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“The Hell Lord obtained the eighteen ancient heavenly demon methods related to Demon Soul’s physical soul from a cosmic ruin.” Qingra Demon God whispered, “With the strength not weaker than the body, the soul Constructing void ideas and descending in other regions, even Demon God cannot distinguish the authenticity. This ancient method of heavenly demon, cultivation is extremely harsh, in my impression, only the Lord will be. Since she passed it to the heavenly demon, it is estimated that she might It’s the successor of Jing Heavenly Palace…”

“Isn’t that the doppelganger?” Wang Feng shook his head.

I know this well.

What eighteen heavenly demon ancient methods are there, and how good is One Qi Becomes Three Purities?

“It’s not a simple doppelganger, but a soul doppelganger.” Cheongna Demon God explained, “The same soul can be reproduced directly, so Demon God also feels it. This is the most terrifying. Because Because it is a void thought built by the soul, he can disappear and appear at any time. But he has the strength not weaker than the body.”

“You can abandon the body at any time, and the soul shuttling through the void, descending to other areas. It is more terrifying than Demon God’s idea projection.”

After listening to Qingluo Demon God, Wang Feng thought for a while, and it didn’t sound good.

However, this is not as good as the One Qi Becomes Three Purities of my own cultivation.

But if you compare it with others, it’s definitely not so powerful.

“These gods…” Qingluo Demon God looked towards Wang Feng.

“cough cough…” Wang Feng waved his hand, “These gods are friends of my good friend Wang Feng. I have already said. Let them go, let them return to God World. Now God World A big change, a few of them won’t play a big role.”

Qingluo Demon God has several points of silence.

“Demon God, did you not participate?” Wang Feng looked towards Qingluo Demon God, “Since you did not participate, the victory and defeat of the God fight has little to do with you. These gods can’t talk about much with you Hatred. They are here, maybe they just want to hide and find a chance to escape that’s all.”

“Okay.” Qingluo Demon God slightly nodded, “It’s just that these gods should not be able to return to God World now. The Yunguan Customs is located in the Yuanhai Demon Domain. What the heavenly demon said just now is not a lie, Cang Qing also perceives that there are other Demon Domain troops approaching Qingyang Demon Domain. Among them, there is the Demon Army of Yuanhai Demon Domain. It is not realistic to go to Yunhai Customs now.”


“My God-killing.”

Wang Feng was silent.

“Take care of them yourself.” Qingluo Demon God glanced at Oscar, then turned and left, “When you are done, come to me. I have important things to discuss with you.”

‘These Demon Gods… are just courting death. ’

Wang Feng shook his head and looked towards Oscar.

“You guys…Um…” Wang Feng thought for a while, “Stay in this spirit demon Holy City first, other Demon Domains are even more dangerous right now, and when the deity solves several other Demon Gods, you are going to Yun Customs , Return to God World. You are Wang Feng’s friends, and the deity will not embarrass you. In Holy City, you are safe.”

Oscar were silent.

Probably what happened right now, some unexpected.

“Brother Feng…he didn’t come with you?” At this moment, Ma Hongjun couldn’t help scratching his head and asked, “What about others?”

Impossible, I am a dedicated man… Wang Feng feels that he must return to Douluo World as soon as possible to connect with the ontology.

‘What should I do, do you know? If they knew, they asked back, but I couldn’t answer it. When the time comes, wouldn’t it be revealing. ’

Wang Feng pondered for a few seconds.

At this moment, the woman seemed to see something, her cold face showed a slight smile, “Diye Demon God, Wang Feng, who did he mention to you?”

“This…” Wang Feng heart shivered with cold.

This woman’s smile made him very familiar.

“You all mentioned it.”

Wang Feng said.

“Oh? In what capacity did you mention it?” Zhu Zhuqing asked.

“This, of course, is a friend!” Wang Feng replied with a panacea.

“Just friends?” Zhu Zhuqing stared at the Demon God in front of him.

“Otherwise?” Wang Feng felt something was wrong.

It’s killing intent.

This woman has killing intent in her eyes.

Besides, it’s not for my own Demon God.

It is for Wang Feng.

What’s the matter?

‘Could it be…’

Wang Feng suffocated his breath.

‘I’m a scumbag too? ’Wang Feng issued a question mark in his heart.

The other people were shocked when they heard this.

“Zhuqing elder sister, your Wang Feng is really scumbag.” Shen Lingqi covered her mouth lightly and said with a smile, “It seems that he has been in Douluo World for 10,000 years and has forgotten you.”

Wang Feng’s heart beats.

Oops, really.

‘Fuck… So I really am a scumbag? ’Wang Feng scolded himself secretly.

Diye, sorry, I accidentally injured an ally. I hope you are in the spirit of heaven, don’t blame me for calling you a scumbag.

But looking at the face and figure of the woman in front of him, Wang Feng thought for a while.

It’s not bad to be a scumbag…

“He is not scumbag.” Zhu Zhuqing said softly.

Wang Feng’s heart warmed after hearing this.

It seems that the memory that has been erased, is it possible that I scumbag the memory of other girls?

It turns out that the silhouette erased these memories of mine.

However, looking at the woman in front of him, Wang Feng feels that he is still very good.

Look, I can speak for myself.

“After all, we are just friends. Who knows who he came to the Demon Realm for?”

Zhu Zhuqing’s tone is still soft.

There is a dark breath all over.

Wang Feng heard something wrong.

This is the rhythm to go crazy, not speaking for yourself at all!

“It must be for Seventh Sister, after all, Rongrong is from God World.” Ma Hongjun laughed quickly.

“It’s okay, when I see him, when the time comes, just ask in person.” Zhu Zhuqing smiled.

Seeing this smile, the other people got cold behind their backs.

“Can you tell me? He is so scumbag…so smart. He must be impossible to talk to other women in front of you. 80% of them are the dark Demon Realm who came for you when they see you.” Shen Lingqi said cautiously .

“???” Wang Feng.

Do I have such a scum?

“Why not?”

Zhu Zhuqing slowly said, “I can use the source of the illusion to transform into the appearance of other people without asking directly. When the time comes, I will try one by one to see who he sees first, the most Happy. I know for whom he came to the Demon Realm.”

The jealous woman is really cruel.

Everyone heart startled.

Wang Feng has a cold sweat in his heart.

‘Good risk, good risk. Fortunately, I understood the exam questions in advance…It is said that her origin can be transformed into other appearances, and it is extremely difficult to find… Regardless of him, when the time comes, I just need to see her the happiest, that’s it . ’

Wang Feng called out the thrill, and secretly thought that he was lucky…

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