Start Evolutionary Upgrade From Wild Monster Chapter 1541

Lu Chen directly opened the expression of the god, and the body is averaged, and the body side is Suspension.

mixed Yuan Heavenly Dao slightly smashes the eyes, “mortal can Cultivation to your extent, it is not just!”

“Unfortunately, you are still a mortal!”

“Tian Technology · Wan Dao Great Desolate!” mixed Yuan Heavenly Dao.

is applauding, but this palm is Hiding the Sky and Covering The Earth, the vertical Ten Thousand LI!

In this past, Lu Chen is like an ant!

“My God, this palm is in the horror to Earth, and Earth is destroyed!”

“Tian Technology? This is a skill that exceeds SuPreme God technology? Too Terrifying!”

“What level of the enemy is facing by the madness!”

Lu Chen see this palm, the heart is also a tight.

mixed Yuan Heavenly Dao, I have already shown the power of unrequited speed!

“Ship!” Lu Chen Yue Ten Thousand Li.

However, Lu Chen just appeared, and the huge palm of it was directly dominated by Lu Chen!

Lu Chen also can’t think of, Wan Dao Great Desola can actually jump in the space, catch up with you!

Attack is too fast, Lu Chen has no time to dodge, and the rush is too irormous, Xuanyuan guns, double defense.

When Wan Dao Great Desola hits the moment, Lu Chen felt the stress of terror.

Endless spirit strength pour, the two defense of Breakthrough Lu Chen!

a Loud Explosion Sound, a WHITE Light in Star River fried, followed by Lu Chen directly, directly falling into a Planet bottom!

See this scene, everyone is shocked!

Only I am mad, I can fight eight big supreme god, facing the eight-line joint technique, still can cause the other party to die!

However, in front of the mixed yuan Heavenly Dao, he did not pick up the other party!

“This … this is too strong! This simply is not something that people can fight!”

“Too Terrifying, the Great Desola” of the Great Desola is not open! “

“How is the madness?”

is in people who are still feeling that the HEAVENLY DAO is terror, and the mixed yuan Heavenly Dao has once again shot.

is another Wan Road Great Desolate, directly roaring to the planet of Lu Chen!

The palm is coming, this Planet surface temperature suddenly increases, the earth is cracking, the rock is lifted, and everything is destroyed!

“Lu Chen, this unknown Planet is your land of big!”

planet under Wan Dao Great Desolate, like evaporative, direct Scattered Ashes and Disperse Smoke!

Numerous people see this scene and have forgotten their existence.

For mixed yuan Heavenly Dao, it is too easy to destroy a Planet! Is this the strength of Super Powerhouse?

The battle between the two sides is just the end of the beginning?

After the unnamed Planet destroyed, mixed Yuan Heavenly Dao is rare frown, “Didn’t die?”

“It turns out here!” mixed Yuan Heavenly Dao Eyes Slightly Narrowed, “Tianwei Talk!”

Instant, mixed Yuan Heavenly Dao has appeared outside Ten Thousand LI.

screen switch, mixed Yuan Heavenly Dao has once again standing in front of Lu Chen.

The lu chen is suffocating, gasping, and the left arm is weak.

Although he is in At The CRucial Moment, use the second attack of the mixed yuan Heavenly Dao, but just the first Wan Dao Great Desolate has made Lu chen seriously injured!

mixed Yuan Heavenly Dao Falling loo lu chen, “actually ran out!”

Lu Chen Right Hand rubs the blood of the mouth, and the eyes are dead and stare at the mixed yuan heavenly dao.

This guy is strong!

1st Move hits yourself, this opponent, he has never encountered!

Lu Chen, if you, I will give up struggle, you are not over, I can see you, I’m looking for it. “

Lu chen fiercely said, “9th Layer God, my must, I manage you is Heavenly Dao, God Buddha, no one can stop!”

“Hahaha, now, do you still see a situation?”

Just as the mixed yuan Heavenly Dao talks, Lu Chen suddenly launched, “the magic magic sword!”

face Lu Chen, mixing Yuan Heavenly Dao is not flashing, and there is no action.

When Lu Chen is a skill star, when SWORD QI is switched to the three hundred meters of HEAVENLY DAO, the surrounding Spirit Strength is aggregated at very fast speed, and instantly forms a way in front of the mixed yuan Heavenly DAO. Spirit Stregth Shield.

Lu chen This strongest sword directly hits the Spirit Stregsth shield!

“to the old man!”

a Loud Explosion Sound, a longitudinal gas ring exploded in Star River!

In a huge vibration, Lu Chen not only didn’t break the shield, but it was shock out!

“Heavenly Retribution Vali · Wan Lei Qimiang!” mixed Yuan Heavenly Dao did not give Lu Chen any breathing opportunity, and a Thunder Talism burned in front of him, followed by Lu Chen.

lu chen within the body spirit strength confusing, it is no longer refined to escape, and it is directly to be a few days!

injuries, Lu Chen does not stop.

He hurriedly forcing, Loudly Shouts, “Fierce Tiger Descends The Mountain! Shenglian Judicial Heart!”

Thousands of Sword Qi waved, with the thunder, slightly relieved the pressure of Lu Chen.

“a sword breaking the heavens!” Lu Chen seized this moment of breathing opportunities, quickly adjusted the end, a sword crushed the Lei Ze border, escaped from Leize.

But at this time, mixed yuan Heavenly Dao has been kneading the curse and quickly picks up the trick.

“Heavenly Retribution Vali · Tianbing!”

Between a time, there is a sudden appearance of thousands.

These people shot, Lu Chen found that their strength is only weak than the empty ancients, and should be equivalent to the strength of the ancient ancient.

that is, thousands of people, strength is in the supreme god level!

At this moment, the seven Supreme God is also watching Lu Chen Tower.

They also came to the 8-Layer Heavenspan tower, but they did not find that mixed Yuan Heavenly Dao, and even the opportunities of the tower did not.

Seeing Lu Chen to find a mixed Yuan Heavenly Dao, and they are still unwilling.

However, when seeing the battle of Lu Chen at this moment, seven people have complexi Greatly Changed.

“What jokes, thousands of supreme god?! If it is my tower, this is a paramount, I have passed!”

“Our strength beyond the general supreme god, but only Initial Understanding, stronger than Supreme God, Some of That’s All, absolute Impossible beat thousands of supreme god! It seems that Lu Chen must fall here!”

“Our strength should have reached the limit, isn’t it to say, always impossible enters 9th Layer? No wonder 9 days Since Ancient Times, no one can enter 9th Layer!”

“Now there is a chance, I am afraid that only I am unique, but … in the current strength of mixed yuan Heavenly Dao, even him, Impossible is here.”

Lu Chen has made a few times of mixing the Yuan Heavenly Dao, which can be used as a dangerous abnormality.

Even those familiar with Lu Chen, no feeling of the hope of the heart.

“Morning!” Li Muhua looked at the picture on the TV, his eyes red, “this layer of Impossible …”

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