Start Evolutionary Upgrade From Wild Monster Chapter 1365

Immediately afterwards, a silhouette fast as lightning drew out the long spear.

The man’s neck was immediately gurgled with blood, and he couldn’t speak.

Lu Chen coldly snorted, “I am here, do you want to move my family? Dream!” After all, a shot turned out to this person!

Dongfang Bai looked at the “blood man” in the crowd and stepped back involuntarily.

This man is too terrifying, and tens of thousands of people besieged him, and he can’t break through the defense line he guards. In front of him, those broken limbs have been piled up like a mountain, and the guy hasn’t been injured!

“This, this guy, shouldn’t he have been cultivation to Tianling…”

Until now, Azure Dragon of the East has been unable to sit still!

He stood up slowly, staring at the silhouette of the crazy massacre in the field.

“Great Elder, take my patriarch seal and wake up the town clan Divine Beast!” Azure Dragon of the East whispered to an old man behind him.

The old man showed a beautiful face, “patriarch…really want to wake up that guy? After all, Qinglong has been asleep for thousands of years!”

Azure Dragon of the East said, “This person’s strength should be in Spiritual God, and judging from his fighting skills, I can’t imagine how an 18-year-old child can behave so calmly!”

“For more than twenty minutes, there is not a single omission! Even the battle-tested generals cannot do this!”

Great Elder brows tightly frowns, “It is true, no matter how angry he is, his position, use of exercises, offensive and defensive conversion are impeccable, this person must be baptism who has gone through countless Life and Death Battles…”

Azure Dragon of the East nodded and said, “Because of this, we must invite Divine Beast from the town!”

“Yes, patriarch, I will go now!” After all, Great Elder took the patriarch seal of Azure Dragon of the East and hurried away.

The battle continues in the field.

“Lu Chen, I don’t believe you are not tired!” An Elder blocked Lu Chen’s gun intent with a spirit shield, but he was fine, but the clansman behind him was killed one after another!

The cloud-piercing spear is the technique of Hitting the Cow Behind the Mountain. He can protect himself, but he can’t protect clansman, but if he protects clansman, he might have died under the gun at this moment!

“The Profound Nether Gun·Pneumatic Free!”

It’s this move again. Within 500 meters, the gun will be freely intent, the intention will be pointed, and the result of the gun will be invisible!

Thousands of clansman in the east were slaughtered instantly!

“Inner dísciple quickly retreat!”

Many clansman intend to retreat during the chaos.

“Nine Steps to the Void!” Lu Chen flashed in front of the group of people with a Nine Steps to the Void.

“What kind of body is this, and why is it so fast? It’s impossible to capture whereabouts!”

The inner clan dísciple was running away with his head down. Suddenly, there was a flash of thunder. They seemed to see not a person in an instant, but a blood-bathed demon standing in front of them with a gun!

“Baili faint crow!”

In just a moment, after Lu Chen killed thousands of people, he quickly regained his family in front of his family with nine steps in the void…

More than two hours later, the Martial Practice Stage has been corpses everywhere across the field, and the ground has been stained red. There are more than 10,000 people in the Dongfang Family, but only a thousand people are alive at this time!

And these more than a thousand people are now forming a tortoise shell formation, defending firmly!

Dongfang Bai is still alive, but at this time he has a very bad feeling in his heart.

Maybe it’s not that he is too strong, but… Lu Chen simply doesn’t plan to kill him!

To be precise, I don’t plan to kill him now!

An Elder in the front row looked at the surrounding corpse mountains and blood sea, his eyes were round, and he wailed sadly, “My Dongfang Family tens of thousands of children, today, I was killed by one person! This, is this true! “

Even at the scene, such a result is unimaginable.

Lu Chen looked at these survivors coldly, his blood-red eyes narrowed slightly, “When you slaughtered more than 700 people in my Lu family, did you think you have today?!”

“You, what are you…what the hell are you! Why have you become so terrible in just eight years!”

This question is a question that lingers in everyone’s minds, even Lu Chen’s mother, Uncle Tie, Wan’er can’t believe it, is it really Lu Chen standing in front of them?

Lu Chen holds a long spear, step by step approaching the opponent’s defense, and every step he takes, he takes a step back…

“Why? Haven’t you figured it out yet?”

“Aren’t you guys of Sky Martial Country? Unfortunately, you just provoke me!”

“Even if you are the sky, I will pierce the sky!”

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