Start Evolutionary Upgrade From Wild Monster Chapter 1366

“By the way, your patriarch is also really interesting. Watching clansman die tragically, he is still calm?”

“Nine Steps in the Void!” With his feet on the Void, Lu Chen instantly came to the two Elders, “immortal spirit? I am a master at Heavenly-Origin Continent, but in front of my Lu Chen, but ants!”

“die for me!”

Two shots, Lu Chen kills two more!

Now, the others have short-circuited their brains in shock.

Immortal spirit-level powerhouse, Lu Chen, a young man who has only cultivated for eight years, directly killed with one enemy three!

Then they are Spirit Kings, in front of Lu Chen, they are like terracotta dogs, unable to withstand a single blow!

Sure enough, Lu Chen simply didn’t mean to stop and entered the enemy line.

At this time, Lu Chen is like a tiger entering a lamb, in the blade light and sword shadows, people have forgotten the gun before they arrive!

The only 1,000 elites left in the Dongfang Family could not stop Lu Chen’s killing.

Weeping again and again, blood splattered on the spot!

Dongfang Bai discovered one thing, as long as he is, wherever he is, it is safe. Lu Chen will never come to kill him…

However, seeing Lu Chen’s cruel methods at this time, he has no room for happiness at all.

The clansman around was tragically dying one by one, but he was still alive, but Dongfang Bai clearly felt that Lu Chen’s occasional gaze was like a demon, taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune looking at someone about to die tragically The soul is cruel!

Another hour, only Dongfang Bai is still alive on the court!

Lu Chen suddenly pulled out a long spear from a corpse, not at all, and continued to chase, but leisurely looked at Dongfang Bai with a frightened face.

“Dongfang Bai, have you ever thought that one day you will die than life?” Lu Chen faint looked at Dongfang Bai with a smile.

“Lu Chen, you, you murderous monster! You have more than 70,000 lives on your hands!”

“You said my Dongfang Family should die if you kill your Lu family, don’t you deserve to die if you killed so many Dongfang Family people?!”

Lu Chen sneered, “What a joke, what did you still say before submit to me and prosper oppose me and perish, now tell me about benevolence, justice and morality?”

“Dongfang Bai, don’t you find it funny?”

“Now, your patriarch is still watching the show, that’s okay, I just have time to settle the account between the two of us with you.”

Lu Chen’s smile disappeared instantly, his blood-red eyes fixed on Dongfang Bai.

“Kill my father! Kill my grandfather! Dongfang Bai, your deaths 10,000 times are not enough to offset your sins!”

“If that’s the case, I will make you better than dead!”

Seeing Lu Chen’s gaze, Dongfang Bai shivered in his heart, and he hurriedly looked towards patriarch.


At this time, Azure Dragon of the East finally stood up slowly.

In an instant, he was in front of Dongfang Bai.

Lu Chen squinted his eyes slightly, and the strength of this guy is really far above the three immortal spirits.

Azure Dragon of the East looked at the broken limbs around, “So many people died…” Suddenly sneered, “These wastes are really useless!”

“patriarch, you!” Dongfang Bai looked at patriarch in shock. If he hadn’t heard it with his own ears, it would be hard to believe that Azure Dragon of the East said it himself!

Azure Dragon of the East shouted angrily, “Shut up! If it weren’t for your troubles, catch this person earlier, how can my Dongfang Family strengthen great injury?!”

Dongfang Bai hurriedly shut up.

Azure Dragon of the East looked towards Lu Chen again, with a smile in his eyes.

“Lu Chen, I admit that your strength is beyond all of our expectations.”

“You have killed so many people, I do feel a bit regretful, but after thinking about it, I think this may not be a good thing!”

Lu Chen squinted slightly. Azure Dragon of the East is it possible that is crazy?

Azure Dragon of the East seems to have seen Lu Chen’s doubts, and continued, “You may not know yet. In fact, Dongfang Family has a secret technique that can plunder adult spirit veins!”

“You have such a terrifying strength at the age of eighteen. This is the case without the resources to cultivate, you can see how exaggerated your nine-star chaotic spirit vein is!”

“As long as I can integrate your spirit vein, hahahaha, let alone Dongfang Family, I am the god of Heavenly-Origin Continent!”

“What I want is to dominate the world and rule the world forever!”

“What Dongfang Family, compared with my grand cause of dominance, it is not worth mentioning at all!”

Lu Chen looked at Azure Dragon of the East coldly, this guy was really crazy.

“Lu Chen, your strength should be in Spiritual God Realm, and you have actually practiced the Profound Nether gun…I have to admit, I have no certainty of victory.”

“But you have been fighting to death, your stamina has been exhausted, and I have at least 80% chance of winning!”

Lu Chen looked at Azure Dragon of the East coldly, “You don’t know if you don’t know, I will kill you, 10% stamina is enough!”

Azure Dragon of the East pretends to suddenly realize, “Oh, yes, if I guess it is right, your Profound Nether gun has been trained in seven or eight layers, and the last layer is probably almost the same, so you There are hole cards.”

Lu Chen slightly frowned, this guy actually thought that he had already mastered the god of heaven and earth!

But he is still so relaxed now, it seems that he has the capital to be confident.

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