Start Evolutionary Upgrade From Wild Monster Chapter 1538

All gods turn to dusk sword under the sky, the sky, WHITE LIGHT fell, bombarded in the Kunlun City Sinum.

The earth has set off the smoke and rolled down.

Under the giant attack, the emperor magic clock phantom directly shattered!

Lu Chen is also shocked, and Ye Fan’s ultimate Battle Stregth is so horrible.

Even in 8 Heavenly Layer, Ye Fan has the strength of the five-star Low God! If he opens Divine Spark, it must be unlimited in the future.

Just, Ye Fan used all gods turn to dusk, the physical strength was huge, Spirit Strength overdraft, from half-air.

On the other side, the smoke, suddenly came out, “Haha Haha, Ye Fan, if you still kill me!”

“Don’t take a decade, I can won the Fleshy Body, when the time comes, I will report the hatred of today!”

Ye Fan Eye Socket Cracked, looking at the Golden Light from the dense fog, but now it is, it has pursued it.

“damn! This is not dead!”

However, the Golden Light flew to the air and suddenly stopped.

He is hovering with a little white mouse in front of him, and his eyes, looks at yourself.

seems to be particularly interested in yourself …

“swallowed, swallowed …” When I saw the small group, Ye Xiao’s disabled tag was unclear.

Seeing the 弑 弑 弑, the first reaction is, Lu Chen is in the vicinity!

Ye Fan also saw a small group, and suddenly the hopes in his eyes, “Master!”

LU CHEN has appeared next to Ye Fan, support Ye Fan, “Ye Fan, you didn’t let the teacher disappointed!”

Lu Chen, did not find the Heavenly Immortal respected revenge. Now Ye Fan has proven to be ourselves, in just forty years, the peaks of the TX, defeated Human Race, three Great Heavenly Venerate’s Ling Heavenly Immortal!

“Master … I, I still can’t kill him.”

lu chen slightly smiled, “On the strength, Battle Skill, you are far from him, you can do this in such a short time, you are more than what three Great Heavenly Venerate!”

“, then your hatred is reported, but I haven’t reported it yet, you have to leave a chance to give a teacher.”

Mu Dragon came to Ye Fan, he couldn’t shook his head. I only have you. “

Lu Chen Slightly Smile, “Dragon, you take care of Ye Fan, he forcibly use all gods turn to dusk, Spirit Stregth overdraft is too serious.”

“I will deal with the dog thief!”

Although the small wool is 馋晓, the boss has not opened, it is still swallowed, and it is waiting.

Nothing, Lu Chen flashed to Ye Xiao, leisurely looked at Ye Xiao.

Ling Tianyi saw Lu Chen, suddenly didn’t have previous arrogance.

The current Lu chen, even if he is another Cultivation, you can’t catch up!

Ye Xiao is also smart, it is not equal to Lu Chen, directly in front of Lu Chen, “Lu Celestial emperor, please let me go!”

lu chen sneered, “Ye Xiao, with your personality, people who die in your hands should be a lot, please ask your show mercy this kind of thing, I have encountered a lot.”

“How to get here, will it be so true?”

“No, you, you are different from me, I am a wicker, you, your heart is broad, you don’t remember the little man …”

Lu Chen can’t help but laugh, “I said Ye Xiao, who tells you that my heart is broad?”

“It is my people who have a bad heart, seeking revenge for the slightest grievance, before Plot Against passed me, basically there is nothing to end.”

“At the beginning, you at Heavenly Might Chess Bureau you think you can kill me, I think, 6 Heavenly Layer My four levels of Level 12 Heavenly Tribulation I have already gone.”

“Lu Celestial Emperor, Level 12 days is absolutely not me, is a thousand machines!”

Lu Chen Slightly FROWNED, a thousand machines.

Thousands of machines just came out, they were frightened to look at Lu Chen, “Hey, Lu Chen, I have turned this, you won’t turn it out.”

lu chen slightly smile, “I don’t want to think, you didn’t don’t have less Plot Against, now I ask you, he said that 6 heavenly layer’s Heavenly Tribulation is your ghost, is it true?”

“is not me, it is Ling Tian’s main to find me! Because I am a Tianyu BOSS, there is a certain permission, he takes me to ask me to ask if there is any way to kill you in the Heavenspan tower ,hen The time comes You can get the gods of the gods, and the gods that are not more high. “

“Your blood spray!” Ye Xiaoyu.

Thousands of machine Coldly Snorted, “I also saved the shadow of the time, Lu Chen, if you don’t believe, you can go to me in Wan Spirit Race Cave Mansion.”

Thousands of machines just finished, Ling Heavenly Immortal is stylus.

Lu Chen is also surprised to look at thousands, “You still recorded a shadow?”

Thousands of machines said, “Ling Tian is known for the 7 Heavenly Layer with self-seeking, I haven’t followed him unfugue, suddenly visit, I will have a heart.”

Lu Chen has to look at thousands of machines again, this product is insidious is insidious, but … as an enemy’s headache, but if it is your own, there is a lot of things.

Thousands of machines are talking, and suddenly lifting hands, I will give yourself a mouth.

Thousands of machines look at Lu chen, ”

Lu Chen indifferently said, “Nothing, it is a long time, it is hard to tell you, nature is going to cool.”

Thousands of machines are switched in the eyes, and Lu Chen is really not human!

“Remember, this kind of thing should not wait for me to ask you again. There is another situation next time, the mouth is 50!” Lu Chen still said that the real cause of thousands of machine beats.

“Yes, I, I know …”

“Okay, you talk about it, is there a way to make Ling Tian?”

Thousands of machine shocked Looked Towards Lu chen, but he is not just staring on his strategy. Sure enough, Lu CHEN finally stared on his attainment in Puppet Technique.

Just after being hit, thousands of machines also know that now we must try to please Lu Chen, after all, the reason why you are beaten, ALL KINDS OF STRANGE THINGS, a negligence is a meal.

“Now Ling Tian only Remnant Soul, I can have eight kinds of refining methods … I don’t know which one you need? Is it the most cruel or painful?”

lu chen satisfied NODDED, thousands of machines finally opened.

“eight, then try it. Anyway, finally blend into other big guards, I will give you a good brother.”

Ye Xiao is afraid to listen to the dialogue of the two.

I have just seen it just a thousand machines, and he is actually made in the future, and it is still a thousand machine younger brother.

A 傀儡 傀儡 傀 儡 常 年, 满 腔 满 腔 腔 火 火 火 火 火, 死 火 死 火 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死

“No, no, you kill me, Lu Chen, you kill me!”

Lu Chen Coldly Said, “Are you taught me?”

Let Ling Tian have dizzy …

Finally, Ling Heaven Knows Hard to Avoid Calamity, “Why is this … 5 Heavenly Layer Purple Night Take the Waste Kill Ye Fan, 6 Heavenly Layer, 7 Heavenly Layer, 8 Heavenly Layer, That Many SuPreme Powerhouse kills lu chen … “

“This world is the Weak Are Prey to strong, I just comply with Heavenly Dao, what I did wrong!”

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