Start Evolutionary Upgrade From Wild Monster Chapter 1540

8 Heavenly Layer’s Heavenspan tower, a Planet in the 8 Heavenly Layer star map.

This Planet is dense, filling, but here is only low-level creatures.

No God has this Planet!

Lu Chen stands in front of the Heavenspan tower, looks up at the Heavenspan Tower of the Tall Tower.

Start with 1 heavenly layer, for Lu Chen, the experience is not for more than 60 years.

Many Secret Realm, CultiVation Room, Short Space, Lu Chen in nine days, should be Cultivated Millennium!

and this moment, he finally had the opportunity to get the last floor of the 9th Layer Tianwang!

“9th Layer Tianda, 1 Heavenly Layer Domain 1 Heavenly Layer …” Lu Chen Took a Deep Breath, the sky is absolutely calculated, the advertising language is actually discounted!

Random, Lu Chen puts up, dead and staring at the entrance, step by step to the Heavenspan Tower.

Step into 8th Floor Heavenspan Tower, Lu Chen is a starry sky, and Lu Chen is going to take care of all.

“No BOSS?” Lu Chen slightly, not only didn’t have BOSS, but even Heavenly Tribulation did not, there were only Endless Starry Sky around.

There is no challenge, you can’t enter 9th Layer Day.

Do you have eight-year supreme god, or you can’t pass the HeavensPan Tower 8th floor?

is a bit awkward in Lu Chen, and suddenly a low heavy sound in sudden stars.

“Lu chen, you finally come!”

lu chen mouth is slightly raised, some people are good!

“Who are you?”

“Nature is the person who guards 8-Layer Heavenspan Tower.”

“In this case, why isn’t it still?”

“Haha Haha, I have appeared, how? Do you see me?”

Lu Chen slightly smashed his eyes, with his 4th Layer, and he did not find anyone around him.

“God Timark Tianmu!” Lu Chen turned on Heavenly Eye.

is still!

“God is symbiotic! God form!” once again strengthened the eyes of God, but did nothing.

“Haha Haha, your godmark is very eye, can you see me?”

Lu Chen slightly smashed his eyes, and the brain was rampant.

He is very determined, as long as the other party really appears, it is absolutely impossible to find it in its own state.

The only explanation is that the other party simply is lie to him.

“Since you are the people who guard 8-Layer Heavenspan, like this hide, it is really the wind.” Lu Chen Coldly Said.

Lu Chen, you don’t have to use it, I didn’t lie to you, if you can’t even find it, how do you use 8 Heavenly Layer? “There is no emotional fluctuation.

Lu Chen Brows Tightly Frowns, the other party did not lie to himself? Listening to his tone, it is not like a bluff.

Lu Chen again looks at All Around.

Surrounded by Star Sky, Starlight is 璀璨, with a view of the view to observe the spirit, and there is no special fluctuation.

Is it in a planet?

Lu chen immediately moved the spirit of the star, and then viewed the corresponding star in the watchtice, and the result was still nothing.

After a few hundred times, Lu Chen brows more wrinkled.

may be wrong with his own ideas!

The people of the 8-Layer Heavenspan tower, the strength is definitely weak, and the people who have the Breakthrough Supreme GOD level of the empeak, there is no qualification tower, thereby visible.

But what kind of people can have such terrorist strength?

The minimum should be 100% Battle Stregth’s Pan Nine Nether, West Heavenly God Buddha’s strength.

If it is the opponent of this Level, it will not be intermittent!

Thinking here, Lu Chen quickly adjusts the idea, and the scope is expanded from local to the whole.

When he tried to linked the aura in the entire starry sky, suddenly shocked.

That strip, as if constitutes an Incomparable Gigantic Biology Blood Vessels, context …

“EN? Do you still see me?” The voice sounded again, “Not bad, it is a person who waited for tens of thousands of years.”

“as the first person in 9th Layer, this moment should let everyone look!”

lu Chen smiles slightly, but also NOT QUITE CLEAR. What does it mean, but very fast, he actually received a SYSTEM upgrade.

[Earth player only I am mad, becoming the first player in nine days history! 】

[We will broadcast this tower process for three hundred and sixty degrees in nine days! 】

[I wish you all a happy game! 】

SYSTEM announcement? This place started from 5 Heavenly Layer, almost sold almost, and suddenly appeared at this moment.

However, 8 Heavenly Layer’s BOSS, obviously also has this ability.

Happy game?

See the familiar System Hint, Lu Chen Sneered.

The meaning of nine days has long been beyond the category of the game, how many people fall, how many ethnic extinction, how many planet destroy!

here, this sentence is particularly ironic.

Perhaps everything they do, in some eyes, just a game That’s all.

At the same time, nine days of Planet official website, the official website of the galaxy, the video is all broadcast, only one of the lives can be viewed.

is the LU CHEN Challenge 8-Layer Heavenspan Tower’s live picture!

Earth instantly sensation, almost all of the major industries pause, the number of official website is calculated by 1 billion!

The barrage is crazy, just like everyone else.

“The madness goes to the Heavenspan Tower ?! My God, I can see this scene in the year of my life!”

“If you have passed this layer, you can enter the Ninth Heavenly Layer domain.

“Eight Supreme Gods don’t have the eligibility of the tower, the madness is a madness, too strong!”

1 Heavenly Layer to 8 Heavenly Layer, no matter what race, what position, countless people stop in the hand, are paying attention to this tower.

“The first tower in history! Only I am crazy … I also met him in 5 Heavenly Layer, and now I am still 5 heavenly Layer, he has already went to 8-Layer Heavenspan Tower. ! “

“Can he succeed? What is it in nine days?”

“Why is the 8-Layer Heavenspan Tower? Is the starry sky? The battlefield of the high-level domain has so unimaginable? What about the Tianyu BOSS? How can I not see the Tianyu Boss!”

Didn’t Expect, the last tower, actually broadcast again.

Lu Chen shook his head, but it was already used to it.

in front of Lu Chen, the silk aggregates, gradually forming one silhouette.

This person is huge, with a thousand meters high, the end of the person.

Looking at the image of the other party, Lu Chen knows that this guy is really an ancient god.

“Which ancient god are you?”

“mixed Yuan Heavenly DAO!”

“I have never heard of you?” Lu Chen frowned.

“Earth Trifling Mounted Mouli, all awareness is only limited to things behind the ancient opening, and how much do you know before the chaotic universe?” mixed with Yuan Heavenly Dao.

“This universe Celestial Emperor, there is no end, I am HEAVENLY DAO, you naturally know.”

Lu Chen slightly smashed the eyes, “Since you are Heavenly Dao, why will why will it be the Heavenspan Tower of 9th?”

“Haha Haha, for the 9th calm HEAVENSPAN Tower? Lu Chen, all beings are equal in my eyes, life and death, so there are so things, all things are all things,”

“Some people try to spy the sky, I naturally don’t allow, whether you are from nine days!”

“Since you have come, then, let me see if you are the person of this. Defy The Heavens and Change The Fate. Is there a qualified exploration?”

Lu Chen Took a Deep Breath, regardless of who is the opponent, how is strength compared to Pangu.

Next, only one battle!

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