Start Evolutionary Upgrade From Wild Monster Chapter 1539

Lu Chen returned to Immortal Spirit CeleStial Grotto.

Mu Dragon is refining with thousands of machines, according to Lu Chen’s requirements, thousands of machines will use the eight kinds of refining methods, let Ling Tian feel good.

Ye Fan is not a big problem, but it is only a bit free.

When everyone is ready to leave, Ye Fan has called Lu Chen, “Master, can you stay?”

STONE Chamber is left only in two people.

“How is Ye Fan, is it not open?” Lu Chen asked, “Is this bet, are you winning?”

“Hey, Master, I am not talking about this …” Ye Fan said, “The one, betting, the man said this time I didn’t kill Ling Tian, ​​not me to win …”

lu chen takes forehead, this is this?

Although Ye Fan did not kill Ling Tian, ​​it was more miserable than killing him.

“Master, do you know why I will go to EARTH?” Ye Fan asked.

Lu chen shakes his head.

“I received a reversible Sound Transmission, saying that Earth has a SuPreme Treasure with you. At that time, you are 8 heavenly layer, definitely no time, I will help you find it.”

Lu chen frowned, “I listened to Lu Yi, but I didn’t encounter you later, then did you find it?”

“Master, I didn’t find it, but I found a clue.”

“What clues?”

“EARTH was opened for approximately 90 years ago. At that time, there was a great energy to come to Earth, and it is likely that Treasure is that time.”

“In addition, you have already set up eight gods in the reversal suit, I think about SuPreme Treasure, which may be the last one of the gods, gods!”

“Master in nine days should be sixty years, that is, the time of gods appear, and the age of Master is almost …”

lu Chen slightly smashes your eyes, “So?”

“Master, everyone said that God is not existed, but since there is a goddess, how can it be a little magic.”

“Master’s title is God, and Realm is above Human Sovereign, although others call you as Celestial Emperor, but this is just respect, not level, then … Master, you say Human SoveReign, is there possible Is it “no day”? “

Ye Fan’s meaning, Lu Chen is “God of Magic”!

Lu chen brows tightly frowns, silence for a long time.

Ye Fan’s inferior is not reasonable, he is a Walk The Heavens-Defying Road, isn’t it a day?

Celestial Emperor is a respect for God, but it is not a god, which is not a god. This is not accurate, but the magic is more appropriate.

Although he is a charm in the gods, there are some unimaginable, but the biggest feeling for nine days is that there is no lack of stranges.

Ling Tian’s mourning is endless, and there is no most variant, only more metamorphosis.

Lu Chen came to the animal husbandry Dragon Body side, “Canrt Dragon, can I make a beggar? Don’t need much, just move the thousands of mainland guards.”

“? Why?”

“The land guard, I left Ye Fan.”

Dragon thought, said, “Know it, give you a good afternoon.”

Thousands of machines listened, they have to change a “casual” 傀儡 body, brain.

lu chen actually did not drop himself? A stylish feeling!

This guy, it really wants to abuse him all the way, but why do you have some stealing?

is followed by Lu chen, is it to say, have the opportunity to go to 9th Layer?

Others desperately desperate Cultivation, but they actually unfathomable mystery, do not know how many people are willing to live?

Maused is also a thousand machines, giving him a human form, installing thousands of brains, which look more like a living than the thick earth.

Leave a thousand machines, Lu Chen did not leave with other personnel, directly left.

When Lu Chen leaves Immortal Spirit Celestial Grotto, a woman’s high shouts suddenly came back.

“lu chen!”

Lu chen looks back, there is a mountain on a mountain, standing above the mountain.

“nine children …”

“I wait Till You get back to me!” III seems to have exhausted all the strength and shout.

Lu Chen stunned, then Slightly Smiled.

this time, he will not miss it again!


On the mountain, nine children look at the back of the past, tears full.

“Lu Chen Big Brother, your must is coming! I am waiting for you!”

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