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The court is quiet.

When Wang Feng saw the appearance of Qingluo Demon God, he probably knew that he was right.

‘However, based on what I know about Diye, he belongs to the kind of god who is basically immobile. I didn’t expect to make this promise to Cheongna Demon God. ’

Wang Feng thought in his mind.

Suddenly, Wang Feng realized that Diye Demon God went to God World because he knew he was going to die.

It means that he promised Cheongna Demon God’s promise, which was basically impossible.

Isn’t this why the Demon God has been waiting for so many years?

‘Scumbag. ’Wang Feng puckered in his heart.

Since you know you are going to die, why not just cut off Cheongna’s hope of Demon God, and just cut it off, it wouldn’t be better.

Maybe the dignified Demon God has already found a partner now.

No matter how bad, being alone, painstakingly cultivation, not being trapped by love, and not having the pain of lovesickness, it would be better than this.

At this time, Qingluo Demon God wiped away the tears from the corner of his eyes, and looked towards the expressionless Demon God on the side.

“Who are you?” Cheongna Demon God slowly said, “Why pretend to be the returning Demon God and come to me?”

She has clearly admitted who is true and who is false.

Wang Feng also looked towards the Demon God.

Yes, who is this again?

There was a rumor that I was dead, which is really hateful.


Diye Demon God glanced lightly at everyone, “It doesn’t matter who the deity is. The Netherworld River disappears, and Diye appears in Holy City, within three days, your soul demon must be affected by at least three major demons. Surrounded by the Domain, the deity depends on you, the real Demon God. Your Qingyang Demon Domain, this fat, has been thought of by the other Demon Domains for a long time.”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Qingluo Demon God slightly frowned, “How about my soul demon Holy City, it is not your turn to take care of you. The deity asks who you are and what are you doing here? Otherwise, you leave Don’t open the spirit demon Holy City.”

hearing this, Demon God laughed.

“Me…” Diye Demon God slowly said, “My name is Wang Wu, and I came here naturally to see my old friend that’s all. As for your Qingluo Demon God, I have no other ideas.”

“Wang Wu…” Qingluo Demon God pondered for a few seconds.

What a strange name.

Wang Feng thinks this name is a bit familiar.

‘Wang Wu …’ Wang Feng felt that his memory was blank.

On the other hand, Osker and several people instantly looked at Cheongna Demon God.

“Are you her subordinate?” Zhu Zhuqing stood up and said suddenly.

Wang Wu, if the name is not the same, then they are too familiar.

Oscar also looked at each other one after another, all of them saw some clues.

Wang Wu, this name is the name used when Wang Feng pretended to be the Pope in white.

So, if it is not the same, then with this name, behind it must be the Rakshasa God, Bibi Dong, who has entered the dark Demon Realm long ago.

“What is she?” Diye Demon God looked towards Zhu Zhuqing. Several gods, slowly took out a token in his hand, indifferently said, “The demon is the chief heavenly demon of the central Demon Domain and the Heavenly Palace. The command came to remind you of the Qingluo Demon God, but I found some clues of your escape on the way, and concluded that your escaped gods must be in the soul demon Holy City. And it happens that the Demon God will also be in Qingyang. Demon Domain. In this capacity, watch the inspection.”

Net Heavenly Palace.

It is the huge power of the Hell Lord of the Central Demon Domain.

Wang Feng is the first time to know about the place Jing Heavenly Palace.

“Heavenly demon?” Qingna Demon God slightly has several points of absentmind, “impossible, heavenly demon is the successor of Jing Heavenly Palace. Now the Hell is in charge of Jing Heavenly Palace, there is no need to establish a successor.”

Wang Feng understands.

This heavenly demon is to inherit the mantle of Hell.

But what level of existence is Hell?

That is the first-class ancient existence of Dark Demon Realm. It has lived for several times. The age of Dark Demon Realm is at least 100,000 years.

Nowadays, the dark Demon Realm fights constantly, but it is also an internal fight.

It’s still thriving in nature.

It can be seen from the most basic battle strength.

“Of course you don’t know.”

Diye Demon God indifferently said, “The Lord has quietly left the dark Demon Realm and did something related to the survival of the dark Demon Realm. She herself may fall.”

“What do you mean?”

“The Hell has entered the Well of Reincarnation.” Demon God closed his eyes, “All I can say, there is only so much I know. If the Hell has not left the central Demon Domain and disappeared. Even if it is the Netherworld River Disappear, those Demon Domains will start a domain war without looking at them.”

“The Hell Lord has entered the Well of Reincarnation…” Qingluo Demon God dumbfounded.

If the token in the other party’s hand is indeed a token of Heavenly Palace, she extremely suspects that the heavenly demon in front of her is cheating her.

The Well of Reincarnation.

That is about the reincarnation of the dark Demon Realm.

Reincarnation is the Heaven and Earth major event.

Samsara Reincarnation about the billions of lives in the dark Demon Realm.

Without the well of reincarnation, the dark Demon Realm cannot enter reincarnation after countless lives die, and can only drift between Heaven and Earth, and subsequent lives are often difficult to maintain a certain aptitude.

To put it simply, with reincarnation, there must be an era, which is better than an era.

If there is no reincarnation, there will be too many grievances between Heaven and Earth Demon Soul, and the aptitude of the new life will be inferior to the previous era in all aspects.

So one era is behind one era. All aspects will decline.

The final result, the dark Demon Realm has long been deduced by a powerful soul demon.

If there is no well of reincarnation, then the best result of the dark Demon Realm is to stand still.

To put it simply, even if the number of Demon Gods is reduced, and there is no spirit demon that can even cultivate to the Demon God realm, the Demon Lord may become the highest battle strength of the Dark Demon Realm.

It’s just that, this well of reincarnation, only the Demon Soul after death can perceive where it is.

After entering Demon God, you can actually feel it roughly.

However, it does not mean that you can enter the well of reincarnation casually.

If Demon God enters the Well of Reincarnation, the only result is fall.

Then Demon Soul enters reincarnation, the next life.

The Hell Lord went to the Well of Samsara, which really made Qingluo Demon God unable to figure it out.

Wang Feng is also rare to hear the news of Reincarnation Well.

This place is where he checked in.

Very special.

‘Heavenly demon demon…’ Wang Feng’s heart moved, ‘heavenly demon demon also cultivated the former anagram…is it possible that has something to do with the Lord? ’

The words of this heavenly demon also made Zhu Zhuqing bewildered.

Hmm, admit it wrong?

They looked at each other again.

“That’s it, you guys can do it yourself.” Heavenly demon said indifferently, “The Central Demon Domain is so far away from here, it can’t help you Qingyang Demon Domain.”

After speaking, he glanced at Wang Feng one last time, and a gleam of light flashed in his eyes.

Then the figure is like a ripple, disappeared in the space.

disappear without a trace.

“It turned out to be the big projection of the Hell’s Void. I said how I can’t detect it.”

Seeing this, Cheongna Demon God seems to understand something.

“What is the Void Projection?” Wang Feng asked.

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