foot, the red long spear spun around in his hand, and then Lu Chen yelled, “You Dongfang Family, none of them are innocent. Let me die!”

The rain is majestic, the thunder is roaring, Heaven and Earth is dim…Blood is coming!

I saw the Lu Chen silhouette blurred, and the long spear of blood in his hand was like a flame jumping in the dark, jumping between countless enemies!

Jiuxing acupuncture points, cloud-piercing guns, pneumatics at will…

Hundreds of thousands of times of practice, making Lu Chen’s shot has become the instinct of the body!

The formidable power of the Profound Nether gun was brought to the extreme in this brief moment!

Occasionally, the enemy in front of Lu Chen exploded and died, sometimes, the enemy waiting for an opportunity from a hundred meters away, suddenly self-destruct!

Cooperate with Lu Chen’s rich combat experience, skills, thousands of people charge, but no one can get close to Lu Chen for ten meters!

Under the Profound Nether gun, there is no complete body! And Lu Chen’s subordinates are not alive!

In the entire Martial Practice Stage, only endless blood and flesh fly!

At the banquet, Azure Dragon of the East narrowed his eyes slightly, “That kid uses…the Profound Nether gun? This Spear Art is so domineering, you can’t guard against it?!”

An Elder said, “I’ve heard of people practicing before, but most of them are poor people who can’t afford good exercises, and no one can use this effect.”

“This set of Spear Art is notoriously useless, but it is also notoriously difficult to practice. It takes 100,000 shots on the 1st floor to get started.”

The other person is coldly snorted, “Even if he trained in the first few reps, I am not worried at all. Everyone does not know that the Profound Nether rear gun is also the strongest three. It is impossible to practice! “

Azure Dragon of the East nodded, this is true.

At this time, Lu Chen only killed some foreign children, there is nothing to worry about.

However, Dongfang Bai was a little uncomfortable.

Thousands of people have not won Lu Chen alone? Although these foreign dísciples are not good enough, they are at least the Spirit Master level. Lu Chen killing them is like killing a chicken? !

What level is this kid? !

Thousands of people encircled and suppressed, and in the end, only debris was left on the ground. The blood was washed away by the rain, but there was too much blood and the heavy rain could not wash away. Instead, Heiwuyan!

“Dongfang Bai, do you have this ability? Dongfang Family, do you have this ability?” Lu Chen screamed, “It seems that Dongfang Family is just a group of trash!”

Dongfang Bai was furious, “Kill me!”

More enemies are coming, just like the black tide, which has covered the entire Martial Practice Stage.

Lu Chen yelled, “Good job!”

“The Profound Nether Gun·Baili Fainting Crow!”

Lu Chen went out of the wall like electricity, the enemy has not yet approached, I am afraid there are still two to three hundred meters away from Lu Chen, but thousands of people feel that their chest has been lightly tapped nine times…

After a short while, a terrifying explosion occurred in the crowd. Flesh bombs were exploded in the enemy team instantly without warning!

“This, what exactly is this Spear Art! How to guard?” Someone watched their companions explode and die, eyes full of horror.

“How could the Profound Nether gun of the evil spirit be so scary?!”

“This guy’s attack sometimes attacks the front row and sometimes behind him, too terrifying…”

Tens of thousands of people besieged Lu Chen alone, but at this time, all these people had a coincidence with fear.

It’s the Profound Nether gun that is too weird, and it’s Lu Chen’s very ruthless shot that will never leave alive!

The heavy rain can’t wash away the blood on the ground. Lu Chen is like an insurmountable mountain, blocking the front of his family, and like a killing machine, with countless souls under the gun!

Dongfang Family impossible shows weakness and surrenders. Even if everyone is afraid, they can only rush to Lu Chen in waves.

Then the killing will not stop.

Lu Chen’s eyes were blood red, his eyes seemed to penetrate time, and he returned to the rainy night.


“Third Brother, your life is more precious than mine, you have a spirit vein of nine-star chaos!”

“When I reach the top, I will be a fairy, and you, you have unlimited possibilities…so, I want to beg you for one thing.”

“Good cultivation, no matter how hard or tired you are, don’t give up until one day, you are strong enough, help grandfather, help my father, my mother… help the Lu family… revenge!”

Lu Chen’s eyes are moist, and he doesn’t know whether it is tears or rain on his face.

He pierced a person’s chest with a spear thrust and shouted, “Brother Lu Gui, Lu Chen will avenge you today!”

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